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What's a digital marketing agency owners On today's video I want to talk about How to craft a world-class onboarding Experience there's one thing I know for Sure it's that how you start in a Relationship with a client will dictate Whether that client stays with you a Year two years three years down the road So if you're interested in learning Ideas and strategies on how to improve That onboarding experience you're Absolutely going to want to watch this Video All right Foreign so when we think about Onboarding really there's there's a Couple of different things that come Into play but it's really part of your Overall client retention strategy right There's three things you can do to truly Maximize your client retention number One is world-class onboarding it's Really making sure that that experience Out of the gates is nice and tight is Super professional and it has an impact It makes the client say yes I made the Right choice I'm with the right company And I'm going to give this the time Until it starts to bear fruit After that you have to have really Really good ongoing communication you Want to have a great communication Rhythm in terms of your monthly Check-ins with the clients and showing

Them what you're doing and seeing the Vision for where things are headed and Then of course you have to have Proactive success management which is How you manage the relationship manage The team to keep those clients engaged To keep them excited and to keep them on Board now what we're going to focus on Today is just this piece right here the The world class onboarding and so really The way that you come out of the gates And I consider onboarding to be that First 30-day relationship with the Client but you really want to be Proactive about the first 24 hours about The first seven days and not just about Kind of how you talk to the client what Means you have scheduled but all the Touch points right if you do this Correctly and you craft a true Experience You can be communicating with the client Via email via mail via text message via Live calls via interactions and so what I'm going to have you guys do is a is an Experience mapped out on paper so you've Got a really good seven days on Amazing 30 days great return on investment Within the first 90 days and then an Ongoing relationship that ideally lasts Into perpetuity so if that sounds pretty Good hang with me here we're going to Get into details on this and so what we Do with our seven figure agency members

Um and as we're really thinking about The retention side of the equation is we Have them map out that first two weeks And all of the touch points that go into That experience if you think about the Client they've just said yes to whatever It is right your monthly retainer Service for 3 500 per month where you're Going to do the website the SEO the Pay-per-click the social media whatever The mix of services is they've just said Yes they've filled out the credit card Authorization form they've pressed Submit And now they're a client right really What we want to do is make sure that We've got a lot of touch points that Make great sense that really wow the Client and so these are the touch points We've found to be most effective I want You to pay close attention to this but I Also want you to be thinking proactively About what you do that's unique about What you can add to this to make it even More impactful right we really want the Client to feel They're getting what they just signed up For any of the buyer's remorse that they Might have gotten like I just signed up I don't know if this is going to work Take all the pressure off the client by Over communicating here in the first Couple of days so what we like to do is Send a personal thank you we do this via

Email we view this via text message we Also do this via personal message right We want to connect with that client on Their personal profile whether it's on Facebook or LinkedIn so hey you just Signed up really excited about working With you right we want that personal Communication from there we want to get The onboard Forum to them as quickly as Possible Right none of the work can Happen on our end until we have some of The basic details really want to think About what that onboard form looks like That's not the you know what we're going To be covering on this particular video But make it as seamless and as simple as Possible to get the access to the Website access to their Facebook profile Access to their USPS and all that other Stuff that you need to get from the Client but you want to get that to them As quickly as possible whatever step one Is so that you can get the ball in Motion from there I really believe you Want to have a welcome sequence mapped Out for the client as agent agencies we Usually think marketing automation for Our marketing process right if you think About your client acquisition funnel You've probably got a place where Somebody can opt in and they can get Like a lead Magnet or a cheat sheet and We've got this amazing sequence that Touches that customer or that Prospect

Until they schedule in until they become A client right but we often don't do That same thing when a client comes on Board and there's no reason not to right There's no reason not to put a sequence In high level or in whatever marketing Automation you have in place to automate The communication flow with the client Hey here's what we're up to hey here's What you can expect next hey here's Something we're going to need from you In the next couple of days when we did This little piece right here we map at a Two-week onboard sequence for all of our Clients We started getting less complaints and We started getting better retention so This might be a big opportunity to put a A marketing sequence in place for your New clients you want to have a scheduled Launch call and for us we'd like to do That within the first 48 hours right They've said yes they filled out the Form the sales person has connected the Account manager or the launch Coordinator and we're scheduling that Call where we can be live with the Client to get the usernames the Passwords reset expectations and kind of Set proper expectations in terms of how The everything's going to flow I think It's really important if you're going to Craft a world-class onboarding Experience that you've got this launch

Call scripted and that it actually Happens live I know a lot of agencies Want to try and remove live interaction It's like hey let's use automations Let's use forms well the reality is if We want to craft the world-class Experience we're going to need to get Live with the client right ideally on Zoom where they can see us and we can See them and we want to have crafted This as the owner in the agency maybe You've got a pretty clear idea how you Want this to go but oftentimes as we put Account managers in place as we put team In place if we don't show them and tell Them exactly what should be covered and Exactly how that call should flow it's Not going to be what you're thinking Right so you want to have a script and a Checklist here's how we introduce the Call here's what we talk about first Here's how we reset expectations for the Client and get them excited here's How We Gather the usernames and passwords And the information we need here's how We set the vision and kind of how things Are going to play out over the next Couple of months here's the things that They're going to wind up frustrated About or starting the second guess And seating what they need to do in Those exact situations you want to craft That launch call right and I've got a Great training we share with our seven

Figure agency members on how to kick off That call and really train your account Management team to kick that call off Really really well Um from here what we found works really Well and I'm a big fan of is dropping Something in the mail right so often we Get emails and we get text messages we Get phone calls we get Zoom meetings but All of that exists in a digital world Right it's not tangible and so to the Extent you can drop tangible things into The mail for the client that's great and So the first thing we like to drop is a Gift basket we literally drop like a a Basket of goodies from a basket company Saying hey we're so excited about Working with you welcome on board and They're excited about that and then we Also mail out a welcome box which also Kind of sets the expectation gets them Excited because it stands out I'll talk About that here in a minute if you're Interested I'll kind of walk you through What that is and how it works and so This is the first week right in that First week they're getting lots of Communication they're getting lots of Touch points they're having a great Launch call and they're receiving Something physical in the mail I Encourage you on that gift basket piece Do it especially if they're paying you More than a thousand dollars per month

Your investment of 75 to 100 out of the Gates Is going to buy you Grace it's going to Buy you time it's going to buy you Confidence that they're they're with a Good company because in the most Agencies Don't do something like this now also I Want to encourage you to do it quick Right don't make this one of those Things where it's on a checklist it's Like after the first week we're gonna Order it and then it takes a week to get There and they're like three weeks in Before they receive it ideally Find a gift basket service or something Like Sherry's Berries where that can Arrive at their office like two days Later or less because that's like wow I Just signed up and now I've got this Thing in the mail and I I feel good About that so that's the first week from There we want to think about some of the Touch points and some of the quick wins We can engineer for the client um really What can we do that that's going to show Them some results Um within the first two weeks what we Like to do is launch the pay-per-click Campaign right we want to launch a Pay-per-click campaign so we're starting To drive some traffic we're starting to Drive some opportunities ideally we're Starting to make the phone ring we're

Starting to generate leads now this Isn't the core of our strategy it's a Piece of the strategy and when you are Creating a great experience and you have Great communication and the clients Excited about the big picture but you Also engineer quick wins uh Pay-per-click campaign retargeting Um database reactivation they start to See some results right out of the games Right so Um we launched the paper per click from There like there's lots of other things We can do to create that communication Process to make them feel like they're Part of what's going on they feel like You're communicating effectively they Know what's going on they're excited About where things are headed um we like To do a call to review all the tracking Hey so this is the ranking report we ran This is where you're at today we're Going to be tracking this on a month Over month basis maybe analytics here's How much traffic you're getting today Make this a formalized meeting in your Process where it's like hey here's where We're at here's our benchmarks here's Where we're going to be going on an Ongoing basis if you're doing a website Design and you're going to build out a New version of the website for the Client have the design call like where You're going to show them hey here's

What we built home page internal page Here's the concept we came up for you Sell them on why you did it that way why This is going to have the highest Conversions why this is going to work Really really well That is a great experience for the Client it's not a win like in terms of Hey we just made money but they're Excited right there's one thing they're Excited about in this process usually It's their website and it's when the Phone starts to ring and so why this Will make a big fuss about the website That you've built about the design that You've come up with we'd like to have a Special meeting to review the tools we Put a lot of tools in place for our Clients we put reputation tracking in Place we put call tracking in place we Put nearby now which is like a tracking Heat map like content generation Strategy and so A specialized session to Walk them through here's the tools Here's how they work here's how this is Going to be part of the overall strategy And then of course once the website Launches usually within the first six Weeks we launched that site and that's a Big to do hey excited the website's live Here it is it's going to be big it's Going to rank better it's going to Convert better so this is just a high Level

Idea right of what you can do and kind Of what those touch points would look Like within your agency but the big idea Is don't just go radio silent right if We're trying to craft a world-class Onboarding experience what you don't Want to do is get the credit card and Get to work and you might be hustling And doing amazing work behind the scenes But if the client's not hearing from you If they're not seeing what you're up to If they're not in the process at some Level they feel like you went radio Silent and they're going to be worried And they're probably going to be Thinking about that cancellation come Month two or month three versus a World-class experience like this they're Bought in they're excited they're Communicated with they're definitely Giving you at least three months they're Giving you at least six months because You've created such a great experience Out of the gates would love to know in Comments out of these like what are some Things you could Implement what are some Things you will Implement and what are Some ideas that you have in terms of Your onboarding that you maybe you're Doing that you think would act that the Rest of the group could benefit from or The other people watching this video Could could benefit from put those in The comments now I'm just going to show

You some quick rapid fire versions of This I've got some deep dive training That walks you through how to create a World-class onboarding experience but Visually right we've got a welcome email Like this that goes out we've got an Onboard Forum with a video hey welcome Aboard so excited to have you please Fill out this form below so they start To see the owners they start to see the Team that's involved and we make it as Simple as possible from there we launch That onboard communication process right Where they're getting communicated with Throughout the journey in addition to Our live calls in addition to our Physical emails that are manually Happening we have some automation that Buys the experience we get them booked Into the schedule right they're getting Touched every step of the way Um and then we drop the welcome basket And we drop this this new client Onboarding box that they get in the mail That creates excitement that creates Enthusiasm and you know you can get Creative with this but this is where you Want to Brand yourself up a little bit If you've got a copy of a book if you've Got a nice t-shirt if you've got like a Padfolio and a like a thermos that you Can put in place these are things that They just like wow I was not expecting This it feels like fun to get a box like

This in the mail and it absolutely Stands out from the crowd so think about Putting a customized box in place that Automatically hits all of your clients As they come on board Um for a seven figure agency members we Have resources for all of this stuff we Have the the client welcome sequence Which is all of the emails and the Timing of those emails and the timings Of those Communications Um our client welcome box with where we Source this stuff out how we get it what We put inside of it how you customize it So it can be very TurnKey every time you Get a client Um scripted onboarding checklist and Onboarding call as well as recordings That way you can train your account Managers and really think through man What should be on that initial call in Addition to just like what are we Gathering what's the experience that We're creating how are we crafting that Conversation Um and then being proactive about the Stuff that you mail Um and the welcome basket that you get In the mail so Um this is all big right if you create This and you put it together you're Going to create a great world-class Experience the next level up is to be Very specific by engineering quick wins

Really being strategic with what you do To generate wins I've recorded a video All about how to create quick wins in Your onboarding process I encourage you To go check that out Hopefully you got value hopefully you Got some ideas here on this video on how To craft a world-class onboarding Experience to allow your customers to Get them excited which is going to Generate better attention it's going to Generate more referrals and it's going To generate like more more success in Your agency if you liked it if you got Some ideas hit the like button be sure To subscribe share this with another Digital marketing agency owner that Could benefit and if you want more I've Created a complete step-by-step Checklist of how to maximize your client Retention from the onboarding to the Ongoing communication all the way Through to client success management you Can access that by going to sevenfigure retention Dash workbook retention Dash Workbook that's all for now cannot wait To hear your wins and how you're helping Your clients generate better results be Sure to stay tuned for other videos just Like this on how to grow and scale your Agency and I'll talk to you soon Foreign

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