How to Create Your Own Vogue Magazine Cover

Attention fashion lovers have you ever Wanted to create a stunning Vogue Magazine cover in Adobe Photoshop well You've come to the right place Vogue is A fashion magazine that has been in Circulation since 1892. it has been the Most popular fashion and Beauty magazine For well over a century and it has been Considered the authority on taste and Style for women and men around the world Don't forget to subscribe to envato tips Plus for more free courses and tutorials I'm Ashley Harrell and in this tutorial You will learn how to create a Eye-catching Vogue magazine cover in Photoshop before we begin make sure you Check out envato elements get unlimited Downloads of design assets templates and Fonts like the one used in this tutorial Subscribe now with the link in the Description Let's get started create a new document I will be changing my width to 8.75 and My height to 11.25 resolution 300 CMYK Now go up to view new guide layout and Here I will be changing my margins to 75 Pixels on each side Now we're going to open up our model Photo and drag it over into our document Resize it so that it fits how you would Like it on your canvas Now for the mass head grab your type Tool and I will be using the font Cantique

Type out the word Vogue using the color White And change your font size to 149. Place it at the top of your document Now change your vertical scale to 120 Percent Now we're going to add the month and the Year that our magazine will publish for This example I will be using June 2023 Select the sanitary font givanic Places underneath the letter e Now we're going to add a drop shadow Layer Style So that we can read the month and the Year a bit more clearly change your Blend mode to multiply use black opacity Should be 63 percent your angle should Be 90 distance should be zero your Spread should be six your size should be 57 and for a contour we will use Gaussian Now with all magazines they usually have A really bold quote on the cover Something that's attention grabbing so That readers will pick it up and Actually want to read it for this Example I will be using failure as a Part of the process I embrace it use the Same font that we used previously but This time I'm going to change my font Size to 22 and still keep the font color White Now I'm going to add my first article Title here I will be typing out behind

The veil designer checking up the Fashion industry For my header I will be using a bold Weight font and then for the sub header I will be using a regular weighted font So here I'm just doing a little bit more Adjusting to get it just how I want it On the right side of our magazine I will Be adding three more articles use the Font size 15 for the subheaders and the Size 25 for the Bold headlines So here you can get really creative with Your titles but make sure they're not Really long super long article titles Don't really do well on magazine covers So you want them short and to the point Because the shorter they are then the Larger you can make the font size and You can kind of get creative with it and Play around with colors and whether or Not you want to use italics or uppercase Lowercase so usually the shorter the Better So here I'm just going through and Typing my third article title for the Cover And here I'm changing the headline of Course to 25 and changing the style to Bold And making sure that it's about equal Spacing from the other two headline and Subtitles above it Now we're going to add our main headline This part of the cover pertains to the

Actual image so for this example I will Be using Kaya Miller turning head so This coincides with my model She's wearing this very gorgeous Veil And I will be using the font size 42 and 72. And that's how you make a head turning Both magazine cover in Photoshop so if You like this video and you would like To see more go ahead and hit that like Button and subscribe if you haven't Already also don't forget to click that Little bell icon to be notified of any New videos I'm Ashley Harrell thanks for Watching [Music] Foreign [Music]

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