How to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop

I've cut out what I can only assume are Billions of heads of hair in my Photoshop days and I have one method That just brings Supreme are there Others yes is this the best one I kind Of think so subjective but is this the Quickest definitely and that's why I Love it I'm Abby Esparza and all the Resources feature today can be found Over on envato elements get unlimited Downloads of photos and fonts all with a Super simple commercial licensing plus a No locking contract means you can cancel At any time go ahead and subscribe now With the link down in the description And a follow along with me so the best Thing about this method other than how Quick it is is that it works on all Different kinds of the hair with just a Few tweaks here and there so we'll do a Full kind of basic run through and then Try it out on different hair textures We're always going to start with a rough Selection of the hair and you can use The magnetic lasso tool the quick Selection tool or my favorite the select Subject button right here then right After add a mask and this will go going To be our first two steps in each and Every image a select subject will Already do a great job at selecting a Lot of the smaller hair strands but we Will need to jump right into selected Mask to do some refining starting with

Hitting refined hair yet another one Click that's going to do a lot of the Work for us and works on the majority of Hair types although we'll cover that in A second you can always control command Z to undo it if you end up with wonky Results so just give it a try and see if It does anything good for you but right After let's take a quick look at our View options here onion skin is great if You already have your background in Place but I also really like the black And white view so I can see the mask in Actual detail you can also try either on White or on black oh that can be really Helpful if you don't have a background Yet but you want to optimize for a Specific value so I know my background Will be brighter so I want to make sure This hair looks good on brighter values I don't need it to look good on a dark Background and in this case on white Also makes it easier to see all this Left over bright pink we're going to Have to deal with but first we want to Grab the refine Edge brush and look at Our Edge detection options because we Have some refining yet to do we want Smart radius checked and the radius set To 3 to 5 pixels I'll split the Difference and go with four And we're going to use this brush to add And remove from The Mask so the refine Hair button does an excellent job of

Selecting and refining all those little Hair strands but it also tends to grab Too much of the hair highlights we can See this in the black and white View So what we're going to do to fix this is Hold alt slash option if you're on a Mac And drag the refine Edge brush on the Inner part of the hair and this will Bring back all those highlights that Photoshop mistook for hair strands We can also use the brush without Holding the alt option to add to the Mask so if you notice a big bit of hair That should have been grafted but it Wasn't we can include that in just by Clicking and dragging And this is really going to be your main Brush this is going to be Auto selecting And auto removing everything you need However we can use the normal brush tool To add or take away from the mask Um this works just like a standard brush Paint to add or hold alt slash option to Remove this is excellent if you don't Want to wait for the how to select tools To know what you do or do not want to Hide if there's just a big old chunk That you know you don't want just go Ahead and paint that out or paint in a Edge here or there Some hair types need this more than Others I will cover that here coming up But this looks about good for this Straight hair type so with that done we

Can look at the global settings with Hair shift Edge is really going to be The only setting that matters this Shifts The Masks uh either in words or Outwards and usually in words is what we Want which can really help remove some Of the background and make the hair Strand come off a bit cleaner however 10 Maybe maybe 20 is all you're ever going To need never more than 20 go too far And things will look real bad real fast But even with that we have this hot pink Color just peeking through with a hard Color to get rid of but checking Decontaminate colors is going to uh Pretty much a knock out most of it I Like to bring it down to around 50 and Gradually increase the amount until I Can't see that color anymore you'll end Up at a hundred percent a lot of the Time but the smaller the amount the Better the decontaminate colors can look A little wonky at the higher amount on Some hair so even if you can get away With 95 versus 100 I'd go for the 95. Now you'll also notice with Decontaminated colors checked the output Will change to new layer with mask and That's because decontaminated color is Destructive it permanently changes the Pixel of the layer we're applying it to Let's press OK and take a look So here's our copy and if we hide this Mask we can see all the color Photoshop

Added into those hair strands to try and Remove the pink background I always Suggest holding on to the copy just in Case you need it because that is pretty Brutal now I am still seeing a bit of Pink and I think it's just because it's In the highlights of the hair which is Going to be common with these really Vibrant background colors we can help Out decontaminate color by clipping a Color layer into the subject so a new Layer set the color Then we can color pick from the hair It's like a brownish color in this case And then we're going to paint on the Edges of hair or anywhere we see some of That pink color Just to get rid of some of that bounce Light or ambient light like I said this Pink is pretty brutal But this is looking good we can look at It on a couple of different backgrounds We have here and you can always go back Into select and mask and keep refining But I want to move on and look at Different hair textures and styles Mainly tight curls and afro style hair Along with braids and locks like before Select subject and a mask will do a Great initial job but I'm going to do That real quick And now while in selected mask I'm going To change it to black and white view Because I want to see what refined hair

Actually does to this hairstyle So refined hair does fine with afros and Tighter curls I definitely give it a try But you'll want to make sure and go in With the refined Edge brush with smart Radius checked and radius set to 3 to 5 Pixels Like because you're going to have to Bring in a lot of that body back from The curls and the holding alt slash Option while doing this Refined hair just has a really bad habit Of taking away way too much body of the Hair and so the hair is going to start Looking very thin and almost transparent If we don't take a special care to do This To further fill in the hair using the Standard brush while also removing the Smaller uh strangly curls Kind of shaping the hair more And you can always hop back and forth Between that and the refine Edge brush [Music] And we don't want to mess with the Fullness of the curls so I do at most a Small five percent Edge shift you could Probably even get away with zero And now I want to take a look at locks And braids we select a mask just like Usual and then go right into select and Mask the actual button And the main difference here is not Using refined hair instead go right to

The refined Edge brush set the radius up And then check the contaminate color And you want to zoom in nice and close And just brush along the braid or each Lock in this case we want to make sure Each section of hair stays nice and Solid this will also be the case for any Type of braid whether it's one solid Like fishtail braid or several Since these are solid or dense pieces of Hair we want to make sure we find hair Doesn't eat into them too much that's What I call it and again they will Appear transparent when they aren't they Are solid sections of hair After a quick pass with that refined Edge brush we can press OK and uh we're All done And that's really going to be the base Of cutting out most if not every head of Hair you kind of come across there are Other ways but the speed of this is just Chef's and the worst case scenario gets You 70 of the way there and just finish Up with some hand masking I bet that'll Do it for today check out some of the Other awesome videos that in Bottle Touch plus has to offer if you liked This video consider giving us a like and Even subscribing if you still need to And remember to click the little bell Icon to be notified of all new videos Including tips tricks and of course Tutorials happy designing see you next

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