How to Draw the Wonder Woman Logo

So you are wondering how you can create This Wonder Woman logo in illustrator Well then you're in the right place hi There everyone my name is Andrei Marius I've been working in illustrator for Over 10 years and in December the last Plus tutorial I'll put my experience to Use as I show you step by step how you Can create this classic Wonder Woman Logo using Adobe Illustrator As usual before we begin make sure to Check out envato elements where you can Get unlimited downloads of stock videos Music Graphics photos fonts and many More the Affiliates of creative assets All ready to use and with simple Commercial licensing you can subscribe Right now with the link in the Description Let's move to illustrator to create a New document Select pixels from this drop down menu Set the width to 850 and the height to 700 pixels make sure that the color mode Is set to RGB and the resolution to 72 Pixels per inch and then you can create Your new document Go to window in the menu bar and first Of all open all the panels that have This check mark Make sure that the control panel is Active and then go to view and show grid To enable the grid and view a snap to Grid to enable the snap to grid feature

Now for this tutorial you need a grid Line every 5 pixels so let's go to edit Preferences guides and grid Just enter 5 in this grid line every box Click ok to apply the changes you can Press Ctrl M plus to zoom in on your Grid and we'll start by selecting the Line segment tool from the toolbar you Can either click and drag to create a New line or you can simply click on your Artboard to open this window set the Length to 140 pixels keep the angle set To 0 degrees to make sure that you will Get a perfect horizontal line and click Ok to create it Switch to the direct selection tool and Keep your line selected go to object Path and add anchor points to add one More Anchor Point for your line let's Repeat this technique one more time And then select just this point and drag It 10 pixels to the right keep in mind That you can have a look inside the info Panel to know exactly when you get to 10 Pixels then move to this other Anchor Point and drag it 10 pixels to the left Continue with the middle one and drag it 15 pixels down and then select these two Points keep in mind that you need to Hold down the shift key to add to your Selection more than one point and once You select both of these points drag Them 75 pixels down like this don't Forget that you can have a look inside

The info panel to know exactly when you Get to 75 pixels Now we select the line segment tool and Use it to create a 115 pixels horizontal Line using the selection tool you need To place it in this exact position hold Down the ALT key and drag a copy of this Line to the left in this position and When you're done select both of these Lines along with the w shape and go to Object Path and join you'll end up with this One path keep it selected and increase The stroke weight to 30 pixels Replace the color with 238 202 and 59 Let's press Ctrl and minus to zoom out a Bit now go to object path and outline Stroke which will expand your stroke Continue with the ellipse tool and use It to create a 70 by 60 pixels ellipse You can lower the opacity to about 50 Percent and move this shape in this Exact location Now switch to the rectangle tool and Create a 35 by 30 pixels rectangle Let's move it in this exact location Select this rectangle along with your Ellipse and click the intersect button From the Pathfinder panel Hold down the ALT key and drag a copy of This shape to the right Place it like this

And then you can use the reflect tool to Easily flip this copy Now select all your shapes and merge Them using the unite button from the Pathfinder panel continue with the Direct selection tool and use it to Select these two points set the corners Radius to 30 pixels and then select These other two points and set the Corners radius to only 20 pixels And then go to effect restore and Transform and transform you need to set The number of copies to a tool and drag These move vertical slider to 30 pixels Click ok to apply the effect and then Expand it by going to object and expand Appearance Press shift Ctrl NG to ungroup D is the Resulting group of shapes Add a 5 pixel stroke for these shapes And set the color to Black Move to the layers panel and drag this Bottom ship between the other two shapes And then select just this one shape Using the direct selection tool you need To select these three points remember That you need to hold down the shift key To add to your selection more than one Anchor Point Once you're done selecting these points Simply drag them 55 pixels to the left Again holding down the shift key as you Click and drag will constrain the Movement of your points so go 55 pixels

To the left Move to the left edge of this shape and Select these three points Again click and drag them 55 pixels to The right like this Now continue with this shape select These points and drag them only 25 Pixels to the left And then select these points and drag Them 25 pixels to the right Like this Once you're done reselect all of your Ships and focus on the appearance panel Let's add a second field using this Button Select the bottom field and replace the Color with 250 240 and 35 then select the top field and Go to effect path and offset pad You need to set the offset to -3 pixels Click ok to apply this effect make sure That your top fill is still selected and Let's go to effect restore and transform And transform Just drag these move vertical slider to 3 pixels which will move your selected Field 3 pixels down click ok to apply This effect and now you need to Duplicate your selected shapes all you Have to do is press Ctrl C and Ctrl f Keep the copies selected and merge them Using the unite button from the Pathfinder panel move to the appearance Panel and first of all remove this fill

Select the remaining one and make it Black Continue with the stroke and increase The weight to 20 pixels Also open the straw fly out panel and Check this round joint button to add a Bit of smoothness to your stroke And then you can return to the layers Panel to drag this ship to the bottom of The panel behind the rest of your shapes Continue with the ellipse tool and use It to create a 310 pixel Circle Let's replace the fill color with 209 42 and 36 Now you can right click anywhere on your Artboard and go to arrange and send to Back which will move your circle behind The logo Let's move this circle and its position Once you're done your channel also press Ctrl minus to zoom out a bit move to the Layers panel to reselect this black Shape and press Ctrl C to copy it and Then press Ctrl shift and V which will Add a copy of your selection in the same Place but on top of the rest of your Design keep it selected have a quick Look at the appearance panel and make Sure that the entire path is selected And then go to effect stylize and drop Shadow Keep the blending mode set to multiply And lower the opacity to 25 percent set The offset values to 0 and 15 and

Decrease the blur to zero make sure that The color is set to Black and then you Can apply this drop shadow effect Now let's reselect this circle and press Ctrl C to copy it again press Ctrl shift And V to add a copy in the same place on Top of the rest of your design Select the stroke that's applied for This copy and remove the color Select the field and make it white Now add to your selection this black Shape and move to the transparency panel And simply click this make mask button Which will mask your black shape Move to the layers panel to drag this Mask shape behind the rest of your Shapes right on top of your circle and Finally let's add a simple background You can press Ctrl n0 to fit the Artboard on your screen select the Rectangle tool from your toolbar and use It to create a shape which will cover Your entire canvas Remove the stroke select the fill and Replace the color weight 65 170 and 245 Move to the control panel and make sure That the alignment is set to our board And then you can click these two buttons To easily move the rectangle to the Center of the artboard Move it behind your logo and with this Final Touch Your Design is complete I Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial

Remember to hit that like button as the Test menu that I did a good job Subscribe if you are not already and Don't forget to click the little bell Icon to be notified of any new tutorials I'm Andre Marius and I'll see you in the Next video [Music]

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