How to End Your PowerPoint Presentation With a Strong Close

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are Meant to inform and persuade you're Delivering a message to your audience And you need them to take action you can Use your final slide at the end to do Just that hi I'm Andrew Childress and I'm a presentation Pro in this video I'm Going to show you how to end a PowerPoint presentation with a strong Close in no time you'll be delivering Successful presentations with a Compelling end the best way to start is With a premium PowerPoint template from Envato elements elements is a creative Powerhouse with a winning offer Unlimited downloads you'll pay a flat Monthly rate and gain access to as many Premium PPT templates as you want and That's not all elements also include Stock photos music fonts and more these Pair perfectly with your slide decks and Help you close strong and don't forget To subscribe to envato touch plus where You'll enjoy great videos like this one For this tutorial I'll work with the Beautiful Yuki multi-purpose PowerPoint Template from envato elements this one Includes over 40 custom slide layouts to Work with I have it downloaded and open In PowerPoint here and you can see the Design options as I scroll through like This keep in mind we don't need to use Every single one of these slides the Trick is to choose only the slider

Slides that help you build to a strong Close it pays to consider the type of Presentation that you're giving there Are really four categories of slide deck Persuasive presentations help you share A message with the intent of changing The views of your audience informative Presentations are narratives that share Ideas and information Decision-driven presentations are common In the workplace with these you're Sharing a specific plan or course of Action and finally you may give an Introductory presentation here you're Introducing yourself or your firm the Type of presentation influences the type Of closing slide that you need for Persuasive informative and introductory Presentations it's best to recap the Message you've already delivered go back Over your key points and ideas remember First Impressions count and so do those Vitally important last Impressions end On a high note ensuring your audience Remembers and retains the key points of Your slide decision-driven presentations Will feature here for these you still Need to revisit key points but it pays To offer the backing data too spell out The decision that you're recommending Audiences can't take action if they Don't clearly understand what you're Looking for In the slide deck here let's go to slide

Number 13. as you can see there's room Here at the top for text in an image Below in these boxes we can share Specific data points to help drive a Decision this is how to end a PowerPoint Presentation with a strong close let's Begin by adding an image here at the top To do that browse to an image you've Stored on your computer click on it then Drag it over the slide placeholder as You're seeing me do here drop it into Place and boom PowerPoint Imports the Photo right onto your slide now notice The text disappeared no worries to fix This simply right click on the image Choose send to back by clicking on it The image will move behind the text box Which we can now customize to add text Those all important key details for our Strong close click into the text box Then select its contents just like this And then begin typing you'll see the Existing placeholder text disappear Replace with your own words from here I Can repeat these same steps adding in Information to support my message Flashing forward here you'll see this Slide built out as you can see it's a Clear and concise ask with a specific Course of action that I'm seeking from My audience it balances out data and Context to ensure that the heart of my Message is clearly understood after all That's the ultimate goal of creating a

Strong close in Powerpoint Let's make a few other adjustments the Boxes here at the bottom contain good Details but they don't really stand out By adding some contrast we can clearly Offset and identify individual ideas to Do that click on one of the boxes to Select it then come up here to the shape Format tab on powerpoint's ribbon select It then click on the shape fill drop Down menu explore these new colors that You can choose from as you hover over Their thumbnails you'll see the new Color preview on the slide a shade like This is a perfect choice notice it keeps Things clearly readable but delivers Stylish contrast as well finally you can Always customize font designs start by Selecting some text and then come up to The Home tab on the ribbon in the font Group here you can change the font size And style with these drop downs or Effects can be added with these buttons Here let's make this text bold and then Underline it to help it stand out to our Audience Need custom fonts envato elements is Here to help as a subscriber you also Have access to thousands of beautiful Font designs download and use as many as You want as you can see in the vast Library there are spectacular options For any style or designed aesthetic That's it in just a few clicks we built

A strong closing slide remember the goal Revisiting the essential points of your Slides and then Inspire your audience to Take action based on what they're told Keep layouts clear and concise when you Do you'll build an unforgettable PowerPoint close it's a simple matter of Adding your own Text data and images Onto a premium slide template like this Before you go be sure to like this video Then subscribe to our envato touch plus YouTube channel there you'll find Countless other tutorials just like this One plus you'll enjoy content roundups Engaging courses and much more I'm Andrew Childress for envato touch plus And thanks again for joining me

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