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What's up digital marketing agencies on Today's session I want to talk about how To get your clients ranked on the Google Map and you know here on this channel we Talk a lot about how to land clients Deliver results retain long-term and Scale today I want to go deep on on kind Of like one of those delivery strategies That I believe can really move the Needle and help you retain your clients At the highest level possible so if that Sounds good you're really going to want To watch this video [Music] Thank you when we think about strategies That actually generate results for our Clients I've talked in a previous video About this idea of the Blended approach Right you don't want to just do SEO you Don't want to just do pay-per-click you Don't want to just do Facebook ads but When you've got a blended approach where You're doing multiple things you can More consistently deliver a tangible Measurable result for your clients and One of the strategies that we found when We look at our client base that almost Always generates a long-term result like Tangible measurable lead flow is when we Can get the client ranked on the Google Map and so I want to unpack some of the Strategies that we've found work best For our clients in in our agency Plumbing and HVAC SEO so before I get

There I really talk about you know do Google Maps really even matter and I Know that as an agency owner and as a Client you may be thinking like is this Still a thing right the the search Results have changed right Google's got The paid ads at the top and local Service ads right um above that and the The Google Map listings have just Shifted further and further down the Screen it might matter like does it even Does it even matter at this point well What I can say is in a recent look at This our statistics are saying like Something like 44 of the clicks and Calls go directly to the Google Map Listings even though local service ads Are there even though Um paid search is in place Um so yes Google Maps absolutely still Matter I'll kind of show you some of the Data from some of our clients that we Work with one of the clients we work With is Shamrock Plumbing they're They're based in the Orlando market you Can see here if you type in Orlando Plumber they come up very prominently in The first couple of results but what I Want you to see and we track this across Our entire client base is how much they Spent how many leads they generate their Average cost per lead so you can see in This particular instance it was three Thousand dollar spend and we had

405 leads directly from Google Maps And so if we weren't focused on Google Maps if we didn't have them in the Organic Google Map listings they'd be Missing out on a Lion's Share of their Lead flow so that's one example another Example is this company nyxco plumbing They're based in Mason Ohio you can Simply type in Mason Plummer they're Here number one in the in the Google Map Listings and I just want to show you two Thousand dollar spend 421 total leads 183 directly from Google Maps right and If we fast forward and this is kind of An illustration you'll notice this is an Older version of our reporting some of Us were like you know what that's you Know does it matter today like 2023 is This still relevant are people still Calling in on Google Maps what we found Is Over time the amount of leads our Clients are generating from Google Maps Is actually on the rise it's still Increasing even as of today and so Here's here's them a couple months later Not 196 leads directly from Google Maps Um and then if we fast forward to the Most recent and this is just um in the Last couple of months Um 352 leads directly from Google Maps And this is Directly from the map listings and this Is in current day so I I show these

Examples to kind of tell you two things Number one Yes Google Maps still matter you want to Have this as part of your organic Strategy for your clients number two we Know how to get our clients ranked on The Google Maps and I'll kind of show You some of the key things that we do That you can do in your agency to Improve your consistency of getting your Clients ranked Um here's another company that we work With in Fargo North Dakota you can see Here Fargo plumber you know number two Spot on the Google Map they do HVAC as Well Um 835 calls directly from Google Maps Um and if we fast forward again at least It's still relevant again that's the old Report a couple months later maybe a Couple years later here where 1408 leads Per month tracked phone calls directly From Google Maps so bottom line Hopefully I don't have too too many more Of these examples but I I wanted to kind Of hammer home the point here's Cardinal Plumbing and heating 420 leads directly From the Google Map right and then if Fast forward to 762 leads directly from The Google Map so yes let any question In your mind about in today's market is Google Maps still relevant the answer is Absolutely yes right and so

The question is how do we position this To our client base so that it makes Sense so that they get the value and Then how do we do it right how do we Actually get the results for the client How do we actually get them ranked on The Google Map so the way we like to Explain it is we want the client to be Able to dominate the results right we Want them to show up as often as Possible when people are looking for Their service in their city so for us Like if it's Orlando and the client is In plumbing we want to make sure when Someone types in Orlando plumber Orlando Plumbing Orlando drain cleaning not only Are we showing up in the paid results Not only are we showing up on local Service ads not only are we showing up In the map but we're also showing up Organically and maybe we're even showing Up in one of the directory listings if You come to the client and explain look Our strategies to help you saturate the First page so that you can get as many Clicks as many calls as many leads as Possible that's how we win the day right So that's the way we want to position This to the client base and I've gone Through all the trainings on how to get Ranked on the Google Map all of them Like can you name one of them I've I've Been through it I've studied it we've Personally managed Google Maps for

Hundreds of plumbing and HVAC companies And some of the most competitive markets In the country and really there's There's four key things that we found You have to focus on in order to get Your clients ranked on the Google Map Number one is you have to claim and Optimize the Google profile listing or The Google profile and this has changed From GMB to Google Map listing you claim That and you optimize it with the right Company name right name address phone Number you know right category selected I'm sure this could turn into a hour and A half long thing I want to hit the key Things you want to focus on so gain Access to the Google business profile From there you want to have lots of Citations references to their company's Name address and phone number right you Want to make sure that they're listed in All of the online directories with Consistency of their name address and Phone number number three is you have to Have reviews for that client like at the End of the day all other things being Equal if the client has more reviews Than the competition they're more likely To rank in the map in the city that You're trying to rank them for so you Want to make sure you're leveraging Automation To follow up after every service call to Follow up after every job to follow up

After every new client to say thanks so Much for your business would you be Willing to write us a review right There's lots of great review automation Tools whether you do that with high Level or you do it with one of the other Platforms that are available in the Industry you want to make sure you're Doing that and you should have a Strategy as part of your quick wins Process for the client to reactivate Their Past reviews so grab a database of All their customers that they've done Business with over the last year and Send them a check-in hey we're looking To build our Authority on Google Maps We're looking to build up our our Reviews can you take a minute to write Us a review right if you come out of the Gates with that they're going to get More reviews that's going to help with Their conversion it's also going to bump Them up in the organic search you want To have that part of your launch process For your clients now the fourth key Pillar is you have to have good on-page Optimization right proper optimization Of the title tag the H1 tag the content On the site Pages for each of the Cities Pages for each of the services You know all of the those specific Things in place Really also you want to pay attention to The data aggregators so like if you're

Manually claiming let's just say Google And Yahoo and Bing and Angie and all of The main ones and maybe you use a tool Like yext to push them down to the top 50 online directory sites the next thing You want to look at is your data Aggregators to make sure that you're Kind of getting those tier two and tier 3 directory listings but then you're Also having a consistent Loop of the Right name address phone number listed I'll kind of walk you through what our Protocol is today and kind of how we Manage this for clients but don't sleep On the aggregators as we added this to Our strategy it did absolutely improve Our consistency of getting clients Ranked in the Google Map tools for Citations in terms of building up those Citation references across the web I'm a Big fan of bright local so we use bright Local to run the GMB audit right at the Beginning we will manually claim their Google my business listing we will add Them to yext so that we can can push Them out to the main directories and Then we will add them on bright local to Do what we call a citation blast where We can find Niche specific directories And have have them updated and added to Those profiles but other tools that We're fans of that we've heard really Good things about would be white spark Advice local Moz local and again yex is

A great platform for this but at the end Of the day like when it comes to getting Ranked on the Google Map it it's a Holistic approach right so your content It's your on-page optimization it's your Google my business or Google profile Optimization and then it's your SEO Strategy and so this would be a topic For another day we can talk about what You do on page what you do with the Google my business listing Um how you build the content strategy And Syndicate the content one thing we Do very consistently I'm a big fan of is Signal Genesis where instead of just Creating a blog post we're able to Create content that gets pushed through New new sites with GMB embeds that Passes signals that's going to improve The ranking for the client on Google Maps so I could go a lot deeper on this Topic if you want more insights on how To get your clients ranked better and More consistently on the Google Map what I would suggest is type Google Map Information into the comments and I'll Send you some more specific details and Some checklists that you can sink your Teeth into Hopefully you got some good ideas if There's like things you're doing with Google Map optimization that is working Really well post that in the comments if You've got follow-up questions on how to

Get your clients ranked better on the Google Maps post that in the comments And I'll do my best to answer those Questions for you maybe in the comments Or maybe on a follow-up video and if you Got value from this please press the Like button please press the Subscribe Button share this out we're all about Helping you land more clients deliver Better results to those clients retain Long term and scale your agency and your Team and your processes so you don't to Do it all yourself I've got a great training I'd like to Give you if you go to roadmap this is Our seven figure agency roadmap Implementation training it walks you Through the seven figure agency model And really some of the key things you Need to do to build your program package So you can deliver great results and to Grow your agency so that sounds good go To roadmap check It out and hit the like button type Something in the comments and I'll see You on another session real soon

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