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What's up digital marketing agency Owners on today's video I'm really Excited to unpack a concept that is Really one of my favorite strategies for Landing clients for building your Authority and consistent flow of new Appointments into your agency so if that Sounds good and you're eager to learn How to get a more consistent deal flow And really position yourself as the Go-to expert in your space you're going To want to watch this video Thank you so this concept is what I call The monthly webinar method and over the Years this has been the one tried and True strategy that we run every single Month in our agency that keeps us Prolific that keeps us out in front of Our Niche and keeps our pipeline full Let me explain why kind of how this Works when you think about the way that You Market yourself as an agency owner Like the strategies that you use to get Prospects attention to get them to raise Their hand to get them to ultimately Find out who you are and maybe even Someday meet with you one to one you Know usually we're going to do some form Of maybe we we do some cold email we get A list of prospects in the industry and We send them a cold message uh probably We We join the association if we're Smart we're in a niche right and we join The National Association in that Nation

We get the list of members the names Emails phone numbers and we kind of Reach out to that group and then Probably at some point we start doing Some marketed lead generation maybe it's Facebook ads or Google ads for our own Agency and Over time we've got a list of prospects Of people that we've got their names Their emails maybe we've got their cell Phone numbers and their contact details But usually once the sequence runs once That initial Outreach has kind of run Its course it just kind of sits there in A stagnant place right we've got all of These prospects that we've picked up Over the years but Either they bought or they didn't buy And now it's kind of run stagnant and Really what we know and what we Determined over our years in our agency Is in order to not make that be a Stagnant list that goes nowhere that It's basically useless first of all we Got to touch them we got to touch our Database on a consistent basis what we Found is there's a sweet spot where you Want to be contacting your prospects in Your database somewhere between two and Three times per week and you might say To yourself well that's way too many Times everyone's going to unsubscribe The reality is with the way Deliverability is with as many messages

As your prospects are getting day in and Day out That probably amounts to them seeing you Once a month so you've got to be Consistent you've got to be touching the Database on a consistent basis Secondarily you've got to add value to The database you can't just email them Every day hey you want it wants to help With your internet marketing hey because You use more leads you have to actually Give them information that they would Want to look at that they would want to Read that they would perceive as high Value We have to nurture that database and Then ultimately we've got to offer to Help now give them useful information on A consistent basis that usually leads to Hey and if you'd like some help with This if you like to get similar results Let's schedule a time to talk let's Schedule a strategy session right now we Know that that's what we need to do and If we do that on a consistent basis with All of the people in our world and the People that are coming in on a Consistent basis through marketed lead Generation the the maybe the lists that We're acquiring for cold Outreach and The associations is people new new People join we can continue to add more And more value to prospects over time And that will ultimately lead to booked

Sales and booked appointments with our Ideal clients but this becomes a Challenge like how do you come up with That many messages how do you add value And not be obnoxious to the list well I Want to tell you the shortcut that we've Found and really what we do is one Monthly topical webinar Can drive the entire engine that you Need in order to touch the database to Add value and to be the perceived Authority within your industry I'll kind Of explain why there's something Powerful about doing topical weather so What I'm not talking about is one of Those webinars where you're going to Give a little bit of value 10 minutes of Information and then like 30 minutes of A pitch right because nobody wants to See that and ultimately you can only do That once right people will show up for That once and be like okay I didn't like That but if you're doing a good webinar Every single month on a topic that your Prospects would find interesting and you Make it all give like where they're like Wow I learned some new things I got some New strategies I got some new Information that I'm going to be able to Use to grow my business well that's That's powerful and so you want to come Up with new relevant topical webinars That you can promote that you can put Out on a monthly basis and what's cool

Is this is going to help you grow the Database like in other words more Prospects on your list and it's also Going to help you nurture the existing Database So when you do a webinar we'll talk a Little bit about some syndication ideas And how you can take the webinar and Kind of put it out there in a lot of Different places when you put out great Content on YouTube on iTunes on your Blog and you can do that all from one Webinar that's new content that's going To be discovered every single month That's going to draw people in to your Funnel because if they see your Information and they find it valuable And they get back to your website and They opt in for whatever lead magnet you Have at the end of that content that's New people coming in every single week Every single month to your content but It also helps you nurture the database It solves that problem we're talking About we're like okay I know I need to Touch them again and again but I don't Know what I would send or how I would Send or how I want to add value well There's something powerful about a live Event that's happening at a specific Date and time that gives you a Permission to be able to send an invite A couple of invites hey I got this thing Coming up I'm going to be talking about

How to generate better leads online for Your roofing business it's gonna be Thursday at three hey coming up in a Couple couple hours be sure to log in You can send them a couple of messages About the webinar and then after the Webinar of course you can send the Replay you can send a couple of ones hey In case you missed it here's the Recording here's one little piece of the Webinar that's really really useful And so when you're doing this on a Consistent basis you're coming up with Reasons to show up in their inbox to Show up on their social feed maybe even To show up in their mailbox on a monthly Basis multiple times in a value-added Way so hopefully this makes sense right If you do one webinar per month you're Going to ascertain a lot of value from This so really what we're talking about With the monthly webinar method is we're Trying to develop a systematic approach For creating new content and nurturing Our database and really again this is The ultimate content lever I've been Kind of doing this in my agency I was Able to share it at traffic conversion Summit a couple of years ago and it's Really a powerful concept because again It gives you a reason to email your Database multiple times right invite Them to the webinar invite them right Before the webinar starts and then send

Them the replay afterwards that in and Of itself is three touches it also Drives multiple streams of new content Right because every time you create a Webinar really what you're doing is You're recording a video right you've Got the live experience but then you Also record it and you can Syndicate That right you can put it up on YouTube You can load it as a blog post with the Video and a transcription you can load It as a podcast episode and put it on ITunes and all of the different Podcasting sites and then you can take The slides and put them up on SlideShare And while you're at it you can be Posting about it on social media you can Post the replay on social media it Creates like a vicious storm of activity That's going to make you appear to be Prolific in your industry right and so Hopefully you get this give me a yes if You're tracking with me if this makes Sense be sure to hit the like button if You're enjoying this but the reality is If you do this on a consistent basis There's no way but for you to become Looked at as one of the go-to experts in Your Niche and so really what I want you To understand and what I want you to get Is this a very highly leveraged activity Because you're doing one live webinar You're getting at least three touches to The database and you're creating at

Least six pieces of content it's hard to Come up with content it's hard to create New videos to come up with new emails But if you know there's one anchor event Every single month that you're going to Organize your messaging around you're Going to organize your follow-up around It simplifies it that's why it's so high Leverage so I really believe that one webinar per Month can drive your entire content and Lead generation engine I've got a very Very deep dive training on this that Walks you through you know how to set up Webinars the types of webinars to run How to promote your webinars and how to Syndicate them for maximum effect Um it goes about an hour and 10 minutes So I can't cover all of it on this video But I've created a short list for you Here where you can go to Webinars webinars You'll get a deep dive training as well As my workbook that walks you through Exactly how to set this up and implement It in your agency and my promise to you Is if you can commit to one webinar per Month You can have a consistent flow of new Prospects you can position yourself as The go-to in your industry you can have People looking at you as the expert in Your space so go grab the the extra

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