How to Handle HOT Agency Leads From Multiple Sources | Seven Figure Agency #shorts

Pipeline inside of high level like we Even have the different kind of level of Lead like where the lead came from so There's a stage specific for leads that Came through the lead form there's a Stage specific for leads that came Through our website you know I I Personally have a love hate relationship With Facebook Messenger because mine Always gets blown up but I do so much Business through it that like I can't Take it off of my phone what I try to do And I'm not even sitting in the sales Position if a school owner reaches out With me I will try to get them on the Phone instantly I just I think that kind Of level that they see like you know and It's not that I want to train them to do That but that's a super hot lead and I Don't want to just take this super hot Lead and say hey here's the link book Whenever you can so I'll ask them you Know just a couple little questions you Know tell me a little bit about your School and they'll say hey can you get On a phone call right now or would later On work and I try to get them on the Call and then right then on the call I'll go ahead and pull up our booking Calendar and I say okay what's the email You want to use you know I've gotten This time available in that time Available

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