How To Hire Qualified Employees | Seven Figure Agency #shorts

Has anybody ever heard of test Dome These are timed tests that you email out To the candidate and you can find a Multitude of different areas to test Them on design development they have Sales tests they have reasoning tests You can also build your own tests in There you can piece together a bunch of Different tests and create your own It'll record their screen so you can see How they're solving these problems it Only costs you like twenty five dollars To do this so they have to pass the test Then we give them the second technical Test is we give them something that they Would actually do in the workplace so if It's a designer we give them a mock-up We say you have uh this is the deadline So on this one it's very important that You give them a deadline We say you at 8 A.M on Wednesday right If they miss that deadline by one second Gone we've had people say oh my power Went out my computer broke I don't give You got to figure it out Right you're a responsible adult I Expect you to be accountable to yourself You got to hit that deadline

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