How To Improve Your Clients’ Lead Conversion Process | Seven Figure Agency

If you're if you're struggling where the Clients are getting leads but they say You know what these leads don't convert These leads are no good here's the deal As digital marketing agencies our main Function it's to generate leads and Sales for our clients but at the end of The day what you're paid for as an Agency isn't the tech it isn't like Getting the website ranked or running Better Google ads it's generating leads And sales for your clients that actually Converted to revenue ninety percent of Their web forms fail to convert because The league goes to the lady in the Office and she's going to get back to That lead whenever she gets a chance and That usually is never 50 or 60 of the Inbound leads that we generate don't Convert like the person called in they Were interested in the service and Either they didn't answer or they Answered and didn't give them the answer That they needed if you study your Clients liens and I suggest you do this Submit a form on their site and see what Happens see how long it takes to get a Call back calling to the office and play Customer see if they answer the phone Leads that don't get followed up within 15 minutes or less go cold

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