How to Maintain Consistent Communication As Your Agency’s Leader | Seven Figure Agency

I'm a big believer that you know if you Can just do one webinar and you can do One live interview like this per month You can be extremely prolific in any Niche like what's the Frequency that You've been following as you roll out Webinars interviews and other content The goal is always one a month on both My wife is pushing me to have two Interviews a month for overall practice As well in terms of just being a better Communicator because it's the biggest Thing we preach within our company and Just I think a big thing that is helping Set us apart is our level of Communications as a leader of the Company I need to make sure that I'm Locked in in terms of that communication Ability and so having a one extra Interview a month isn't isn't the worst Thing that I could be doing with my time And so that's another goal that we're Trying to understand Increase in coupon love it so one fully Syndicated webinar per month at least One interview

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