How to Make a Heart in Illustrator #shorts

Let's see how you can easily create a Heart shape in illustrator start with The rectangle tool and create a 150 by 350 pixels shape make it red use the Direct selection tool to turn your Rectangle into a rounded rectangle then The selection tool to rotate this shape 45 degrees to the left press Ctrl C and Ctrl F which will add a copy in front Rotate it 90 degrees to the right then Select both of your shapes continue with The shape Builder tool hold down the r Key and click these two sections to Remove them and then click and drag Across your remaining shapes which will Merge them this will be your heart shape Now you can easily distort it using a Warp effect A 20 band will be enough click OK and You can also play with the roundness of These sharp Corners that's it if you Wish to learn more feel free to Subscribe to this Channel and you can Also find us at [Music]

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