How to Make an Architecture Portfolio Template in InDesign

[Music] Your portfolio is a big deal and in this Tutorial we'll walk through creating an Architecture portfolio template in Adobe InDesign hi I'm Daisy Ein and I'm a Designer illustrator and developer we're Going to create a template in Adobe InDesign that you can use to Showcase Your work and you can expand upon these Concepts to best suit your work in your Way too Before we dig in if you are a creative Professional you know how important it Is to have Assets in your toolkit things Like fonts or graphics and envato Elements is just an awesome resource to Have on your side one low price gets you Unlimited access to stock photos Illustrations fonts logos design Templates it's a huge library and with Simple commercial licensing it's easy to Use in all of your professional projects Check out the link in the description to Get started And if you're a fan of design content Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel there's tons of tutorials Insights and other design topics to Check out Now let's get started We'll begin in Adobe InDesign and let's Start up a new document for this Portfolio design we're going to work With a square presentation we'll set the

Width and the height to both 10 inches This is a preference so if you prefer Different measurements that's okay too Before we finish our document setup However let's adjust a few other things We'll set the margins to 0.5 inches on The top bottom and outside On the inside however let's set those Margins to 0.75 inches just a little Extra to accommodate the space that may Be lost between pages in my spreads I'm also going to add 0.125 inch bleed To my document Once you're happy with your document Settings you can just click ok to get Started on your document So let's begin by creating a parent page To open the pages panel go to window Pages Then we can see our parent Pages up here At the top of the panel double-click to Go inside the parent page we'll be Designing a two-page spread here so I'm Going to make sure to add a page here to Create a spread in parent a So portfolios are designed to showcase Our work we want to have large beautiful Space for doing just that when I design A layout whether it's for print or the Web I usually start with some kind of Wireframe or a rough draft of some kind And that's what I'm doing here I'm just Using some gray rectangular frames to Block out my layout design and again

These are just placeholders well I get a Feel for my design So here's the layout I decided to go With Next let's create some guides based on Our layout design so why do this well I'm going to add typography to my design And I want it to have a cohesive visual Relationship to my imagery to add a Guide all I have to do is click and drag From the rulers here in my work area Here's the guides that I decided to work With Now let's use the type tool to start Placing some text I can just click and Drag to create a text box and then type Here to create some text Now since I'm inside a parent page I'm Just going to add placeholder text Nothing special this is essentially a Template that I'm going to use Repeat this process to lay out your Composition for example here's the copy That I decided to add to my layout I'm using the font preface sansara from Envato elements because it's got a Sleek Modern style you can download it too if You like check out the description for More info To play with the aesthetic a little more I'm just going to add some accents here With the line tool I'll add them and Adjust them to match my typography you Can just click and drag to draw a line

With the line tool and with the line Selected you can also click and drag to Adjust it here's a look at how my idea Turned out I also want to add some Dynamic page Numbers to my design I'll create a new Text box here at the bottom of my Composition using that type tool again Just like I did for my other typography In my layout However once I have the box drawn it's Time to insert a special character I'll do so by going to type insert Special character markers current page Number This is a dynamic Edition that will Reflect the current page number since I'm in a parent page that's just going To read as a for now because this is Parent a it's not an active page Finally let's add some imagery to get a Feel for how my portfolio pages will Look I'll start by selecting the Rectangular frame that I'd like to bring My image into Then I'll head to file place and select My imagery Now that my image has been inserted I Can toggle between editing the frame Itself and the image within the frame to Do so just double-click and it'll toggle Between the two this is a nice way to Manually adjust your imagery Repeat this process to insert and adjust

Your imagery into the placeholders Here's a look at my layout Now that we have our parent Pages Designed it's time to use them I'll Start by creating some new pages here my First page here is going to be my cover And I'd like Pages 2 and 3 as well as Four and five here just for example to Be my interior portfolio pages I could Always add more Then my last page will act as my back Cover for now again you could add as Many pages as you prefer especially Since those page numbers we added Earlier are dynamic Now let's take a look at those parent Pages I want my interior pages to be Derived from parent a but right now my Front and back cover don't need to be Derived from that that's not what I'm Looking for I can choose between my Parent a and none up here in my layers Panel it's as simple as clicking and Dragging to choose So first let's edit our active portfolio Pages here we don't want to keep all the Template content here so we'll need to Edit that to be specific to each page Let's explore this idea on the second Set of portfolio Pages here Normally you won't be able to edit Content from your parent Pages you can't Just click to edit it because it's part Of the parent page we'll need to hold

Down shift command on Mac or shift Control on PC while clicking then we can Make local edits to our page Now I can proceed to make my edits Remember you can choose between the Rectangular frame itself and its Contents so over here I'll double click Until I've selected the portfolio image And then I'm just going to delete it With the delete key I'll just select the Frame again and place a new image So here's what my layout looks like with This new content inserted you could Repeat this process for as many pages as You like Now let's go ahead and create a cover For our portfolio I'm going to create a New parent page and this one will be Called parent B Now I only need one page here so you Want to make sure that's reflected Accordingly if you have a two-page Spread here for example you can just Remove the extra page Let's go ahead and place a full image Here again that's file place to insert Imagery and I want this to take up my Whole page Adjust your image as you see fit I'm Going to resize it until I'm happy with Its alignment on my page Before I add in my title I'm going to Draw a rectangular frame here towards The top of my composition

The Fill here is white however I think It might be cool to play with the Transparency a little bit I can do that By right clicking on PC or control Clicking on Mac and then going to Effects transparency I'm going to bring my transparency down To 90 so I can see the image a little Bit through my rectangular frame Next I'll add in some type I want my Typography here to match what I've built In my interior pages so I'm going to use That same font preface Sans serif which You can download to make sure to check Out that link in the description and I'll use the line tool in a similar way Too Here's my result And let's wrap things up with a back Cover I'm going to follow a similar Process here I've made another parent Page this one is parent C and since this Is the back cover I'd like to keep Things simple I'll place an image here and I'll just Make it a small accent this time I'll also take the contact info that I Put on my front cover and just paste it Here too let's leave it small as a Compliment sometimes less is more and I'd really like this part of my design To be Simple and Clean Let's make sure these parent pages are Applied where we'd like them in our

Active Pages too again it's as simple as Clicking and dragging I can zoom out as Well to get an overview of my work check It out here's what we created Before we wrap up we've basically made Ourselves a template here you could save Your work as an indd or InDesign file But did you know you could save this as An indt or InDesign template file too So what's the difference well if you Open up your InDesign template file It'll create a new document based on Your design like a copy no risk to Overwriting the original and that's Pretty handy So thanks for working along with me and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you Did please consider giving it a like and Subscribing to our YouTube channel you Can also click the notification Bell so You never miss an update I'm Daisy Ein Thanks so much for watching and I hope You go out there and create something Awesome happy designing

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