How to Make an InDesign Catalog Template

[Music] In this tutorial you'll learn how to Create an InDesign catalog template for Showcasing products don't forget to Subscribe to envato tips Plus for more Free courses and tutorials I'm Ashley Harrell and in this tutorial we'll Create a simple and stylish design that Could also be adapted as a lookbook for Fashion retailers or brochure template But before we begin make sure you check Out envato elements get unlimited Downloads of design assets templates and Images like the one used in this Tutorial subscribe now with the link in The description The first thing you should do is go to File new document click on the print Tab And click on letter we will be using Millimeters for the unit set the pages To eight And for the margins we're going to use 20 for the bottom we're going to use 23 For the inside we're going to use 25 and For the outside we're going to use 20. Now we're going to add a 5 millimeter Bleed to all of the edges except for the Inside And then click create Now expand the layers panel and double Click on layer 1. we are going to rename This layer background we're going to Create another layer and we're going to Name it images

Create one more layer and name it type Now we're going to lock both the Background and images layers keeping the Type layer active Now we're going to select the swatches Panel load the ASC file that is linked In the description And now we're going to expand the pages Panel and double click on the a parent Page Here we're going to use the type tool And type out the name of our brand We're going to use the font Carol bold Round Size 12 and change the tracking to 170. Copy and paste this same text box and We're going to paste it on the other Side as well But we're going to change the text for This one to Autumn slash winter And align it to the right Set this text to round and the tracking To 30. Now select bulk of the text and change The color to paper Now we're going to create a text frame In the bottom left corner And go up to type Insert special character markers current Page number Set this font to Carol Round But we're going to use the darker blue For this watch Copy and paste the same text frame and

Put it on the other side as well and Align it to the right Now we're going to go to our images Layer Use the rectangle tool to create a shape Across the entire page And fill it with a light pinkish color Now we're going to use the rectangle Frame tool and we're going to place an Image inside of it by going to file Place and select a model image Resize it so that it fits the frame Grab your type tool And type out the name of your clothing Brand This time we will be using light round 60 points With a tracking of 170. change the first Word To bold round And for this watch use paper Now we're going to add smaller subtitles Below our header Here I'm just typing out catalog women's Wear menswear and teens Change this font to light round In the size to 19. And change the tracking to 2 30. And then under that I'm going to add the Autumn winter season And for this one change the tracking to 250 and the font size 214. Now scroll down to page two And on the background layer we are going

To add a background color Using the rectangle tool Here we will be using the color gray Swatch And we will fill the other page with the Navy blue Swatch Now we're going to start adding our Images Use the rectangle frame tool And make a long rectangle shape Resize it so that's about half of our Page And then go to file place and select Another model photo Create another frame And this time make it a bit smaller Add another model photo Adjust it so that it fills the frame And now we're going to make one more Rectangle frame And place one more model image Now we're going to grab the ellipse tool And while holding down the shift key Create a circle frame in the top left of Page Three And then place a product image inside of It Resize it so that it fills the circle Copy and paste this circle and place it To the right of the first circle now We're going to replace this image with Another flat light image Now copy and paste both of these circles And we're going to place them underneath

Replace the images with new flat light Images Now working on the type layer we are Going to add some more content for our Products So here I'm typing out the number one And we're going to use Carol Round And the size will be 180. And here we're going to match the font Color to the facing page Now we're going to add a title below it This time we're going to change the font Size to 57. And use the paper swatch Now we're going to add more product Details and pricing at the very bottom And make sure you change the Swatch to Whatever the background color is of the Facing page Now copy and paste the same text frame We're going to change it to the very Light gray color Now I am going to unlock all of the Layers so I can copy and paste this same Spread design to the next spreads So just edit copy and then edit paste in Place once you click on the spread And here I'm just changing up the colors And I'm just fast forwarding a little Bit because I also changed the size of The images To export your PDF go to file export Change your preset to press quality Make sure it's set on pages check all

Printers marks and also check use Document bleed settings and click on Export And that's how you make a catalog Template in InDesign so if you like this Video and you would like to see more go Ahead and hit that like button and Subscribe if you haven't already and Don't forget to click that little bell Icon to be notified of any new videos I'm Ashley Harrell thanks for watching [Music]

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