How to Make Infographics in PowerPoint Using Templates

We live in an era of Big Data we're Bombarded with information from all Sides as presenters it can be tough to Make sense of all of the available data That we have how can we help our Audiences understand it infographic Templates for PowerPoint are really the Key hi I'm Andrew Childress I'm a Presentation Pro and in this video I'm Going to show you how to work with PowerPoint infographic templates in a Few quick steps you'll be able to craft Stunning data visuals to explain complex Ideas infographics are visuals that show Information they come in countless Styles and we'll look at several leading Options for infographics templates in PowerPoint the best way to get started Here is with a premium infographic PowerPoint template from envato elements Elements has a powerful offer unlimited Downloads of millions of digital assets You can download and use as many of the Best premium PowerPoint infographic Templates as you want then you can enjoy Custom fonts stock photos music and so Much more it's an unbeatable offer so Join elements today and don't forget to Subscribe to our envato tuts plus YouTube channel for more great tutorials Just like this one for our tutorial Today I'll be working with the stunning Pptx infographics template from elements I have it downloaded and open in

PowerPoint here this one includes 50 Unique PowerPoint infographic templates And slide layouts which you can see as I Scroll through the deck here these are Easy to adapt to any topic that you may Be sharing as you can see they're Powerful data visuals that bring ideas And information to life let's look at a Few examples here slide number nine is a Great place to start here you can Introduce your company in style this map Here is an infographic think of how it Makes your slide more interesting Instead of listing locations in text Form we can visually show them on a map Of the world to customize this simply Click and drag on these markers as You're seeing me do here you can drag And drop them into a new position then Let's add some custom text to do that Click into one of these text boxes and Select the contents inside start typing On your keyboard like this and you'll See the placeholder text vanish and be Replaced with your own words it's easy To add custom text to premium PowerPoint Templates just like this jumping forward Here let's preview the finished slide as You can see it's a great way to show Basic data in a clear concise and visual Way the best infographic PowerPoint Templates save a ton of time during Design let's move on to slide number 15 Here for a numbers based infographic

Example when you present about numerical Data it becomes very easy to lose your Audience compelling visuals are Essential and that's what an infographic Like this stacked bar chart can provide Again this one is easy to customize I'll Select the infographic chart here then Right click on it from the list of Options choose edit data when you click This you'll see a miniature Microsoft Excel spreadsheet launch right inside of PowerPoint inside it you can quickly Type or paste in new data watches your Infographic chart updates in real time I'll work through the chart here adding New data in moments you can fill in your Own details and create a custom Infographic chart design of your own now Let's continue moving through the Presentation let's look at other types Of infographics that you can work with For example slide 30 here contains a Stacked abstract chart that I've adapted To introduce my company's culture this Visual is a good way to show how Different aspects and ideas fit together To form a whole concept think of it as a Teaching tool for your next big idea Slide 38 is also a flowchart infographic Here I've mapped out the hiring process For the firm rather than listing steps In numerical order and making a messy Wordy slide this one clearly illustrates Process steps in a way that's easily

Understood as you can see it's amazingly Easy to build infographic slides for PowerPoint the key is to use a premium Template from envato elements just like This one with thousands of designs to Choose from the possibilities are Endless browse the vast library and join Today then choose your favorite Templates and get to work explore their Custom slide designs working with Infographic layouts that truly bring Your ideas to life All you have to do is swap out the Placeholder text and data with your own It's really that easy before you go Don't forget to like this video then be Sure to subscribe to our envato touch Plus YouTube channel there you'll find Many helpful tutorials and courses just Like this one plus you'll enjoy content Roundups and so much more you can't Afford to miss out in 2023 I'm Andrew Childress for envato tuts plus and Thanks again for joining me [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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