How To Make Money With ChatGPT and Affiliate Marketing: AI Videos + WordPress

Hey and welcome to vid Society so this Video is going to be loaded with Information I'm going to be giving you Some updates I'm going to be showing you How uh some of my websites I've been Using chat GPT content for our ranking And also videos that I've been creating Using chat GPT for AI videos and how They're ranking so let's jump into this And get started and as always I'll put All the links that I reference in this Video Below in the description box if You're interested in checking out any of The additional tools or services that I Use so first of all if you've been Following along you know about this new Extension that I've been using called Aiprm chat GPT if you're not you can Google this and find the Chrome Extension download it and this is what You're going to get to so this is what I've been using to create article Content for product reviews I'm posting On my website and if we jump over and if We do a search for my website you're Going to see I have five pages that are Indexed in Google right now using this AI content and that's great and all but As of right now they are not not ranking Very well at all so if we go here and Look at these keywords for the product Reviews I'm ranking for you can see the Current rankings of them even though This one here did jump up six spots but

Keep in mind this is a brand new website A brand new domain name and this has Only been live for about a week or so so We still have a lot to do to this site But right now the only thing I'm doing Is adding some articles and reviews from Chat GPT so here's my website called Organic remedy Co and if you guys want To learn more about how I set all this Up and use chat GPT watch my previous Videos I show you step by step how it's All done now since my last video I've Added a few more posts including a Couple more reviews and an article here That I created using chat GPT and today I'm going to be adding another product Review and not only that but I'm going To be embedding a video that I'm going To be creating using content from chat GPT too and I'm going to show you how to Do that so this is the product that I Want to make a review for today I'm an Affiliate for this company so any of These products that I sell I make about A twenty percent commission from so this One is called HH spots formula so I'm Going to copy this title we're going to Jump over to chat GPT and I'm going to Pick one of these I've been jumping back And forth for different ones sometimes One will work better than another in Creating articles for me this time I'm Going to use this one here called One Click blog post we're going to click on

That down here for my topic prompt I'm Going to put the name of the product Then I'm going to type review after it And we're going to see what it's going To generate for us So using this prompt you can see it Actually gives us a decent outline of Content we can use for our blog and this Includes a topic with some keywords long Tail keywords and also a header outline Some notes and usually it also creates Metadata that we can use for the Description of our post so let's go Ahead I'm going to pause this video and Wait for this to be done okay so far we Have all this information it even Printed some notes for us which is this Is the first time I've seen it do this From this prompt it gave us multiple Titles we can use multiple descriptions To pick from and it outlined the blog Post for us here but it stopped right Here so it didn't finish so we're going To come down here and click on continue And hopefully it'll continue writing so For some reason it will not continue When I click this so I'm just going to Come down here and type in continue Writing And now we can see it's going to pick up Right where it left off and continue Writing the article so I'm going to Pause it again so it's finished up the Article but it's not as long as I want

It to be and they didn't add no bullet Points in the article so down here I'm Going to put writing more details and Add Bullet points and let's see what it Gives us now so apparently I didn't Specify enough because it created Everything in bullet points so I'm going To rephrase this and I'm just going to Put continue writing more paragraphs and We'll see what it does now now as it Continues to write this article just Remember here in a few minutes I want to Be showing you some videos that I Created using content from chat GPT and You're going to see the rankings of Those compared to the rankings of my Website so stay tuned for that so we got Several more paragraphs it added quite a Bit more so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to come up here and we're Going to go under the title tags and I'm Just going to go ahead and copy one of These and use it for the title of my new Post and we're just going to use this Middle one here so if I jump inside of My dashboard these are the posts I have We're going to click on add new And we're going to paste in this title And I'm just going to change it around a Little bit here I'm not going to put the Brand name in front of it this time and See how it does and now I'm just going To copy the content that it's gave us

And we're going to add it in the post So this is one of the longest articles That I've posted on my website now what I'm going to do now is I'm going to get Rid of this title and I'm going to go Through and add the H2 and the H3 tags To these subtitles Okay so we have all this content added On here now let's take a quick preview And this is our article so what I'm Going to do now is jump back over to This page and I'm going to take a quick Screenshot of this product and you may Want to be careful if you do this Because some companies does not like it But usually if you're affiliate Marketing and promoting their products They don't care we're going to go back In the post I'm going to come here at The beginning add the media upload it Insert into the post then we're going to Left align it and let's make it smaller Now if we preview it We now have an image and it looks much Better so the last thing I want to do is I want to create a video to go along With this I'm going to upload it to my YouTube channel and embed it in this Post which is really going to help it to Index better and hopefully rank better So this works very similar and what I'm Going to do is use the same content the Chat GPT gave me for this product to Create a video around it and all I'm

Going to do is just copy a little bit of This content And I want to take it to my favorite Tool to use to create all these AI Videos with and that is Pick 3 if you're Not familiar with this I've got several Videos on it and I got a link below the Video that'll take you there where you Can try it for free and if you like it You can even subscribe and save 20 using The coupon below so for this part all I Do is I use the script to video feature Click on this button paste in my content Here click on proceed Then I choose a template I want to use Which is usually this one because you Can customize it any way you want later Choose select choose your video size Continue and now what it's going to do Is take keywords from the content we Just gave it and it's going to find Video clips from storyblocks and some Other sources and put it all together For you into a video and then from there We can edit or customize it how much Ever we want to or we can just go ahead And save the video and then use it so if We look here we can see scroll down Through here And it created 10 scenes for us so this Is going to be a pretty short and Generic video which is fine because I'm Using this for SEO purposes mostly over Here's the video and then you can see

The 10 scenes over here and we can click On each one and go through and edit them If we don't like maybe the backgrounds That put in so for example on this one The text is way too big on all this I'm Going to click on it we're going to Change this to say 22 and then apply to All it's going to apply it to all the Scenes and change it for this next one It talks about the anti-aging formula so This is all based on natural like Essential oils and stuff so I'm going to Come over to visuals and I'm going to Type in Essential oils and if we scroll down we Can see all these clips that we can use And here's one that looks perfect it's 31 seconds long which is more than Enough for the scene so we're going to Use that so now that this part's done I'm going to go through and change some Of these other scenes that I don't like Throughout this video into something Else we're going to add some background Music and then we're going to add some AI voice over to it save it upload to Our YouTube channel and then we're going To get it ranked how well do these Videos rank well let me show you so Here's a few examples if you do the Title of this one for H moles formula Review here's my video rank number one Right underneath of the ad from the Company itself

Here's another one H cracked Hills Formula review not even using the brand Name ranked number one and here's Another one without the brand name also Ranked number one right below the ad and This is great for traffic but if you Know how to properly optimize your Videos they can even get ranked in Google so if we jump over to Google You're going to see this one is ranked Here in Google right underneath of the Main company name this one Is also ranked on the first page and Then if we check the other one It is also ranked right here for some Reason it does not have the image with It though but you can see how well these Rank compared to websites and how fast You can get traffic by using videos now If you want to learn how I do this full Time as a YouTube affiliate marketer and Earn over six figures a year then be Sure to come to my upcoming course I'm Going to be launching next month called YT influencer you can find it at YT scroll down to the bottom Put your email in here and then I will Update you as soon as this launches and You can pick it up for just 12.95 Jumping back over to pick 3 we now have All of our scenes done the only thing Left is to add background music and a Voiceover and this is simple to do we're Going to come over to audio and here it

Automatically added some background Music it thinks I'm going to like I can Play it here to listen to it otherwise I Can leave it this way if I want Something else I can click this X and I Can sort by mood purpose genre and many Other ways with over 15 000 tracks Available Next is adding the voiceover we can come Up here and click on voiceover the one I Like to use the most is the one clear on The bottom I'm going to click on apply And it's applied so now we're going to Preview our video We're going to give it just a minute to Load and see how it sounds aging is a Natural process that we all go through But it doesn't mean we have to accept The signs of aging such as wrinkles and Aging spots HH spots formula is an anti-aging Formula that promises to reduce the Appearance of Aging spots and improve Skin texture leaving you with a smoother And more radiant complexion In this review we'll take an in-depth Look at HH spots formula and what makes It an effective anti-aging solution okay So you get the idea and you can see how Easy it is to create these types of Videos and depending on the amount of Time that you put into them and how much Editing you do and customizing because There's all different things you can do

For these videos that will really Determine how well they perform on YouTube but for me in this video this is What we're going to leave it at so I'm Going to go ahead and close this and now I want to come over to generate and Video now this normally takes five to Ten minutes for it to render I'm going To pause the video till it's done we're Going to download it and then I'm going To upload it to my YouTube channel and Put it on my website now that I got the Video done it's uploaded onto my YouTube Channel you can see here nine minutes Ago and what I'm going to do is take the URL of this video we're going to copy it We're going to go back to our post we're Going to scroll down anywhere we can Even put it at the top if we wanted to But I'm going to go down here maybe About halfway down on hit enter and then Paste it in here and it's automatically Going to add the video to the post and Then we're simply going to come down Here set my featured image I'm going to Use the image for the product And then we'll scroll up and I'll add This to these two categories and that's All there is to it we're going to now Publish the post And let's go look at the home page Here's our post if we click on it and if We scroll down we now have the video Embedded in the post and it's very

Relevant to the post itself which is Going to help it a lot with SEO and so This is how I'm going to continue to Build out this website as well as my YouTube channel not with just products From this company but from a variety of Different companies and this is going to Help me to boost my affiliate revenue From both this website as well as my YouTube channel at the same time that's All I got for you today if you enjoy These types of videos be sure to Subscribe to my channel and if you want Me to notify you as soon as I upload These videos be sure to click that Bell That's it for this one guys have a good Day

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