How To Make Money With ChatGPT | Earn $100+/Day Side Hustles

Hey and welcome to vid Society so if You've watched my previous videos on Chat GPT I've showed you several ways You can use this to make money but that Is just touching the tip of the iceberg In fact what I'm going to do is create a Series of different videos showing you Different ways you can use chat GPT to Offer different services and sell them To generate fifty dollars a day a Hundred dollars a day even four hundred Dollars or more every single day now if This interests you be sure to subscribe I'll notify you when I upload those Videos now also below this video I'll Put some links to other resources that You may be interested in so here we are I'm inside of my chat GPT now what I'm Going to do is we're going to jump over To a website called Fiverr most of you Guys know what this is what you want to Do is come up here and go under writing And translation and there are so many Different categories here of different Types of services that you can actually Use chat GPT for to create and I'm going To show you different ways over the next Couple weeks of how you can use it to Create this type of content and sell it As a service on Fiverr or even other Third-party websites so what I'm going To talk about in this video is Translation so what you want to do is Click on this

And it's going to open up this page and Show you where people are offering a Translation service now you may be Thinking well this is easy for anybody To do to just go and train have Something translated on the Internet or In Google but the thing is a lot of People don't know that and not just that Some people do they just don't want to Mess with it they would rather just Outsource it to somebody else pay them a Little bit of money and have it Converted knowing it's done right and That's what I love about chat GPT it Does translation conversion very very Well now if you look here you're going To see there's over 5 000 services on Fiverr for translation and many of these Have over a hundred two hundred or even Over 700 reviews from people who's Bought services from them now if you Look at the prices here many of them Start at fifty to a hundred dollars in Fact if we were to go in let's just say This one here their base that they start Off with is 100 dollars then 300 and Their premium is four hundred and fifty Dollars to convert a ten thousand word Article so how can you use chat GPT to Do that well let's jump back over here And I created an article here I had it Write me an article on buying a new home So let's say somebody gave you this Article and they want it converted to a

Different language all you would have to Do is copy the article And we're going to go to a new chat Remember you always want to start a new Chat when you do this because every chat Is separate and chat GPT remembers Everything in that chat that you've Written from the very beginning so what You'd want to do is come down here this Box and you simply just want to tell it We'll just say Translate This text to we'll do Spanish I want to do a semicolon and then I'm Going to paste the continent and hit Enter and then you're just going to wait Just give it a couple minutes here and It's going to have this entire article Rewritten into a perfectly read article In that language now you can do this With other languages too it doesn't have To be Spanish I've tried it in Chinese German French any of those it converts It perfectly into those languages now From what I've seen so far chat GPT will Only allow you to paste so many Characters in a box so if for some Reason the article is too long you may Have to break it up and do it into Separate paragraphs or separate pages But then you can piece it all together On a Word document a PDF or however you Want it and then simply give it back to The customer or the client now if we Come back over here to Fiverr you're

Going to see there are Spanish Norwegian German French Chinese and it just goes On and on to different types of Languages is and so what you'd want to Do is maybe set yourself up a gig here On Fiverr or even your own website maybe You just want to start your own business For doing translation services you can Do that or maybe you want to start your Own business for writing and translation Services where you can offer a whole lot Of different services like this here Because most of the things that you see Here in these categories can be done With chat GPT and I'm going to be Showing you how to do that over the Upcoming weeks including writing a Complete book or an ebook where chat GPT Will actually write a full outline for You of a book and then break it each Part of that outline down into separate Sections to create a really really good Quality book so that's something we're Going to be going over in the next video That I make for chat gbt and I will see You guys in the next video

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