How to Make the Best Magazine Cover Design (& Learn the Anatomy of a Magazine Cover)

An effective magazine cover is made up Of many different elements and the trick Lies in making them all work like a Fine-tuned Orchestra hi my name is Laura Kyung from envato types plus and I have Been a graphic designer for over 15 Years in this video I will show you that Many different elements of a magazine Cover and how to use them to create an Impact so before we begin make sure to Check out envato elements with one Subscription you will have unlimited Access to assets such as graphics and Logos millions of creative digital Assets with simple commercial licensing And you can cancel anytime subscribe now With a link in the description and Subscribe now to environmental touch Plus for more videos like this let's get Started The massage is a title of the magazine And the most consistent element Throughout the Publications issues and It is how readers will recognize the Magazine on stance this element is one Of the most important on the cover and This is where branding becomes also Relevant so having a good typeface for The logo is key The mouse head is often the largest font Size that will exist in a magazine so While the size and placements are Consistent the colors of the Masthead Can change to match the theme or main

Image through different issues The amazing deck not all magazines have Decks but it can be useful to describe The Magazine's philosophy or the type of Publication the magazine deck is usually Only a few words long and it should be Concise and to the point for instance we Have this magazine look and where he Says the time of magazine would be the Magazine done in this case you can Change to the magazine for men or Fashion and style on this next example We have magazine Plus And the Dax would be sport entertainment Car motorcycles so the description is Very concise and to the point next we Have Dateline the date line is useful For readers to know when the magazine Was published this is the month year and Issue number of the publication Sometimes the price will also be Included in this group depending on the Publishing frequency some magazines may Use the month and year While others Magazines are published quarterly will Include the season and the year Magazine issue the magazine issue Numbers are usually displayed as volume Number comma issue number volume refers To the years the magazine has been in Circulation while issue refers to how Many times it has been published during The year for instance for a monthly Magazine that was published in March

2020 and has been in circulation for 20 Years the listing volume would be volume 20 issue 3. Main image the main image of a magazine Can be a photograph or an illustration That really depends on the magazine main Story theme or the art Direction Low quality images can really ruin a Magazine cover many magazines set up Special photo shoots or commission Illustrators to create custom covers and Use conceptual images crisp clean and Detailed images will attract readers Attention use visually strong images With clear Focus avoid using busy Backgrounds choose an image that will Create an instant emotional connection To your audience Don't be afraid of the cropping like in This first example choose dramatic Images when possible and if it fits the Main story and never be afraid of Zooming in lead article line the main Theme for the magazine is what makes the Lead article line on the cover to try to Emphasize the lead article line use a Slightly different font that goes with The theme using different colors and Adjusting the size of this line can add More prominence on the cover Cover lines Balance is the key principle with cover Lines these would be set at a smaller Point size compared to the lean article

Sometimes cover lines topics can revolve Around the main theme of the magazine Cover lines should have no more than 10 Words and must be concise use words that Will draw your readers in Website link the rise of digital devices Gave room for magazines to extend their Contact on their websites remind your Customers where they can find you online Via your website or any other social Media channels And finally we have a barcode and price Barcodes are taken care of by the Printing house but you do have to make Sure to leave room for them the Replacement is at the bottom left corner Of the cover and this space can also Include the price of the magazine Another option is to put the price next To the date in each number of the Magazine This New Yorker cover magazine for their September 24th 2001 issue represented The Attacks of September 11 a few weeks Before the illustration by Francois muli And art spiegelman shows the black Student of the Twin Towers against a Dark background this was a very powerful Cover because it showed the magazine Cover entirely dark Esquire's cover design from October 1966 Featured only type with the sentence Oh My God we had a little girl followed by The true story of M company

From fortex to Vietnam over a black Background needless to say the cover had A dark connotation the story was about Soldiers from M company from their time Training in the US to their deployment In South Vietnam Not only because the message is so Strong this Esquire cover is also Impactful because it is type based it is Very minimal concise to the point it Doesn't have any other distracting Elements Next up we have Ellen DeGeneres cover For Time Magazine from 1997 with a cover Line yep I'm gay which was risky at the Time with this coverage she became a Pioneer in the fight for lgbtq rights And now since it's one of the most Well-known activists this cover is Simple and Clean and the cover colors Mimic the American flag as this was one Giant step for society as a whole One of the most famous covers in the World comes from National Geographics June 1985 issue it features a striking Photograph of sherbat gula an Afghan Refugee living in a camp at the border Of Pakistan Her gaze is haunting and she had been Hiking for weeks before arriving at the Camp eye contact is important in cover That features a person as the audience Can make it an easier and deeper Connection with the subject

The anatomy of a magazine cover is Essential not only to drive up sales but Also to make an impact with our readers And Society in this video we show you All the many different elements how to Use them and how you can set them up to Create impact and to call for attention Be sure to check out envato elements to See More Magazine templates with one Subscription you will have unlimited Access to assets such as fonts Graphics Logos millions of creative digital Assets with simple commercial licensing And you can cancel anytime and subscribe Now to Enviro Test Plus for more videos Like this my name is Laura kyung from All of us at envirotets Plus thank you For watching and we'll see you in the Next one [Music] Thank you

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