How To Make Vertical Videos For Shorts, Reels, TT, & More

Hey and welcome to vid Society in this Video I'm going to be doing a review for You for a course that's currently only 12.95 it's going to teach you step by Step how to create those fancy Professional looking vertical videos so This is something that's becoming so Popular right now uploading YouTube Shorts or Facebook reels or videos on Instagram Tick Tock Snapchat all these And this is what's bringing in so many Views so many subscribers to channels And it seems like everybody's wanting to Know how to do it but it seems like a Lot of people are having a hard time Getting the videos made and edited to Making them look professional so this is A channel here that I want to show you By this course creator his name is Lyle And these are the type of videos that he Makes let me just play this one here Payday the new iPhone just went in sale I made it to the iPhone to get me a new One you're gonna join me unfortunately I Can do that I need to pay myself first Why you got paid too and I know that you Make more than me what do you mean pay Yourself first these types of videos can Really grab your attention and make you Watch them and he's got a course that Shows you step by step how to do it in Fact this is the course here guys I'll Put the link below this video if you Want to check it out this is a top-notch

Course so if I play this just for a Second jumping on the top of the crest Of the wave and start driving traffic With it to your products or to your Services in our short film video so this Is Lyle himself he's the one that does All the training in this and I want to Go through this and break down and show You what is inside of this course Because there's a lot of videos that Covers a lot of things so everything is Done step by step there's no questions Well how do I do this how do I do this Because he shows you as he's doing it How to do it so for example how to Monetize your shorts he goes into Details about this about requirements to Monetize on Facebook how to monetize Your reels without a product he goes Into research you can see all these Videos on Research uh reflecting Creating a list of 10 videos types of Videos you can make how to create a Script look at all these different Videos he has on creating scripts and Different tools you can use for creating Them how to record with a teleprompter And using different tools for that how To edit your video how to make that text Pop how to add emojis and images how to Create faceless videos Gear that you should consider how to Post your videos on Tick Tock YouTube Instagram Facebook uh creating your

Videos repurposing your content even so How to repurpose your content for tick Tock for YouTube shorts and how to use a Software to repurpose your longer videos Even and this is great if you have YouTube videos maybe already where you Do product reviews you can use this Software which will break it down make It a lot shorter into those vertical Type videos and then he has some stuff In the conclusion as well as some Additional content but overall there is A lot of videos a lot of content in here To show you step by step how to create Those high quality popping vertical type Videos so if you guys want to check this Course out I know right now it's 12.95 And I know he's not going to be leaving It at that price for very long so if you Want to pick this up for 13 bucks check Out the link below this video and learn How to make your own vertical videos

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