How to Quickly Insert a Countdown Timer in PowerPoint

Quizzing your audience during a Presentation or just trying to keep Track of the passing time you need a PowerPoint timer to stay on track in Just a few clicks you can easily add Timers to your favorite PowerPoint Slides hi I'm Andrew Childress and I'm a PowerPoint design Pro in this video I'm Going to show you how to add a PowerPoint timer it helps you and your Audience stay on track and it's Amazingly easy to do the best way to get Started is with a premium PowerPoint Template from envato elements elements Is a creative Powerhouse with a winning Offer unlimited downloads for a flat Monthly rate you can download and use This mini PPT templates as you want and That's not all elements also includes a Vast library of stock photos fonts and More join today and don't forget to Subscribe to our envato touch plus YouTube channel for even more tutorials Just like this one for this tutorial We'll use the premium multimo Multi-purpose template from elements I Have it downloaded and open here and as You can see there are many beautiful Slides designs inside let's work on Slide 4 here and get to work adding a Countdown timer in PowerPoint now you Really have three options here the first Is to use a PowerPoint timer add-in Add-ins are extensions that you can add

To PowerPoint to get new features some Are free while some have to be purchased To get add-ins I'll come up here to the Insert tab found on powerpoint's ribbon Here in the add-ins group find the get Add-ins button click on it and you'll See the office add-in store window open I'll do a quick search here for timer And when I press enter you can see this List here of available options click add If you want to try one of these if you Don't want to use an add-in let's jump Back to the slide here my favorite way Of building a timer is to use the Countdown Bar Method let's imagine that We want to add a 30 second timer to this Slide to get started come up here to the Insert tab again this time choose the Shapes drop down arrow this Gallery pane Opens up with countless different shapes To choose from Let's pick a rectangle here then with The rectangle selected I'll draw in a Bar here on the slide as you can see I'm Placing one edge of the rectangle shape On the edge of my slide this way when it Counts down to zero it will be invisible With the rectangle in place let's add Some text to it I'll come up to the Insert tab again and click on text box Let's now draw a text box onto the Rectangle as you're seeing me do here With it inserted you can just start Typing on your keyboard to add some text

Here now let's add the animation that Really transforms this into a PowerPoint Countdown timer to begin be sure that Both the rectangle shape and the text Box are selected click one hold down Control on your keyboard then click on The other then come up to the animations Tab here on the ribbon here in the Animation Gallery you can choose an Animation effect this drop down here Gives you many more options so go ahead And click there from this menu fly out Is the best option to add a timer I'll Click on it and you'll see the fly out Effect previewed on the slide now we Have two more adjustments to make to Create our timer first up we want to Make the bar fly out to the left in Essence counting down and disappearing When it hits the edge of the slide to do This with the shape and text box still Selected click on the effect options Drop down here in the center of the Animations tab then from the list of Displayed options click to left the Effect will preview again with the Change in Direction added finally we Need to change the duration of the Animation this controls the speed of our Timer again with both objects selected Come over here to the timing section of The animations tab the duration setting Is the control center for our timer use These arrows here to adjust the duration

To your own needs or you can type in a Custom value here using your keyboard That's all it takes in moments you built A stylish and easy to read countdown Timer in PowerPoint jumping forward here Let's look at another countdown option As you can see here I've built out a Simple clock face layout using Circle Shapes in PowerPoint layouts like this Can also be made into stunning PPT Timers to do this I'll click in the Center circle here and return to the Animations tab this time let's select a Wheel animation effect then you can Repeat the earlier steps of adjusting The duration in a Flash you'll have a Countdown timer that looks just like an Old-fashioned clock face it's a fun way To keep track of time while engaging With your audience as you can see it's Amazingly easy to build a countdown Timer in Microsoft PowerPoint the key is To start with a stunning premium Template from envato elements with Thousands of designs to choose from You're sure to find the perfect option For your next project browse the vast Library and join today then add custom Timers by drawing shapes animating them And changing their duration truly any Object can become a stylish timer with Just a few clicks before you go don't Forget to like this video then subscribe To our envato touch plus YouTube channel

There you'll find many more tutorials And courses just like this one plus You'll enjoy content roundups and so Much more you can't afford to miss out I'm Andrew Childress for envato tets Plus and thanks again for joining me Foreign [Music]

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