How to Quickly Make a Company Profile in PowerPoint

Ever wondered how to create a great Company profile in PowerPoint a company Profile PowerPoint presentation template Can be the perfect tool for telling your Organization's story hi I'm Daisy Ein And I'm a designer and developer in this Tutorial we'll look at how to quickly Make a professional presentation with a Company profile PowerPoint template Company profile presentations serve many Purposes and a template can help you Reach those professional goals quickly And efficiently before we take a look at PowerPoint together remember to check Out envato elements it's an amazing Resource for templates fonts stock Photos and so much more When you're a busy professional having a Resource like envato elements in your Toolkit can help save both time and Resources for example choose from Thousands of PowerPoint templates Download some stock illustrations and Even audio download everything you need For your project for one low price it's All included check out the description For more info So what is the purpose of a company Profile PowerPoint presentation Well perhaps you need to introduce your Business for fundraising purposes or Maybe you're hiring new employees or Sharing your business Vision with a Potential new addition

Sometimes these types of presentations Can be used in sales situations too Where you might need to pitch or explain Products and services that your Organization offers that said let's Explore how to create a great company Profile in PowerPoint and take a look at How easy it is to create a presentation Like this with a PowerPoint template Design Here's the company profile PowerPoint Template that I'm going to use in this Demonstration it's got a lot of content So let's start out by looking at all of The slides included From The View tab go to the slide sorter Here we get an overview of all the Slides included this template includes a Lot and you might not need them all Decide which slides you'd like to use in Your presentation For example I don't think I'll need this Slide so I'll select it and then tap Delete on my keyboard to remove it I can also select slides and then click And drag to rearrange their order Check it out I'll move this slide to a New position in my presentation by Clicking on it and then dragging it over Here Once you're ready to start editing click Normal here in the view tab to change Your view back to the standard View Let's start off by editing our cover

Slide there's template text already here For us I'll just double click on the Title here and then I can edit this text In this case you'd likely insert the Name of your business or organization Customizing text is an essential part of Working in Powerpoint Working with a template like this one Takes a lot of the guesswork out for you So for example let's test out another Slide this timeline is already designed For us all we have to do is click on the Text box to make it active and then we Can edit the contents Editing this text is very similar to Standard word processing software I can select it edit it and type Whatever I would like Let's take a look at adding images to Our PowerPoint template too this Template has easy to use placeholders There are many different ways to use Images in PowerPoint we could for Example click the icon here to add a Picture However we can do something even easier I'll just drag a photo from my computer Right here to this placeholder Check it out it's as simple as that Next how about changing up some of the Shape colors PowerPoint makes this easy I'll just select the shape and then make Sure I'm in the shape format menu Turn to the shape fill drop down and

Then we can choose any color we like The same applies to other placeholder Content like charts and other Graphics You could plug in your own data here for This chart for example or try this out With some other colors We could try this part of this data in Orange for example by changing up the Fill in the format data series box over Here on the right You might also want to swap out some of The icons in this presentation and this Template makes that simple Here at the end of the presentation There's a whole library of icons we can Use I'll just click on one to select it Then go to edit copy Then I can choose any icon in my PowerPoint template I'll just click to Select it and then press delete on my Keyboard to remove it Then edit paste to paste my new icon That I copied earlier I can click and drag to reposition it Like this And then I can easily change the fill Color to white in my format shape panel Now that we've dug into the basics of Customizing a company profile PowerPoint Presentation here are some helpful tips As you work Showcase your work templates like this One have plenty of space to Showcase What your organization does and what

Makes it special in this slide for Example we can add a screenshot to the Template then customize the text and the Icons to help describe your work to the Audience Here's the CEO intro slide in this PowerPoint template another great one to Include Again we can double click on this Picture icon to add in a photo Consider adding a friendly greeting or Something personable here It's also a great idea to highlight your Services explain what you do in a clear And easy to understand way This slide right here could be a great Choice for that remember editing the Text content is as simple as Double-clicking to go inside the text Box So what kind of slides would be perfect For your business's company profile PowerPoint template there's plenty more To see on envato touch plus and on Envato elements too so remember to check Out the links in the description and the Written version of this walkthrough too If you enjoyed this video please Consider giving it a like and Subscribing to our Channel You can also click on the notification Bell so you never miss an update I'm Daisy Ein thanks so much for watching And good luck with your next design


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