How to Record Narration in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a great way to share Content with an audience but what if You're not in the room with them how can They enjoy your narration fortunately It's easy you can narrate a PowerPoint For sharing anytime hi I'm Andrew Childress I'm a PowerPoint design Pro And in this video I'm going to show you How to record narration in a PowerPoint Presentation it's fast and easy and it Helps you create shareable presentations That audiences can watch anytime the Best way to start is with a premium PowerPoint template from envato elements Elements has a powerful offer unlimited Downloads for a flat monthly rate you Can download and use as many premium PPT Templates as you want and that's not all Elements also includes music stock Photos fonts and so much more it's the Creative offer you can't afford to miss We'll use the beautiful Sora PowerPoint Template from elements for this tutorial I have it downloaded and open here and I've already built out some slides now It's time to learn how to narrate a PowerPoint presentation first up you'll Want to ensure you have your microphone Set up the best bet is an external mic That plugs into your computer but Remember the best microphone is the one You have you can always use your Computer's built-in mic and I even like To use my Apple airpods to record on the

Fly next you'll want to go to the first Slide in the deck this is the opening Slide in your presentation come up here To powerpoint's ribbon and find the Slideshow tab click on it and you'll see An array of options appear down below The one you'll want is record and I'll Go ahead and click this Now PowerPoint will open the recording Menu keep in mind the recording won't Start automatically so you can Familiarize yourself with the controls Here down at the bottom you'll see your Actual slides previewed in miniature This tells you at a glance where you are In your recording at the top this menu Bar is your control center to begin Recording audio click on this red record Button here in the middle a three second Countdown starts when it's finished You're Live start narrating and navigate Through your slides using your arrow Keys on your keyboard the right arrow Will advance to your next Slide the Counter here starts running and it's Really a great way to keep track of time As you move through your slides keep an Eye on it and don't forget you can Annotate slides as you present those Options live down here on the menu bar Below the slide preview for example I Can click on this pin and make some Circles on the slide to call attention To key details finished simply click on

The red record button once again your Recording stops and it's ready to share You can send your slide deck to others Or you can click this export button this Generates a video recording that you can Share with others in video format they Won't need to have PowerPoint installed To view and enjoy your presentation Let's consider one other option what if You only want to add audio to a certain Slide without narrating your entire Presentation easy let's start by finding A slide where we want to add some audio Once there come up to the PowerPoint Ribbon again and this time click insert You'll see the tab open and over here on The right you've got this audio drop Down button click it and there are two Options audio on my PC and record audio For this let's use record audio when you Click record audio you'll see this Record sound menu appear once again this Red record button will start and stop The audio recording click it here record Your audio and click it again finally Choose ok to in the request recording And add the narration to your slide That's it as you can see it's amazingly Easy to record narration in a PowerPoint Presentation all you need is a premium Template from envato elements with Thousands of designs to choose from You're sure to find the perfect one just For you browse the vast library and join

Today then use powerpoint's record Features to capture audio find the Slideshow tab click record and start Narrating don't forget to add Annotations and more as you get ready to Share before you go don't forget to like This video then subscribe to our envato Touch plus YouTube channel there you'll Find countless tutorials courses content Roundups and much more you just can't Miss out I'm Andrew Childress for envato Touch plus and thanks again for joining Me [Music] Foreign [Music]

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