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One of the hardest parts about running Your digital marketing agency is not Necessarily Landing clients it’s Retaining those clients like if you’re a Smart digital marketing agency owner You’re selling a retainer-based monthly Recruiting fee that can grow every Single month and if you’re really good At running your marketing you can land Clients and you can get the clients to Say yes I’m in and to give you their Credit card or the challenge for most Agency comes is on the side of like how Do we keep those clients why are they Canceling month three month six months Nine why don’t they stay with us even When we provide great results even when They’re getting a really good return on Investment what I found in my digital Marketing agency was there’s a number of Factors that will cause a client to Churn it could be perceived indifference It could be the expectations that were Set and how well you explained what’s Actually going to happen in the reality Once they become a client it could be The way that you’re seating the vision You’re onboarding your client experience And and really the communication with Those clients on a monthly basis and What I’ve done is I’ve published this Book The Client retention handbook which Takes my best ideas and strategies that Really work for us to grow our attention

From 93 monthly to over 99 monthly Retention rate and put them into this Book and I’d like to give you this book Completely free of charge all you have To do is pay for the shipping and Handling so if that sounds good and you Want to learn some new initiatives that Can really improve your client retention Rate keep the clients with you longer Which will have a massive impact on your Growth and a massive impact on your Profitability click the link where you See this video grab your free copy and I Can’t wait to hear how this impacts your Business

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