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[Music] In this video I'm going to show you step By step how to run Tick Tock ads for Your Shopify store first we're going to Connect your Shopify store with Tick Tock then we're going to set up your Tick Tock ads campaign and finally we're Going to look at how to scale your Campaign so let's get started so to set Up the tech talk ads for our Shopify Store we first need to add Tick Tock as A new sales channel on Shopify so in Your Shopify dashboard go to add apps And then click on Shopify App Store Search for tick tock And then install The Tick Tock app Click add app And then click add sales Channel Set up now And we need to create a new tick tock Business account so let's click on Create new And here enter your email and create a Password And then send the verification code to Your email And paste it in here And click sign up Now we're going to connect the new tick Tock business account to Shopify so Let's click on connect And then we're going to create our Tick Tock ads manager so let's click on Create new

Under country you want to choose the Country you want to advertise in so if You want to sell to customers in the United States then choose United States Here then choose your currency and enter Your store name and phone number and Then click sign up and connect Now for data share we're going to choose Maximum this is going to allow Tick Tock To get as much data as possible from our Shopify store which is going to help The Tick Tock algorithm to find the right Customers Then click confirm Now we also have to set up our company Info so fill in your information here And then click confirm Then click finish setup So now Tick Tock is connected with Shopify and also the tracking pixel was Automatically installed meaning that Whenever we get a sale from Tick Tock We'll be able to see exactly where that Sale came from and we can optimize based On that data so to set up our Tick Tock Ads we're going to go to And then click on create now at the top This will automatically log you into the Tick tock ads manager that we've just Created before so before we start Setting up our campaign I want to Quickly show you how a paid ads campaign Is structured because that's really

Important for you to understand so a Campaign has three levels the first Level is the campaign itself the second Level are the ad groups and then the Third level are the actual ads on the Campaign level we basically tell Tick Tock what the main goal of our campaign Is in our case this would be sales on Our store on the ad group level we can Define who we want to show our ads to And we can have multiple ad groups in The same campaign so we can test Different types of audiences and then on The add level we create the actual ad Which is what Tick Tock users will see When our ad pops up in their feed And also here we can have multiple ads In one ad group to test which ads result In the most sales great so now that you Understand the campaign structure let's Start setting it up Now we want to make sure to have the Full control over our ads so we're going To click on custom mode here Then we have to set our advertising Objective which is obviously getting Sales on our store so we're going to Choose website conversions here And then we can name our first campaign Now with this first campaign we're going To Target people who have never seen our Brand before and in marketing this is Called cold traffic which is why we're Going to name this campaign cold and

Then add the campaign objective which is Convergence then we have to decide how We want to manage our budget within our Campaign so if we turn on campaign Budget optimization also called CBO then We can Define our budget for the entire Campaign and Tick Tock will decide for Us how much money each ad group within Our campaign will receive based on what Tech talk things will get us the most Sales Now if we turn CBO off then we're going To set the budget at the ad group level Which is called and this means it's Up to us to read the data and then Manually increase or decrease the budget For each ad group for testing I Recommend to leave CBO turned off Because this is going to enable us to Have more control over where we spend Our money then let's click on continue And now we're going to create our first Ad group within our new campaign we're Going to name our ad groups based on the Audience that we're targeting so if we Are targeting people who are interested In travel then we would simply name this Ad Group Travel but for this ad group I Want to test a broad audience without Adding any interests this currently Works quite well on Tick Tock so because I'm not adding any interest in this ad Group I'm gonna name it Broad Then here we're going to select our

Pixel this is really important because That's how Tick Tock receives data from Our Shopify store for the optimization Event we're going to choose complete Payment Then under placements we're going to Click on select placement and then make Sure that only Tick Tock is selected if We don't do this then our ads might also Show up on other apps which at this Stage we don't want now let's click on Advanced settings and then turn off the Video download feature so it's not as Easy for people to just deal our ads Then we have the automated creative Optimization feature which if we turn This on it will basically split test Different parts of our ad and then Optimize based on what's working best However at this stage I'm going to leave This turned off because I want to test Everything manually myself so I can Actively learn what works best for my Product so let's move on to the Targeting here we can basically set Filters for who we want to show our ads To we're going to leave the targeting Mode at custom targeting and then for Demographics we're going to put in the Countries we want to sell to so let's Say we want to Target the United States And Canada we can then just select those Here For language I'm going to select English

And then for gender this really depends On your product so for example if you're Selling something that is clearly a Product for women then it definitely Makes sense to just select female here For some products though it might make Sense testing a male audience as well as They might buy it as a present for Somebody else I'm Gonna Leave This at All as my product isn't specific to Gender then for age I recommend to Deselect the 13 to 17 age group because Children in that age don't even have a Credit card so it doesn't make sense to Show them our ads and then let's go to Interests and behaviors here we can Really narrow down the targeting to the Audience that would be most interested In buying our product now like I said Before in this ad group we're testing a Broad audience so we don't want to Narrow down our Audience by targeting a Specific interest what works quite well On Tick Tock is to not Target any Interest and then just show our ads with As many people as possible and then the Tick tock algorithm is quite good at Learning how the Target customer Actually looks like and then it will Optimize based on that information That's the idea behind targeting a broad Audience however later on we're also Going to create separate ad groups for Testing specific interests as well now

Let's move on to the budget as we've Decided to Define our budget at the ad Group level now we're going to have to Tell Tick Tock how much money we want to Spend on this ad group in general the More money we spend per day the more People will see our ads as a beginner I Recommend to start with the minimum Which is 20 dollars per day Then under day parting we could select a Specific time of day when our ads should Be shown this is something that we could Set up later once we have some data and Know what times people usually buy our Product but for now I'm Gonna Leave This At all day then for bidding and Optimization we're going to leave the Optimization goal at conversion and then The bid strategy at lowest cost and then Click next Now we're at the ad level of our Campaign where we can actually create The ad so I'm going to name this ad at One and then under identity we're going To add our brand name and also upload a Logo of our brand then I'm going to move On to the ad details this is where we Can upload the video which will be shown As the actual ad in advertising this is Called the creative so how do we Actually get the creative made well you Can either order the product and then Create everything yourself or you can Simply pay an ad agency to create some

Ads for you I actually prefer this Option when it comes to testing new Products because it does take a lot less Time on my part and I have more time to Spend finding new products and testing Them to find a potential winner the Ad Agency that I use is called bands off Ads and I'm going to leave a link to Them down below in the video description So once you create your account with Them you want to go to tick tock and Then I recommend to get this package Right here the tick tock ad package Which will give you three variations of A 15 to a 30 second long Tick Tock ad For your specific product now what these Guys are going to do is find clips of Your product online and then cut Together a video ad that is optimized For tick tock so let's go back to the Tick tock ad platform where we can now Upload our creative by clicking upload And then dropping our video files here In the text field I recommend to put in Your offer so for example if we have a 50 discount offer then we can simply put Something like holiday sale 50 off Then we want to send people directly to The product page so I'm going to put the URL of the product page here then for The call to action button we're going to Click here then click on edit change This to standard and then choose shop Now this is what makes the most sense

For selling a physical product then for Tracking we've already set up our Tick Tock pixel so everything's fine here and We can go ahead and click on submit When that's done our ad is going to be Reviewed by Tick Tock and once it's Approved it'll automatically start Running So now we are inside of the tick tock Ads manager where we can manage all of Our campaigns so now under campaigns we Can see the campaign we have just set up When we click on it it will take us one Level deeper to the ad groups so here we Can see our ad group and then when we Click on the add group it will take us To the ads which are inside of that ad Group Now to start out I recommend to set up Two more ads in the ad group that we've Already created if you've used bands of Ads to get your creatives you should Have two more variations you can test so To set up the other two ads we can just Go to the ad we've already set up and Then just click on copy increase the Number of copies to two and then confirm And now all we have to do is edit each Of these copies To change the name And of course upload the other creatives So now we have one campaign with one ad Group targeting a broad audience and in That ad group we are testing three

Different creatives if you can afford to Spend more than twenty dollars a day you Can create a few more ad groups to test Different interests as well so what we Can do is just go into our campaign and Then we're gonna copy our ad group two Times And then for each of the copies we're Going to click on edit Then scroll down to the targeting And here choose the interest that is Closely related to what your Target Customers would be interested in Once you've chosen your interest make Sure to name your ad group the same way As the interest that you're targeting This will make it much easier to keep a Good overview in your campaign So this is our campaign structure for Launching our product we have one Campaign with three ad groups one Broad And two targeting interests and in each Ad group we have three different Creatives this is the setup that I Recommend to test new products Now once you find a product that you're Profitable with using this setup you can Slowly start scaling your campaign Scaling simply means spending more money On the ads that actually work and give You the best results there are two main Ways on how to scale your campaign Horizontal scaling and vertical scaling Vertical scaling simply means we're just

Going to increase the budget of the ad Groups that give us the best results so Far so let's say this ad group is the Most profitable one out of all of them What we would simply do is increase the Budget of that specific ad group If then the ad group continues to be Profitable we're simply going to Increase the budget again Then there's horizontal scaling where we Can simply duplicate the best ad group a Couple of times so let's say this ad Group performed the best what we can do Is copy it four times so that now we Have four of the same ad group each Spending 20 dollars also make sure to Look at what creatives have performed The best out of all of them and only Scale the ones that have proven to Convert into sales And to make sure this product remains Profitable before you you want to Continue to test new creatives and scale The ones that work the best so now that Should give you a good idea about how to Test and scale dropshipping products Using Tick Tock ads

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