How To Set Up A YouTube Channel For Affiliate Marketing & Getting Free Products

In this video I want to talk to you About setting up your YouTube channel so The first thing you have to have is a Google account or a Gmail once you have That you can go to forward Slash account and it's going to take you To this page here where you can create Your own YouTube channel so what you Want to do first is give it a name and You want your name to be based around Maybe whatever your name is or even the Topic of whatever the products are that You're going to be reviewing now for me I'm going to create this new channel Based around Solar Products and I'm Going to make this really simple and I'm Just going to do let's just do solar Product reviews very simple we're going To tick the box and click create okay Now we can see we have our YouTube Channel called solar product reviews and If this is not what you see and if you Don't see where it says customize Channel or manage videos you want to Come up here click on your profile and Then make sure that you click on the new YouTube channel you just created code Whatever it is that you just titled it Now once you have this you're going to Come in and click on customize Channel Then you want to click on continue and We're going to close out these boxes And the first thing you want to do is Come up here and click on basic info

So we're going to click on this and We're going to make sure that the name Of our channel is what we want solar Product reviews and then you can also Have a handle so a handle is something New YouTube has done recently where they Have youtube.coms and then at whatever Your handle is so it's something that's Just for your channel and I'm going to See if Uh this by itself is available And it actually is solar product reviews Is available so I'm going to leave it Like that and then I'm going to put a Short description in here now that That's done we're going to click on Publish okay we got that set up next What I want to do is come down here on The left hand side to the bottom and Click on settings And we're going to go through here and Adjust our default settings for our YouTube channel so first we're going to Click on Channel Your basic info you want to put your Country in here so I'm going to scroll Down click on United States you can add Some keywords uh which I recommend you Do I'm going to do solar Solar review Solar Products and for now I'll just keep it like that and then on Advanced settings I'm going to put no this channel is Naughty kids channel

We're going to scroll down a little bit And we're going to leave everything here The way it is I do not want to allow People to clip my content so I'm going To untick that box And now this tab is really important We're going to click on feature Eligibility And we want to make sure that number two Is active so by activating number two we Can upload videos over 15 minutes if you Decide to make videos that long I rarely Ever do but it also gives you the option To create custom thumbnails and upload Them for your videos which is very Important it's going to give you a Higher click-through rate when you do This so what we want to do is come over Here and click this drop down arrow And it says in order to do this we have To verify our phone number so we're Going to click on verify phone number And you're going to select your country Enter your phone number and then click On get code now after you do that it's Going to send you a six digit code you Want to go ahead and enter that Click submit and then we can close this Screen now you can see this has been Enabled Now we'll go down to upload defaults And here you can add a default title and Description that'll show with every Video I'm not going to do that under

Visibility I always choose unlisted so What this does is after you create your Video it's not going to make it live Until you set it live and this gives you The the chance to go back in and review Your video to maybe see if you made any Mistakes before it does go live now Under tags if you're if your YouTube Channel is Niche specific which mine is You can add some tags based around what Your site is so for this one the first Thing I want to do is put in what the Title of my channel is So we'll do solar product reviews And then we'll do Solar Products Maybe something like solar lights And we'll just leave it like that Then we're going to go up click on Advanced settings From here you want to leave this ticked You want to choose a category for your Videos to go in so you don't have to do This every time you upload one normally What I do is either how to and style or People in blogs and what I'm gonna I'm Just going to Mark how to in style for This one because they may be how-to Videos with the types of products I'm Going to be reviewing then you want to Select your video language So for me that's going to be English And then also title and description Language And then down here I'm going to leave

This to hold potentially inappropriate Comments for review and then you can Leave this box down here checked or not Depending on if you want everybody to See how many likes your video gets Then we'll go down to permissions and There's really nothing here that you Need to do as well as Community this is Where you can do some other stuff like Adding moderators approved users you can Hide users but down here at the bottom You can add blocked words so if there's Words you don't want showing up you can Block them here And then down here you can block links I Always tick this box Under defaults we've already did this For chat then under Creator demographics There's nothing you have to do here or Here so what we can do now is we can Click on Save and we got all that set up So the next thing we have to do and Really the last thing before we start Uploading videos is come over here and Click on branding And we want to create a profile image And a banner image for our YouTube Channel and the best place that I have Found to do this is a canva you can I Believe there's a lot of free templates You can use there but there's also I Think for like twelve dollars a month You get access to I think everything but We're going to go ahead and go to and I'm going to show you how To create these okay so here we are at Canvas website and you can see that I'm Signed in here under my account I do Have the paid version which is like 12 So you may not have quite as many Options as what I do but you should Still be able to get everything set up So what you want to do in the search box Here you want to type in YouTube And then right here you can see Different options you have so a Channel Logo which we're going to create that This is a banner this is what we want to Create for our YouTube channel as a Banner and a logo so let's do the banner First And you can see a lot of pre-made Banners now all these I have access to Because I have the paid account for you You may only see the first few rows but You can click on any of those and edit Them to however you want so let's say For example uh maybe this one here if You click on it You have the option to come in here and You can change the background if you Want to over here on the left hand side You can see where you can also search YouTube Banner templates or you can just Come over here and just change this if You want to just highlight it type in Whatever you want here type in whatever You want here and you have options up

Here changing the fonts the sizes the Callers and all that and then once you Do that all you have to do is come up Here and click on share And download And then you can see here the suggested Is a PNG file which is fine and then You're going to download it to your Computer so really that's how easy it is To edit one of these now what I'm going To do I'm going to go back and I'm going To click on create a blank YouTube Banner and then over here in the search Box I'm going to type in solar and Nothing comes up but they says that they Do have a lot of images Under The Element Section but I'm looking for more Something that's already made so I don't Have to spend too much time doing it so What I'll do then is I will just go Ahead and pick out something kind of Generic so I'll scroll down through here And actually in this one here I kind of Like it And I'm just going to go in here and Click and type in solar Reviews And then this font's too big so I'm Going to highlight it and we're going to Take it down a few sizes so it fits So about right there and then this box I'm just going to take it and delete it And then we'll move this down some okay So that looks great for me this is what

I'm going to use I'll come up here and Click Share Download And download it All right next I want to go back home And we're going to type in YouTube again And we're going to do Channel logo And once again I have access to all of These you may be limited if you're using The free account and so I'm going to Scroll through here and look just for a Second but what I'll probably do is just Upload something very generic I guess And then I can always change it later if I want to spend more time on creating One so let me just go back up here to Where it says SC I'm going to click on This one And all I'm going to do is change the C To an R so that'd be like for solar Reviews and then we're going to download This one Now we're going to jump back to our Channel and we're going to upload our Profile image And now it says we can customize it so We'll just leave it like that click done And then we're going to upload our Banner image So we'll click done And publish And now we can click on view Channel now The other thing I want to mention you Can go ahead and do too and you probably

Should because you may get request Review products sooner if you do this is If you click on your about link here It's going to show you what you entered In this description but what you should Also do is go ahead and put in a contact Email address here for companies to Reach you at to send you emails to Review their product so all you do is Click on customize Channel And then under your description you Would enter your contact information so Let me go ahead and fill this out and Give you an idea of what I like to use Okay so what I did here it doesn't have To be anything fancy but all I put here Was want us to review your solar product On our Channel now obviously here you Would put whatever your product is or You could just do want us to review your Products on our Channel then get in Touch and then your contact email Address now what I recommend you do is To sign up for a new Gmail account for Your own YouTube channel and that's what You use for people sending you a Requests to review their products and it Doesn't even have to be like solar Reviews YouTube you could make it more Brandable or even more generic and use It for like all your YouTube channels But you want to make it sound like Something like it's a business type Email address not a personal email

Address and in fact what I'll do Sometimes too is I will right click in Front of this text click on the mode Emojis And maybe put something like this here And then we'll do This Just to kind of make it stand out more And they do check these about Pages they Especially the marketers they will come To this about section hoping you have Contact information in here where they Can reach you so I this is how I Recommend you do it and then you can Click on publish And if we go back to view the channel And go to the about section you're going To see right here is our information That they can easily get so they can Email us and now you're ready to start Making videos

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