How to Transform Your InDesign Content into an Online Flipbook

Are you ready to transform your Creations into digital flipbooks well in This sponsored tutorial I'm going to Show you just that but first let me Introduce you to the world's leading Digital publishing platform issue now After this tutorial you will be able to Turn all kinds of content into highly Engaging digital Publications and assets That you can share on every channel at The click of a button join millions of Users around the world and content Creators that use issue to bring their Best ideas to life transforming static Documents into SEO friendly embeddable Publications social posts mobile Optimized articles gifts and more you've Got beautiful content to share an issue Is the place to launch it to the World Export your InDesign Creations directly To issue and instantly generate engaging Highly shareable assets that deliver a Unique experience on both desktop and Mobile what used to take hours now only Takes minutes try issue today use coupon Code in Bottle 25 to unlock 25 of an Annual plan let's get started with the Tutorial from InDesign go to window find Extensions on Exchange the Adobe Exchange website will appear type issue In the search bar and the issue plugin Will appear in the results click on Issue and you can select free but in my Example mine already says acquired in

The top right corner another way to Access the issue InDesign plugin is by Opening the Creative Cloud desktop app Go to the stock and Marketplace Tab and Then select plugins type issue in the Search bar and when you find the plugin Click on get or in my case install You may have to close InDesign to Install the plugin Now once you've opened your portfolio in InDesign go to window extensions issue Publish a document you will now need to Connect to your issue account click on Connect to issue after successfully Logging in click on the settings tab and Adjust the settings to your liking now For this example I will keep my Availability public my back date will be Turned on I will be using this for a Promotion and marketing I will turn on My detected links and then head on back To publication and click on publish now A warning box will appear make sure you Own the rights to the content in your Document before publishing click confirm And publish now from the publication tab You should now see your document another Great thing about issue is that if you Need to make any changes to your Document you can I decided that I wanted To switch out one of the wedding images Make sure you file save your document And go back to window extensions issue Publish a document the issue plugin will

Appear and you can then select publish Changes and continue to click on content Rights and accept those and your changes Will be updated you can also view your Newly exported document on the issue Dashboard as well Now if you want to use issue without the Plugin you can always go to file export Select the Adobe PDF print or Adobe PDF Interactive if you've included any links In your document Select high quality print For the Adobe PDF preset and make sure Export ads is sent to pages And then click on export now go to the Issue website sign in if you already Have an account from the home dashboard You can view published content Statistics and sales I will now upload My exported PDF Now finalize your portfolio by giving it A title and description and changing the Settings to your liking Foreign Publish now to see your beautiful Portfolio live and you can also publish With a review or without and as you can See I went ahead and did without now if You need to make any changes to your Portfolio in InDesign you must upload it To the issue website again turning Static and all documents into a Beautiful web-ready asset is no longer a Hassle with issue you can upload your

Designs turn them into a wide range of Engaging digital assets and continuously Edit update distribute and track your Creations impact directly within the Platform embed videos into your Publications and live links build Eye-catching social posts and generate Buzz across Channels with mobile Friendly articles and Gifts create once And share everywhere try issue today use Code envato 25 or 25 off an annual plan Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]

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