How to Update Meeting Location With a Dynamic Zoom Link

Foreign [Music] Group calendars can dynamically update Your appointment meeting location with a Custom Zoom meeting link To get started we're going to log into The settings and head over to the Profile tab on the left navigational Pane From here we will scroll down to the Bottom to the integration section we Will locate the zoom connection button I'll hit connect and you will receive a Pop-up with permissions being requested As well as logging into your Zoom Account once you have finished the Integration process the email address of The zoom account will be updated and Reflected on the profile tab settings Now to update all of the calendar Meeting locations we'll scroll up a Little bit to the user availability Section under meeting location we will Update all calendars at once By selecting Zoom here to the user Profile and hitting update availability If you prefer not to update every single Group calendar with a custom Dynamic Zoom meeting link we can hit cancel on This pop-up and do it individually At the calendar level settings If you want to apply to all calendars You just hit OK And now it should be reflected in a

Calendar that I am Associated to so if I Go to calendars For the calendars that I am Associated To I will hit edit here And under team and event setups you can Now see if you wanted to change the zoom Meeting like individually You will go and select the calendars That you want the zoom to be available Right here You can see that the median location ID Has not been grayed out because it is no Longer going to be static it will be Personalized and unique for each Individual appointee Save and now the only thing left to do Is to test to ensure that the zoom Integration is now providing the Customized meeting IDs Before I go into testing of the zoom Dynamic link propagating correctly I do Want to let you know that the additional Note section here You can now use the Zoom meeting link Custom value The custom value for that Zoom meeting Link will be appointment Meeting location And that will now also appear in the Calendar booking as a note section Saying hey this is the appointment time This is the information and then this is The link for the zoom meeting

Okay I will hit complete and I will test The calendar itself To test I will grab the Permanent link Open a tab paste just like I would for a Customer I can see my availabilities Here I will select the time that works Best For this one I'm going to be using Bob Tester Tester Testing Come And I will hit schedule meeting And from here you can now see a custom Zoom meeting link has been provided Now I would just make sure in case I Didn't get a chance to save it and it Also appears in the meeting In my calendar so I will go to my group There's Jeremy and Bob tester and the Zoom meeting link is also available There So this is how you successfully complete The setup or the zoom integration

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