How To Use ChatGPT For Making Money With SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Hey and welcome to vid Society in Today's video I'm going to show you a Strategy you can use using chat GPT and Sales pages from other products or even Product reviews to use to create your Own review of products for either your Website or for YouTube videos now Honestly this is probably going to make Some vendors and even Affiliates upset That I'm showing you guys the strategy But AI has led us to this point where we Can really take advantage of it to do Some pretty crazy things that's going to Benefit us and save us a whole lot of Time that's what I'm going to show you In today's video and if these are the Types of videos you'd like be sure to Subscribe and I'll notify you each time I upload them so I'm logged into my chat GPT account I do have a paid account Here and I'm going to be using the Aiprm extension which you guys know from My previous videos I love this extension It's got so much stuff you can do with It now up to over 1200 prompts available And some of you have told me that Sometimes you install this Chrome Extension and you don't have near this Make sure you're installing the right Extension I'll put the link directly to This Chrome extension below this video In the description box along with other Links and resources that you may be Interested in

All right so let's jump into this so Let's say you do affiliate marketing and You are about ready to do a product Review so instead of taking a half an Hour an hour even two or three hours to Write out your own review for it I'm Going to show you an easier way to do That Now just so I don't upset any other Marketers I'm going to use my own Product that I just launched for this so This is my new course called YT Influencer let's say you want to make a Review on this for your WordPress post This is so easy guys so let's jump over To chat GPT now we're going to look at These prompts here and if we scroll down We're going to find one here that says Rewrite article this one here I actually Have not used and there's a couple on One here that I have this one here was One I used earlier today it does a Decent job but I want to look at Uh we'll look at this one here rewrite Article keyword Rich because it's ranked Higher and then there's also one here so We may try both of these to see which One gives us the best quality output for A review article so let's choose this One here rewrite article And we do that down here it says paste Original article here we don't really Have an article but we do have a sales Page and for chat GPT that's good enough

It can take the content from the sales Page and convert it into a blog post or A review for you so what all we have to Do is just start highlighting And just copying so let's just drag this Down here we're going to scroll we'll go Clear down Uh to this part here Copy all of it Come back and paste it And click enter And then we're just going to wait And so what it's going to do is start Writing this into a unique article and It's going to break it down you can see Here we can use we can use this here as A subtitle for an H2 tag here's another One for an H2 tag now it's even got Bullet points in here so this one is Actually really good but what we would Want to do because this is more of a Review article is we would want to maybe Edit this content a little bit to add The word review to it now I'm going to Show you how well this strategy worked Because I actually used it a couple Weeks ago on another post that I made When I made a similar video that you can Find on my YouTube channel and let me Jump over there and show you that Product so here we are in Google and What I'm going to do is do a search for A product called insta keywords And then review

Now if we scroll down here You're going to see my review right here Now I messed up because when I make my WordPress post I like to do it the Easiest way possible which is why I love AI technology so I will clone my blog Post from another post and then just Change out stuff well unfortunately I Forgot to change out the title so it Still has the title of the product that I cloned which is hurting my ranking so If I did update it and so as soon as This updates here in Google I'm hoping It's really going to boost it and it's Going to be ranked somewhere up here in This part or even higher so but for now You can see it's even ranked with a Wrong title and if we go into this post You're going to see here that these Video these posts that I make for Product reviews are super simple and What I will do is just clone each page Come in here add a video if I have one If not I just add the content that was Created down here by chat GPT that's Where all this content came from right Here was using a similar strategy is What I'm showing you right now pasting It in here and it ranks now Google loves Videos also especially if they're from YouTube because they own YouTube so what You could even do is let's jump back Over here so I could take all this Content the way it is and just create a

New post on my website and add this in There but I would want to edit it a Little bit to make sure the word review Is in there a few times especially on The main title of the post I want it to Be YT influencer review and then Something after that so what I'm going To end up doing and I'll put the link to This when I finish it below this video Too so you guys can check it out but I'm Going to take all of this content here And I'm going to add it to a new WordPress post add it to my website but Then What you can also do to easily help your Rankings even more is by adding a YouTube video this doesn't have to be Anything fancy they just like to have a Related video on your website or your Post it's going to help it to index a Lot faster and to even rank better and The easiest way to do that is by copying You can either do all of this content or You can just create maybe two or three Paragraphs of this content say this much Of it but you can jump over here to pick 3 which is a tool that I use in a lot of My videos you guys see on this channel And what we can do is simply paste our Script in here and it's going to create A video for us now if you're interested In trying this out there'll be links Below the video where you can sign up For free and also a coupon code you can

Use to save 20 but you would simply come Over here to the scripted video click on Proceed and you would paste it in here Click on proceed Choose your template I'll just choose This one we'll choose a 16×9 for YouTube Click on continue and then it's going to Create the video for us and we can leave It as is after it creates this video we Don't have to go in there and edit it if We don't want to we just need something A video to put on our post that's going To help it to rank and this video Doesn't have to be at the top so if we Jump back over to my review you can see That I have a good high quality video Here at the top but if I didn't have a Good high quality video for this what I Would use here is maybe an image or a Screenshot I would have my article here And then clear at the bottom I would add This generic type video that's based Around this product and the keywords That I want ranked for so this is the Content that Victory created for us First of all I'd want to select this and Take it down to say maybe size 20 and I Can even hide this text so if I didn't Want this showing up here I could come Down to settings and just do hide text Apply to all and down here there's not Gonna be no text on the entire video Which is fine with me I can then come Over to audio and it's already got some

Audio applied for us we can go to Voiceovers and these are the ones I Showed you in the last video but if you Scroll on down they have other ones they Have UK Australian so let's listen to a Couple of these welcome to Victory it Has been shown that video increases Conversion rate by welcome to pick 3 it Has Welcome to pick 3 it has been shown that Video Welcome to picture e it has been Welcome to Victory it welcome to Victory It has been shown that video increased Wow that one sounds really good welcome To pick 3 it has been shown that's more For a storybook telling welcome to pick 3 Welcome to pick 3 it has been shown that Welcome to Victory it has been okay so We're just going to do author Um and apply it it's automatically Applied we're going to preview it Let me give it just a minute here to Finish loading Are you looking for a way to make money On YouTube but don't know where to start With over 2 billion logged in users Every month YouTube is the perfect Platform to reach a massive audience and Start making money as an affiliate Marketer in this article we'll show you How to turn your YouTube channel into a Six-figure income stream with affiliate Marketing getting started with affiliate

Marketing on YouTube before we dive into The specifics of affiliate marketing It's essential to know that affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a Commission by promoting other people's Products or services in this case you'll Be promoting products on your YouTube Channel and earning a commission when Someone purchases through your affiliate Link setting up your YouTube channel for Affiliate so this is really really good Now obviously I could come down here Like this one I could change this out so We're uh it has this image I could come Over to visuals and if I don't want that I could type in YouTube and it's going To give me other options of content like This one we can just put in there Instead and then this one here maybe I Don't like that we could do type in say Something like computer and money which Relates to affiliate marketing online And we could do something like this one And it puts that in there and you can do That through these but really guys I Mean you could you could have this video Done in a matter of like two minutes and Then you come up here to generate video And you're going to download it and then After you download it you're going to Come back to your post here and then You're just going to scroll down and You're going to paste that YouTube link In your WordPress post and then you have

A nice review with unique content along With a video and it's going to all help It to rank and it's going to save you so Much time now remember there's other Options here too so what I suggest you Do is uh where this content is that I Copied let me go back up here and copy It all again that I grabbed from my Website And I'm going to just try another one Here real quick we'll go back to New Chat And we'll come down to Actually let's do I want to type in Review And then what we did on a previous video Was Amazon product reviews But I want to see if there's one just For an article review so let's go down Through here and search Okay so here's one I found it says Create a detailed product review based Upon a product description so we're Going to click on this one and we're Just going to paste all this content in Here again Instead of a description and we're going To see what it produces for us okay so It's not really it's it's kind of like The other ones it's not really a review I mean it's a good article that breaks Down the product with you which is what You want you want to have this content In your review but you just want to make

Sure when you post it on your website That you properly structure it with SEO Titles and subtitles that's based around Review because that's what you want it To rank for these are people who are Searching for products ready to buy Those are the people who searching for Reviews and that's what you're wanting To rank so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to go ahead and take the content That I created from this one I'm going To edit it I'm going to add it to my Website create a post for it a review For it and then what I'll do is share That link below this video so you guys Can go there and check it out and see What it looks like so if you're pressed For time on creating product reviews This is an easy way to start your own Website where you can create content for It and even videos you using Pick 3 Remember all those links are below this Video and more of different things that You may be interested in as an affiliate Marketer for YouTube that's it for this Video guys have a great day

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