How to Use ChatGPT To Create AI Videos Easily | Beginner Tutorial

Hey and welcome to vids Society in Today's video I'm going to show you a Tool that I've been using to create AI Faceless videos for and they have some New voice overs that are much better Than what they had before making it even Easier now to create your videos with Voiceover now I'm also going to be Showing you a YouTube channel that I Found that has over 366 000 subscribers and the entire channel Is based off of AI videos so we're going To be looking at that I'm going to show You how you can take those videos from Those channels reconstruct them into Your own videos using chatgpt and then Using this AI tool to create your videos And your voiceover to have your own Video in just a few minutes now if You've been following my channel you Know I love this extension here for Chrome called aiprm it gives you all Kinds of prompts you can use to create Different types of content with and it Has over 1100 prompts that you can use To create content for now in today's Video I'm not going to be using this I'm I'm going to show you a different way to Rewrite content using chat GPT that I Like to use it's very simple to have Your own content for your own videos now As always I will put all the links to Everything that I use the resources and Everything below this video in the

Description box as well as other links And resources you may be interested in If you create those types of videos So let's jump over this is the YouTube Channel that I found with 366 000 Subscribers and all of these videos they Have on here are Ai and you can see here This one one hour ago 521 views 10 days Ago 39 000. uh here's one for a hundred And eight thousand views another 142. I Mean these are really doing well to be AI videos and of course when you add Affiliate links and and share that kind Of content in here and then whether or Not it's monetized I'm not sure but I do Know a lot of AI channels do get Monetized based upon the quality of of Their content but let's just listen to One of these so you can hear how it's Done This storybook for kids has made 81 000 In passive income and I will show you Today how you can also do exactly the Same you will learn how to find the book Idea and how to generate okay so I'm Going to pause it but you can get the Idea here it's AI generated but they do A lot of editing in these videos and That's what really makes it stand out They take a lot of time to edit these Add in all of their own images instead Of just having an AI tool created for Them so if you have the time to do that You can see the type of Channel you can

Build on the other hand if you want you Can use an AI tool like I'm going to be Using here in a minute to take this Content just automatically create a Video for you based on that adding in All the video clips and then you can Just use it to upload your channel okay So let's jump over here and what I want To do is I want to jump back to their Main channel here on their videos And let's say this video here got 51 000 Views and it's only a month old so let's Jump into this one I recently made about And what I want to do is take the Transcript from this video and then I Want chat GPT to rewrite that transcript Into a unique transcript that I can use For my own video so basically we're Taking a video that we know already gets A lot of views and we're just going to Almost duplicate it but yet have our own Unique video now what you want to do to Do this is you have to download another Extension here for Chrome and if I go to My extensions you can see it right here It's called YouTube summary with chat GPT I'll put this link below the video Also that way you can just go there you Can add it to Chrome and what it does if You're already on the video you'll have To refresh your page but it adds this Box up here click your drop down and Then right here it has the transcript You just come up here and click copy and

Then you're going to come back over to Chatgpt you're going to come clear down To the bottom and we're going to say Rewrite this content into a YouTube Video script and then we'll do semicolon Paste in the content but the other thing I want to do is it's going to be in English I want the tune to be Formal And the writing style to be Conversational And then we're going to click go Scroll down to the bottom of it and we Can see it's rewriting this for us hey There welcome to this video where I'm Going to show you a new and super easy Way to make money online just by Watching YouTube videos that's right you Can earn up to eight dollars for every Single video you watch and the more Videos you watch the more money you can Make so this is really good content here And all we're going to do is take his Content we're going to paste it into an AI video tool that's going to create the Video for us so we're going to take all Of this I'm going to copy it and then we want to Go to a tool called pictory now you can Sign up for free for this tool to try it Out but if you want to subscribe and get All the features from it there's a 20 Coupon code under this video you can use As well now what I'm going to use for

This is the script to video and as you Can see there's different options here Of things we can use but this one here Just takes a script that you paste in There and it turns it into a video Pretty simple so we'll click on proceed We're going to hit Ctrl V to paste our Content Click on proceed up here then we're Going to choose our layout there's Different templates you can use here but I'm going to use this one because we can Edit it at any time later Click on start and then what it's going To do is it's going to take the content That we pasted in there and it's going To pull out all different kinds of Keywords from that content it's going to Search for videos that are related to That and it's going to throw together This video for us and sync everything Together then we can add voice over to It they've added some new voiceovers That sound so much better than what it Used to be and we're going to add all That in there with some background music And see what type of video we get so I'm Going to go ahead and pause this video For now until this is done alright so Here we go and you can see here it Created all of our scenes for us a total Of 26 with all the content down here in The bottom right we can see all of our Scenes we can click on each one of them

Adjust change the backgrounds whatever We want to do you can see this text here Is way too big we can edit all this guys So what I can do is I can click on this Come up here and change the font size Let's say to 20 and then I can click This grid box and say we want it down in The bottom center just like that and Then I can also click on apply to all And what this is going to do is apply This style onto the rest of these scenes Automatically so what we can do if we Want to is we can click on preview and We can listen to this scene or watch it What I'm going to do though is before we Do this this is a lot of content or a Lot of text on one scene but that's okay I'm going to leave everything the way it Is and the way it created it for right Now because I want to see what this Video looks like without me doing any Other editing to the scenes so let's Come over here to audio And then it automatically applies what It thinks would be good for this video So let's listen to it and see what it Sounds like Okay we can try that but then we can Jump over to voiceover And these ones here with this bright Little green icon are all the ones that Are new and if you want to listen to Them all you have to do is click the Play button welcome to Victory it has

Been shown that video increase welcome To Victory it has been shown that Welcome to Victory it has been shown Welcome to Victory it has been welcome To Victory It has been shown that video increases So these all sound really good so much Better than what all the original audios Or voiceover sound like that comes with Most of your AI tools I'm going to click On Tom and apply it so what that does is Applies Tom to all of these scenes so What we can do now is we can come up Here and click on preview And we're going to give it a minute here To generate the video and then we're Going to watch it Hey there welcome to this video where I'm going to show you a new and super Easy way to make money online just by Watching YouTube videos That's right you can earn up to eight Dollars for every single video you watch And the more videos you watch the more Money you can make In fact I recently made eight hundred Dollars just by doing this now before we Dive into the details make sure to hit That like button and subscribe to my Channel for more money making tips Alright let's get started the first Thing you need to do is go to YouTube And search for viral funny videos These types of videos get millions of

Views which means there is high demand For them choose a video you like and Watch at least 30 seconds of it to make Sure it's a good one next go to Google And search for download YouTube Thumbnail download the thumbnail image Of the video you chose from the first Website that pops up now head over to and create a design upload the Thumbnail image you just downloaded and Create an eye-catching image but okay We're going to leave it right here Because for something that just creates Nearly a hundred percent of all this on Its own is very very impressive now what I would probably want to do is take this And break it up into two different Scenes so you can see all this content Here if I go back over to stories And scroll to the Top This is the first Scene there is a lot of content here so What I could do is I could click on Split scene and then what it did is it Broke up those two sentences wherever I Put my cursor and it broke it up into Another scene but it used the same Background for both of them but at least It doesn't look like there's so much Text on it now now going on over here I Also noticed this one here this Background really doesn't fit too well With it so what I could do is come up to Visuals and let's just say just type in Money and we could do something like

This And then for the next one here this one Didn't really go along with it either we Could type in Subscribe And do this one Well maybe not let's go over here and Look at a couple of these others let's Do this one here So we could do that one And then any other videos you find Through here I mean you can see how fast And easy this is to edit so this one Here really doesn't have anything to do With it it's like she's about ready to Grab her Oculus and put one but what we Want to do is come over here and let's Just do search YouTube and see what it comes up with Um that really doesn't fit okay let's Just type in YouTube Okay this this will work here we can Pick out one of these to use let's just Do this one here And if you want there's other options Over here where you can add elements to Your video you can add different text to It you can create your own Styles your Own branding you can turn it into Different formats there's just so much Stuff you can do with this and it all Creates it so fast and easy but when You're ready to create your video you Come over here and hover over generate

And then click on video and it's going To create the scenes and the video now This can take about 10 minutes or so to Do if your video is longer than this it May even take longer so it'll send you An email when it's done so just sit back Relax for a while until it creates it What I'm going to do is put the link to This video underneath this video in the Description box so you can watch it and See the kind of quality that this Creates simply by using this strategy so To break it down you're going to use Chat GPT and you're going to use the YouTube summary extension to find a Video and then you're going to copy that Transcript you're going to tell chat GPT To rewrite it you're going to take that Transcript you're going to paste it into Picture three let it create a video for You and then you can edit it as much as You want to or not as much as you want To depending on how fast you want to get Your video done and upload it to your Channel you saw it took me less than 10 Minutes to create this video so you Could easily do two or three of these Videos every single day for your YouTube Channel or multiple YouTube channels for Those faceless YouTube videos that you Want to create now what I suggest is When you have these videos done and you Upload them to your YouTube channel make Sure underneath the video in the

Description box you put some links in There whether it's to help build up your Email list or redirect them to maybe Your own product or course you have or Affiliate links that's going to redirect Them to products that are talked about In your video or something similar That's going to help them to generate Additional income if you create videos On YouTube and upload them and teach People how to do that on your YouTube Channel and you want something to Promote to all of your visitors you Could always use my most recent course That just launched called YT info Influencer in fact we've sold over Thirteen hundred copies and just a Little over 24 hours and this is a Course that teaches people how to do Exactly what I'm doing here on YouTube How to promote products as an affiliate Marketer and earn commissions this Course pays 50 percent on all the sales That you generate through it if you want To learn more visit YT Forward slash Affiliates scroll down and Right here you can click to take you Over to a platform called Warrior plus Where you can then come over here and Click a button that says request your Link I can get it approved for you make Sure you leave a comment when you submit Your request letting me know who you are And a link to your YouTube channel

Before I approve you there are several Other YouTubers out there who creates These types of videos and are promoting This course in their YouTube description And has made hundreds of sales and Thousands of dollars just within the First two days of this product's launch Or if you want to check out the course For yourself you can see it here at with the sales video Right now until Saturday it's going to Be 12.95 and then the price jumps up to 47 so if you want to pick it up now you Can learn exactly what I do in these 29 Videos in this training course that's it For this video I hope you guys found This strategy useful if you did and you Like these types of videos where I dive In and show you these techniques then Feel free to subscribe to my channel and Unnotify you when I upload a new video That's it have a great day

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