How To Use ChatGPT To Create Content For AI Faceless Review Videos

Welcome to vid Society so in this video We're going to be using chat GPT and I Want to show you some amazing prompts That you can use to create content for Either website articles or for me for Video creation using AI tools so this Here is an extension that I've been Using for a long time if you've watched A lot of my previous videos you'll see That I use this all the time it's called Aiprm if you don't know what this is Just go over and do a search on Google For it and you're going to see right Here the Google Chrome extension you Want to go there install it And it'll automatically add all these Prompts to your chat GPT and when I First started this there was less than a Hundred of these I believe are right Around 100 and now there's over 1100 Prompts that are included with this that Is easy as just pointing typing in Something or pasting in something and it Creates the content for you and it's Getting easier and easier every day to Do this now for me personally I loved on YouTube videos I love doing The types of videos I'm doing now I have YouTube channels where I do faceless uh Videos where I promote affiliate Products and that's actually how I earn A full-time income and so this tool here Has made this whole process so much Easier for me so much more streamlined

So once you have this installed what you Can do or what I like to do is use this Tool for generating reviews for products Whether it's from Amazon ClickBank or Any other affiliate Network out there it Really doesn't matter you can create Those products or you can create those Reviews using this tool so what I want To do is I want to jump over to Amazon Here now I recently launched a YouTube Course called YT influencer and in this Course I created a demo YouTube channel Called solar reviews and what I'm going To do is I over time I'm going to use This Channel and I'm going to load it With AI videos just based around Solar Products now why am I doing Solar Products because I'm an affiliate for Amazon and I promote a lot of products And Solar Products they are huge I sell A ton of them and so what I'm going to Do is just dedicate this YouTube channel For that I'm going to fill it full of AI Content and we're just going to see how Well it works I want to see the Difference in conversions that I get by Creating and uploading videos that are Done by Ai and there's a couple Different tools that I'm going to be Showing you over the next week or two That I use for doing this one of them is A tool that I have not shown you yet and I'll be making that video either later Today or tomorrow

But right now let's go ahead and create An article so here at first what you're Going to see are the most popular ones That people use and you can see that Here by the views so this one's got over 438 000 views but what I like to look at are The thumbs up because these are the ones That people gives a thumbs up if they Like them the more of these you have the Better this prompt is most likely going To be so these ones here are all going To be good and I have used most of these Here I really like this one click blog Post it's one I use for a long time There's also a YouTube script creator That you can use there's a human-like Rewriter but we're going to go up here To the top and in the search box we're Going to type in the word review And it says there's 27 different prompts Now available with this in here we can See here here's one right here Amazon Product review writer here's another one Amazon product review article one click Review article Pro And here's a top five product review Articles And I think there was a couple more Right here's one And here's one down here for detailed Product review now the other thing you Got to pay attention to is like this one Here has one thumbs up or two thumbs up

But it was also only added five days ago Or three days ago And because there's over 1100 prompts in Here now it's going to take longer for Them to get thumbs up and get noticed so These still may be really good even Though they don't have a lot of uh Thumbs up on them what we're going to do Is we're going to come up here and we're Going to do I did a few of these already We're gonna do this one here Amazon Product review article one click now This is an article but keep in mind you Can take this content and you can use it As a YouTube script And that's going to be my goal for these I'm going to be using different ones Throughout as I create these videos but We're just going to use this one to Start with we're going to open it up And when you click it down here a prompt Box comes up and it says enter the Product name that's all you have to do It just needs the name so what we're Going to do is we're going to come over To Amazon and we're going to do a search For solar lights And there are many of them there are Tons and tons of solar lights on here so I'm just going to start here at the Beginning and then we're just going to Go through here and I'm going to be Creating these videos so this first one Here let me click on it

And I'm going to copy this title let's Just do this part I'm going to leave off The four pack so we'll copy this And let's come back over and paste this And you can see here the output I want It in English you can also choose your Tone and for mine let's just do We'll do formal And then writing style we can do Conversational And then let's go ahead and hit enter And don't mind this little green icon Down there that's just where I use Another tool here let me click on it and Move it out of the way There we go and now you can see over Here where it's writing this so it Creates an introduction for us which is Great A description key features Pros cons and Then a conclusion so this is not really Long but it doesn't have to be Especially if I'm going to be using it For a video I only want it to be maybe a Couple minutes long because with AI Videos chances are someone's not going To watch the whole thing anyways so what I would probably do is I would take the Description And this part And then probably the conclusion and This is the content that I would use to Copy and paste into the AI tools that I'm going to be using to create these

Videos And so let's go back and try another one We'll jump back to New chat it's going To keep us here where we searched for Reviews And let's do a product review article Pro so if you click on this one Down here it says you can enter a Keyword a product name and model or a Review article title so once again we're Just going to paste in the title of this Product hit enter And this one creates it a little bit Different so if you're building a Website maybe this could be really good Because it gives you uh your meta Description it gives you your article Title the focus keyword a summary intro It breaks it all down into more details And that's why it's kind of important When you go through these prompts you Look at different ones because they're Going to provide different information For you some of the articles are going To be shorter some longer some are Better designed for blog posts While Others could be better for creating a Video script this one here is creating a Rather long article now you can see it Got down to here and then it stopped now I could click continue here But most of the time when you have this Extension added and you click continue It's not going to do anything for some

Reason you have to come down here and Actually type in continue hit enter and Then it is going to continue off to Where it left and then so this is going To be a really nice sized article that We could use for our website or just to Take this content and copy it and use it For a video script now this isn't really Done in a review type format it's more Or less just an article about it and so For that reason we're going to go back And I want to try to find one that's More based on a review so let's jump Down here to this one Amazon review article let's do this And you could even do let's just come up Here and and try this actually we'll Type in YouTube And you got your script Creator so let's Click on this one Because this works really good sometimes Too and just paste in that title of that Product again Hit enter And you can see here it starts right off Welcome to our YouTube channel where we Explore the latest and greatest products On the market and today we're excited to Introduce you these solar light see this Is perfect Let's start with the basics okay so for A video script this may actually be a Lot better to use than the other ones And this is probably what I'll use

Because all I have to do now is just Take this and I can copy all this if I Want to but that'd be a pretty long Article I may just do it to right here Copy all this take out this part and Paste it into the AI tool and let it Create the video for me I'm going to Create my thumbnail get it uploaded and Then I'm going to start on another video And I'm just going to repeat this Process over and over and over again Because that's the key when you do This kind of affiliate marketing if your Goal isn't focused on really high Quality authentic content uh more but More or less just producing videos and Getting them out there as fast as you Can then you got to create a lot of These you can't just create one or two And think oh man I'm gonna make 500 this Week because that's not the way it's Going to work but gradually over time You will build that channel up you'll Get a lot more viewers to it and you Will start seeing some of those Commissions coming in I know because I've been doing this for so long so That's it for this video guys but in the Next video I'm going to show you how I Take this content and I paste it into an AI tool that's going to automatically Generate a video for me that I can Continue to custom edit if I want to or I can just download a thing I can save

It upload it to my channel and be done With it so if you like these types of Videos if you want to see these Tutorials then be sure to subscribe and I'll notify you when I upload those Videos have a great day

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