How to Use ChatGPT to Generate High Quality AI Videos

Hey welcome to vid society and Merry Christmas so in this video what I'm Going to do is expand a little more my Previous video about chat GPT I've had a Lot of people messaging me about Additional questions on how I use it to Make affiliate videos and so I want to Show you how I do that in this video I'm Basically going to show you how I how I Come up with these scripts and then the Tools that I use to take that video Script and turn it into a video that I Can use and upload on YouTube to promote Affiliate products without me showing my Face without me talking on it and Usually I can make these videos within 20 to 30 minutes each so you can really Pop these videos out fast obviously the More time you put into it the better Quality it'll be and the better the Video itself will be which usually Results in better conversions also so So this is chat GPT if you guys don't Use it already I highly recommend you do Before it becomes subscription based Um but what I did here is I went to ClickBank and I found one of the top Products called alpalene now alpalene is A weight loss supplement and of course With the new year coming up this is Going to be massive as with any other Type of weight loss type product so I Figured why not start making videos and Getting some videos uploaded and

Promoting for it so what I did is I came In here to chat GPT and I typed in write A video script for promoting alpalene And so that's what it did it actually Wrote out a full script here it even put In some customer testimonials which I Was really surprised to see now all of This here didn't fit exactly with what I Was wanting so I came down here and then I typed in what is alpalene and for some Reason it couldn't give me more details So then I wrote write a 300 word article On alpalene weight loss and then now you Can see where it wrote out a lot more Content for me and so it depends a lot On how you word your sentences or what You're trying to tell chat GPT to do Whether or not it responds or not now if I scroll on up here I even use this to Create some titles for the videos that I'm going to be uploading and so I just Put in here write five exciting video Titles for and then an example of what I Wanted my title to be and it rewrote This into five amazing video titles that Would get a lot better click-throughs Than What My Title would here and they Just sound a whole lot better and I Could even use part of this to add into My thumbnail to make it more exciting And that's kind of the whole point for People to get to watch your video is you Have to have a good video title and your Thumbnail has to stand out otherwise

They're going to click on somebody Else's so once you get your script which I did here and once you have your titles And all that you can jump over to a tool Called a Pick 3 now I'll put a link Below this video in the connection to Save you twenty percent on this on Annual plans if you decide to sign up For it but what I did is I went in here And let me just go back to the beginning And right here it says script to video So what you're going to do is click on Proceed and you're going to paste your Script in right here and click on Proceed and then what that is going to Do is it is going to turn it into Something that looks like this here this Is what you're going to look like after It puts it all together and it's going To throw all the video clips together For you to make it look like a really Good video and then you can further edit It or customize it how you want so Basically all you would do is come down Here and you would click on each scene And from here you would come over maybe Go to visuals and then you could do a Search for weight loss or whatever you Wanted to it's going to bring up these Different videos so for example uh let's Look at this one here if I click on it You can see it automatically replaces it In the background of this scene and you Can go through all of your scenes and

Replace them if you don't like what's Currently on them you can edit your text You can drag your text around now what I Recommend is if you've never used this Tool before spend a little a little bit Of time getting to know it cause it's an Amazing tool and since they've been Doing all these updates to it over the Past six months or so it has turned into A really powerful tool now once you have Everything added here and once you have All your video clips the way you want Them you can come over here to audio and You can add background music so you can Find something that you like here and Then if you click on it it'll just add It to the entire video but you can also Come up to voice overs and you can add a Voiceover that will read your script as It's playing the video so what I like to Do especially for this type of a promo Is I like to use a female voice and the One that I like the best is clear at the Bottom which is ayanda I think it's how You say her name and I'm going to let You listen to this here in a minute and And you can see just how good this video Is but if we go over here on the left Hand side you can see other options so Where you can add additional text to it You can set up your own types of styles So where you can see mine here I set it Up with a blue background and then the Way the text is and if you click on it

You can come up here and you can edit The font the size and more and then you Can come up here and apply it to all the Scenes so every scene gets applied the Same thing you can change where it's if It's centered if it's not centered you Can come up here where you can justify It all different types of things you can Do to make it more unique and stand out There's also branding and what I like to Do here is go to the scenes and for this Video I created a little logo called and this product is called Alpalene and instead of sending them to I wanted something very Easy but I wanted it to be my affiliate Link and this may be the most important Information I give you in this entire Video because it's going to increase Your conversions by more than you know o Is by going out and buying a domain name Just be careful of copyrights I I didn't Get so close to where this is albolene I Just put Alp and so I know It's not copyrighted but then I use a 301 redirect to redirect through my Affiliate link so if anybody goes to it's going to send them Through my affiliate link to this Product and if they purchase I get Affiliate commissions for it now why is That so powerful well because a lot of People will not click on affiliate links If they look long and if they have an

Referral or AFF or affiliate in their Code a lot of people sees that and They're like I don't want to give this Person credit for it so if you come up With a domain name like this and you can See on the bottom right of this video Where I put it just looks Like that it's the products website and So people are more likely to go there to Click on the link or just to type it in And visit the website now depending on The social platform you want to create Your video for you can go under format You can see here where you can create a 16×9 916 or a one by one square so but For me I just keep it on 16 9 because Most of my stuff that I do is through YouTube now once you're done with this You can come up and click on generate And go to video and then after that you Can download your video they also give You a link where you can share it and Watch it and so this is the video here And what I'm going to do is play it Because I want you to see how powerful The combination is of using AI for Writing the script and AI for creating The video can be Are you struggling to lose weight and Feeling frustrated with traditional Methods alpalian may be the solution You've been looking for Alpalian is a natural weight loss Supplement designed to support healthy

Weight management and improve athletic Performance The formula contains a blend of powerful Ingredients including al-carnitine Taurine and beta-alanine which work Together to Boost energy levels increase Fat oxidation and improve endurance One of the key benefits of alpilian is Its ability to support a healthy Metabolism The ingredients in alperian have been Shown to help the body burn fat more Efficiently making it easier to shed Excess pounds Additionally alkaline can help reduce Muscle fatigue allowing you to push Harder in your workouts and see faster Results But alpalian isn't just for athletes It's also great for busy professionals Who want an extra boost of energy to Power through their work day By increasing energy levels alkylion can Help you stay focused and motivated Making it easier to stick to your weight Loss goals So how do you incorporate alperium into Your weight loss Journey It's simple just take one serving of Alpium before your workout or during the Day as a pick-me-up For best results combine alperian with a Healthy diet and regular exercise To learn more go to or visit

The link under this video All right and there you have it tell me That's not something somebody would even Pay several hundred dollars for if you Were a business owner and so that's just Another way you can make money with this Is if you have clients you can create a Script using chat GPT you can use Pick 3 To create the video and within 30 Minutes to an hour have a video like This made that you can sell or that you Can use yourself for video promotions to Build an email list or whatever it is You're trying to do now if you want to Try a picture out for free you can go to I'll put that link Below this video it's going to take you To this website where you don't need a Credit card or anything to get started But then if you do want to join I just Want to show you this very quickly if You do annual you get two months free You can see the pricing of it here and All the options or if you want to do Monthly but if you want to get into Video marketing whether you're creating Videos for yourself and using them for Affiliate promotions or just to grow Your business business or to use them to Sell these videos to clients this is an Amazing way to do it right now when you Can get picture at a discounted price And you can use chat GPT for free I hope You find Value in these videos if you do

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