How To Use ChatGPT to Make AI Faceless Video in Minutes | Step By Step Guide

Welcome to vid Society in this video I'm Going to show you a to z how to create a Faceless video using chat GPT and a few Other of my favorite AI tools now these Are videos that I create mostly to Promote affiliate products with but you Can use them for any other type of video Such as educational informational or Even for your own products and services Now below this video I'm going to put The links to all the resources that I Use to create this video with in case You want to do it yourself so first of All you obviously need access to chat GPT this is what we're going to use to Create our script with now the other Thing that I use is an affiliate Network Called share a cell this is something I've been part of for years if you're Not part of it you need a website a YouTube channel or something you can Apply to be an affiliate with them and Once you're approved you get access to In here where you can come in here and You can search their merchants and they Have thousands of merchants and Thousands of products the one I'm going To be diving into today is one that I've Promoted before it's a company called Healing natural oils you can see they Pay out 20 percent per cell which isn't Too bad and they have an average sale About fifty dollars average commission Of around ten dollars but they have a

Lot of products so I can make a lot of Different videos on their products using One specific YouTube channel based Around natural oils or healing and so we Can focus that entire Channel around These videos and these products so I'm Going to go ahead and visit their Website by clicking on this link here And here we are on their website now I'm Going to come up to their products and What I'm going to do is I'm going to Come down to one of these I've already Created some videos on some of these on Some of my other channels but I haven't Done one on moles yet so I'm going to Click this And we can see here that they have two Different products one's 38 dollars One's 69. 310 people have left reviews On this product so if all these are Legit uh that means there's quite a few People buying this product but what I Want to do is I want to see how many People's actually searching for it so What we can do is the name of this Company is hilling natural oils so we Can come over here first to Google and Type in Healing natural and you can see right Now it's already popping up and so these Are things that people are searching for Based on this company name and one of The most popular one here is their oil For their hemorrhoids they also have one

For the awards the skin tags and the Scars so maybe that's what I ought to Focus on is maybe one of these since They're getting the majority of the Searches but before I do that let me Just copy this and we'll try checking YouTube also So we'll come over here and paste it and You can see here that healing natural Oils H moles so okay YouTube's a little Bit different and it's telling us the Most searched for one here on YouTube is The one for H moles which is the one That we're going to be doing a video on Now there's a bunch of others but what I'm going to do is go ahead and just Expand this I'm going to hit a space and Type h And we can see that's pretty much the Only search on here for that let's try Searching without the the company name And you can see here there's a lot more Searches now for this if you don't even Use the company name but what you got to Understand is When you create videos like this you Want to put the company name in there That way you can get ranked four Keywords with the company name in it and Without the company name so you're Getting the best of both of them So we can see here that this is Definitely getting a lot of searches for A lot of different types of keywords so

This is going to be a good product to Create a video on so the next step is to Create the content so what I want to do Is to kind of create a generic video in A sense that's based around moles and Maybe how to naturally get rid of them So we're going to jump back over here to Chat GPT and we're going to go down and Enter a prompt so we're going to try This one first and see what it does I Just put in write an article in a casual Form explaining how to get rid of moles On the body naturally so let's go ahead And see what it comes up with and what I May do is just go ahead and pause this Until this is done okay so this part Took maybe 30 40 seconds and now we have An article we can use now what's great About this is if I want to make multiple Videos to help promote this product I Can come down here and click on Regenerate response it's going to write A completely different article for me Then I can make a video on that one and Upload it so I can focus on targeting Multiple keywords by creating multiple Scripts using chat GPT so for this one What I'm going to do is just copy this Content And I'm going to go ahead and bring it Over to a Word document or actually for This example I'm going to use Google Docs and I'm going to go ahead and click Paste

So here is the article now when you do Affiliate marketing you have to put your Affiliate Link in there and it's also Best if you tell them your affiliate Link is in there that way they know to Look under the video for that link Because you'd be surprised how many People don't do it so when I make these Videos usually after the first paragraph Or sometimes before the first paragraph Depending on how it's written I will let Them know that there's a link under the Video where they can learn more so I'm Going to go ahead and write something Extra on this one okay so this is what I Did we have our article here and I added This content at the top I put in this Video I'm going to talk about moles on The skin and how to get rid of them Naturally you can also visit the link Under this video in the description box To learn about a natural formula to help Speed the process of mole removal and Really that's all you need you just need Something to let them know hey there's a Link under the video and it may help you To remove the moles or whatever the Problem is or whatever it is you're Promoting so we're going to do this here And I'm going to copy all this content And I'm going to go over to my favorite Video tool cold Pick 3 now if you're not Familiar with this tool I'll put a link Below the video you can also get a 20

Off coupon I'll put below this video if You want to check it out yourself but The way this works is absolutely amazing And there's so much you can do with this You can actually paste in a URL of a Website here or a Blog and it'll take That content and turn it into a video But I'm going to do this one here called Script to video we're going to click on Proceed and I want to paste this content In here that we have and I'm going to Click on proceed and then we're going to Choose a template now I usually just Choose the first template because when You create your video you can edit it Any way you want to so I'm going to Click select this one's going to be for YouTube so I want to do a 16 9 click Continue and we're going to give it just A couple minutes here And then what it's going to do is it's Going to search through the content and Pick out specific keywords that it Thinks are relevant and it's going to Find video clips that it thinks will fit It and it's going to piece it all Together into a video just like this so Over here we have our full content and There are 23 scenes and if we come over Here on the bottom right we can see all The scenes and we can go through each One of these if we want to and edit them Change the background change the text if You want or you can just come up here

And generate the video and have it ready To go that fast now what I like to do is I like to go through the videos take Maybe 10 minutes or so and maybe change Some backgrounds or stuff if they don't Fit it the way I want it to So what I like to do is I'll click on This text and maybe change it to say 24 And then click on apply to all and That's going to change it and update all These slides to the size text and then I'm just going to go through and make Sure all these slides matches up with The text so this one talks about moles On the skin so that's okay this one says You can visit the link under the video To learn about a natural formula I don't Like that for that one so what I can do Is come over here to visuals And do a search for let's say essential Oil And it should bring up some yeah this is Going to work perfect here so what I can Do is maybe use this one So you can visit the link on this video In the description box to learn more About a natural formula to help speed The process of mole removal so that Works and I can go through this one and That's based around moles we'll keep it This one may want to get rid of for Cosmetic reasons so what we can do is Come over here and search for moles Skin

And obviously none of these are really Appealing but uh we'll just go ahead and Maybe Use this one And then if you're looking for a natural Way so we can come back over here and do Natural Remedy and we have more of them we'll Just use this one And that's basically what I do Throughout the video so this one's Garlic I don't want to show garlic Cooking so I'll come back here type in Garlic and we'll use this one here And then in the next scene crushed Garlic okay someone's cutting it so That's perfect And then the next one leave it on for a Few hours or overnight so what we can do Is do sleeping And we can use any one of these and I Kind of like this one Um I like making videos like this and Just throwing stuff like this in there But uh we'll go ahead and use this one Instead And you can see a preview of it there And by the way you'll see the little Logo here for story blocks and even Though you can try Pick 3 for free once You subscribe this will be removed and It won't be on the end video So what I'm going to do is I'm going to Go ahead through here and finish editing

The rest of these slides but I'm going To pause the video because I've already Shown you how this works I just need to Update a few more of them all right so It took me maybe five more minutes and I Went ahead through here and I updated These so the next thing we want to do is We want to add a little bit of Background music to it and then we want To add a voiceover now one thing that's Great about Pick 3 is that they have Their own voiceovers that you can use so If you come over here to audio And if you click on voiceover You can see that they have quite a few Of them now I'm not crazy about any of These which is why I use a different Service normally to do my voiceovers but You can use these and the one that I'd Recommend at least that I think sounds The best is one clear at the bottom for Ayanda which is a female so if I play it Welcome to Victory It is being shown that video increases Conversion rates by 80 percent So that's not too bad at all so you can Use that or any one of these uh here all You have to do is click on it And then it's applied and so what we Could do let me go clear back to the Beginning here and go to scene one and Then we'll preview it Give it just a second here in this video I'm going to talk about moles on the

Skin and how to get rid of them Naturally so that sounds good and I Would even feel comfortable leaving it That way what we can do though is come Back up here and click on background Music and there's over 15 000 tracks Here you can choose from and all you Have to do is click on the play button To listen to them Foreign And so what I'm going to do is kind of Go through here for a minute listen to Some of these and find one that I like I Can also come up here to mood where I Can change uh what mood maybe I want the Music to be in or the purpose of them to Kind of help sort out some of them okay So I think I found a background music Here called Spring day what I did was I Sorted it by purpose and went to trailer Promo and this is the one I found so I'm Going to click on it and then click Apply and that's going to add background Music to my video now I can come up here To audio settings and adjust the volume Of it and normally I'll turn it up just A little bit but in the preview what I Found is sometimes the background music Is a little bit lower than what it is in The actual video after it creates it so We'll just do 20 for now and see how That sounds now this is the other tool That I use for voice generation you can Check it out that links below the video

But what I'm going to do is go ahead and Go to my dashboard And go to create audio And use ultra realistic voices And what I want to do is go back to my Document and copy all of this And paste it in here And I want to use a woman for this I'm Going to come up and click on Larry and We're going to change it we'll go to Filters any gender female And I'm going to scroll down here to a Couple of these and listen to them Extreme success by definition welcome to This during new employee of extreme Success bye welcome to this tutorial Like many other philosophers okay so What I'm going to do is I'm just going To choose Ariana for this I'm going to Click on it and then I'm going to click Here and do apply to all the paragraphs And confirm and then now I'm going to Click on generate all previews and it's Going to generate the previews for all This content so we're going to give it Just a minute here then we can listen to A couple of them download it upload it To pick tree if we want to use this Voice instead of pick 3's own voice and Then apply that to the video so let me Go ahead and just play this and see what It sounds like you can also visit the Link under this video in the description Box to learn more about a natural

Formula to help speed the process of Mole removal okay that sounds pretty Good so I'm going to go ahead and leave It that way and all of these have been Generated so I'm going to come up and Click on export as a single audio file And I'm going to save it to my computer I'm going to come back to pick tree I'm Going to go to audio My uploads and go ahead and upload this File And we're going to give it just a second To finish And now I'm going to apply it to the Entire video And it's going to auto sync it with the Slides now sometimes it doesn't do this Perfect which is why many times it's Better just to use the voices from Pick 3 but if it doesn't auto sync perfect You can adjust it so you can just go in And adjust the slides and where it Doesn't fit or where the slides change And that's normally what I will do but We're going to let this finish here and See what the overall video sounds like In this video I'm going to talk about Moles on the skin and how to get rid of Them naturally you can also visit the Link under this video in the description Box to learn more about a natural Formula to help speed the process of Mole removal moles also known as navy Are common skin growths that can appear

Anywhere on the body they're usually Benign but some people may want to get Rid of them for cosmetic reasons or if They're in a place that gets irritated Frequently okay so right there you can See where this slide changed uh too fast So that's the only downfall to using Audio from other sources is it does take Just a little bit more work but this was Let's see one two three four the fourth Slide so let me go to adjust We're going to let it load here so we're Going to come down here and I think it Was this one here and play it body They're usually benign but some people May want to get rid of okay so it was Actually this one let me click on it Moles also known as navy are common skin Growths that can appear anywhere on the Moles so what I need to do is just drag This over to about here And that should fix it also known as Navy are common skin growths that can Appear anywhere on the body all right so That works perfect I'm going to go Through here and make sure the rest of These fit up and then we'll continue to Generate this video okay so I took a few Minutes and I went through there and I Adjusted a couple more slides to fit up With it so now that we have all this we Can come up here and preview the entire Video And then once we do this and we like it

We can click on generate and have our Video created it's that easy in this Video I'm going to talk about moles on The skin and how to get rid of them Naturally You can also visit the link under this Video in the description box to learn More about a natural formula to help Speed the process of mole removal moles Also known as navy are common skin Growths that can appear anywhere on the Body they're usually benign but some People may want to get rid of them for Cosmetic reasons or if they're in a Place that gets irritated frequently Okay so I'm not going to play through The whole video but you get the idea and You can see how easy and how fast this Can be to create videos just depending On how in depth you want to get with Editing it or adding different voices to It and that's all there is to it and Then you just repeat the process Depending on how many keywords you have Maybe you got a list of five or six Different keywords you want to use based On this product you can keep creating Different scripts using chat GPT for This and coming back and creating Another videos taken maybe 10 15 20 Minutes per video to create them and Have a full set of videos within a day's Time that you can use two to start Promoting affiliate products now if you

Guys enjoy these types of videos where I Walk through and show you tutorials or Even product reviews of different types Of products that I use to help make Money online as an affiliate marketer And YouTuber then please subscribe to my Channel and I'll make sure I let you Know when the next video comes out That's it for this one guys have a great Day

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