How To Use ChatGPT To Make Money With Videos [Includes Keyword List]

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video I'm going to continue talking About chat GPT because it is changing People's lives and it is helping a lot Of people make a whole lot of money Today and so what I'm going to be Showing you is one strategy that I'm Using to help me to earn more money Using chat GPT by creating videos on YouTube and other types of social media Platforms now I'm also going to give you The resources for this in fact I've Created a massive keyword list of Thousands of different keywords that you Can use to create an endless amount of Videos for your YouTube channel or the Other social media platforms that you Use to use with this strategy and you'll Find that link below this video as well As other resources you may be interested In so here we are on YouTube and the Goal of this is to find either a Trending topic or a topic that is Long-term that people will be Continually searching for months or even Year years to come that will continually To bring in either ad revenue for your Channel or affiliate commissions so what We're going to do is we're going to come Up here to YouTube and we're going to Type in Top 10 ways And then you can see here some of the Most popular searches going on now some

Of them very awkward I'm not sure why Um but what we're going to do let's just Look through here and I really don't Like this one here would be a good one Top 10 ways to make passive income this Would actually be a really good one Because you could even break this down In a lot of sub categories or sub topics And make a variety of videos on them the Same way with top 10 ways to get a Girlfriend top 10 ways the world will End so some of these are really good top 10 ways to make money online but what I Want to do because this is the end of The year and there's always one thing That absolutely explodes in January and February and that is topics around Weight loss because everybody's wanting To start new weight loss goals so let's Just go to top 10 ways to Lose uh okay so here's here's a bunch of Different ideas top 10 ways to lose Belly fat top okay here's a really good One top 10 ways to lose weight naturally So let's just go ahead and do a search On this you can see there's ads running On it but if we scroll down this one Here 664 000 views 5.2 million 12 Million 1.4 million and these are videos They're just like top 10 ways top five Ways seven tips five tips people love These types of videos and that's why They get so many views and so this is What we're going to focus on we're going

To create a video that's based around The top 10 ways or top five ways to Whatever you're searching for and that Keyword list below this video is going To have thousands of ideas for you but For this one this is what we're going to Use top 10 ways to lose weight naturally So I'm just going to copy this and we're Going to come back over to chat GPT and We're going to type in here and we're Just going to type in what are the e Top 10 ways to lose weight naturally and Do a search and we're going to wait for It to go ahead and give us these 10 Ideas okay starting on number 10 now now What we can do with this content is if You watched my previous video I talk About a tool called picture where you Can just copy this content paste it in There and it automatically creates a Video for you by adding the stock videos And everything related to the content in This script and creates the video for You it'll add voiceovers to IT Background music and everything so if That's something that you're interested In creating the faceless Cash Cow type Videos be sure to watch that video so we Can take this content just as it's given It to us and we can create an entire Video around it that's going to be at Least like two minutes long three Minutes long but what you could also do Is you could create a video on the top

10 natural ways to lose weight but then You could take each one of these bowls Bullets and you could create a separate Video wouldn't it so how do you do that Well let's go down here to chat GPT and Let's say number one okay we want to Create a top 10 video but after that we Want to break each one of these down Into a separate video so we could just Go down here and say okay expand on Number one what's that mean it's going To come up here and say okay you want me To expand on number one and explain it More in depth and so if we do that It's going to go into more details about Number one and what it means and then we Can use this grip to create a whole new Video and then when this is done we can Do expand on number two and then it's Going to take this content and it's Going to give us a lot more information On it and we can turn that into a video All the way down to all 10 of these Which is going to give us a total of 11 Videos so you're going to have your main Video of 10 natural ways to lose weight And then you're going to have separate Videos on each one of these uploaded to Whatever social platform you're using so How do you earn from this well for one And one of the most popular ways that People are using today is through ad Revenue but you may not be monetized to Be able to get ad Revenue yes so what

Are other ways you can use and that is Affiliate marketing affiliate marketing Is basically when you share links with Certain products or services and when People click on those links and buy that Product you get paid a certain amount of Commission for it one of the best places To find these types of products is Through ClickBank now if you don't have An account with ClickBank it's free just Go to you can sign up for It and then what you want to do is come Up here and go to Marketplace and then I'm going to come over here and click on All we're going to go to Health and fitness and diets and weight Loss and when we go here there are tons Of programs courses and even products That we can promote and earn upwards of 75 percent to even a hundred percent Commission when our visitors buy these Products through the links that they Give us so for example maybe we want to Promote the smoothie diet a 21 day rapid Weight loss program we can click on this Link and it's going to open up the Website where we can see it this product Has actually been out there I know for At least a year because I promoted this Last year it's a really good course they Have an amazing website a lot of Resources to use but all you have to do Is come over here and click on promote To get your affiliate link but if you

Want more resources you can click on This link here that says affiliate page And it's going to take you here where it Tells you you're going to earn 75 Commissions on every sale which can Result over a hundred dollars every time Somebody purchases from you and so if You click on this link it says get your Affiliate tools it's going to show you The offer so the front-end offer is 37 Out of that you would get 25 there is an Order bump of fifty dollars if they buy That you get 23 and then there's also Three one-time offers uh on top of that That you can earn from and if they have Any types of restrictions or rules Against promoting just make sure you Read over their affiliate page for that But they give you demographic area so if You can go into your YouTube analytics And find out who mostly watches your Channel it might give you a better idea As well as the countries that are Watching your channel how well this Offer May perform for you so if this is An offer you want to promote on your YouTube channel you would simply come Over here click on promote you can add a Tracking ID here if you want you're Going to click on create hop link and This down here is going to be your Affiliate link now this looks really Ugly so you would want to cloak this Maybe using bitly if you have a

WordPress website you could even use a Plug again called pretty links and you Could cloak it or if you're really Serious about affiliate marketing and Promoting a product like this long term On multiple videos you may just want to Go out and buy a domain name maybe Something such as if that's Available I don't know and then you Would do a 301 redirect through your own Affiliate link so instead of people Seeing this nasty ugly link they would Just go to or whatever It is it'd be reap they would redirect Through your affiliate link to that Product and if a purchased you would get Commission for it I may actually make a Video showing you guys how to do all That if that's something you're Interested in leave a comment below this Video and I will make that video this Week to show you how to do a 301 Redirect through a domain name for Affiliate marketing because honestly if You use a domain name as an affiliate Link instead of something like this it's Really going to increase the Click-throughs in the conversions so the Idea behind this is to use chat GPT to Create the content for you and then you Can either manually create the video Yourself do your own voiceovers or

Backgrounds you can Outsource it to Someone on Fiverr or if you're like me You can use a tool like Pick 3 if you're Not familiar with that watch the Previous video basically you just copy This content you paste it into Pick 3 it Goes out and creates the entire video For you using stock video footage and Then you can even set it up so where it Will automatically read this text for You in the video you can add background Music and so much more it makes it very Easy to create these types of videos and They look very very well as you can see In my previous video that I uploaded I Have a full demo on there of the last Video that I created and then you just Repeat the process and you continually To upload videos to your YouTube channel And it will continually grow and then You have to choose how you want to Monetize it if you want to try to get Approval for AdSense or if you want to Promote products through places like ClickBank for affiliate marketing where You can earn substantial commissions so This is just one of the many ways that You can use chat GPT to earn money I Will be creating a series of other Videos showing you how I'm using chat GPT to create other sources of income Over the upcoming weeks if that's Something you're interested in be sure To subscribe to my channel and I'll be

Sure to notify you when I upload those Videos otherwise the resource links are Below this video and I will see you guys On the next one have a great day

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