How To Use ChatGPT To Make YouTube Videos With Realistic AI Voice-Overs [TUTORIAL & DEMOS]

Welcome to vid Society many of you are Now using chat GPT to write your scripts And your stories and everything else you Need to create really good high quality AI videos but one thing that you need to Go along with it that I'm getting a lot Of questions about is high quality AI Voice overs and where can you get those From so in this video I want to show you A tool that I've been using over the Past few weeks to do just this in fact You can get a free trial of it and test Out all the features using the link Under this video so let's go ahead and Jump into this so here we are in chat GPT let's say we create a script for a New video that we want to make based Around weight loss and here's what I Came up with I just told it to write a Blog post for the top 10 ways to lose Weight in 2023 in the form of casual so I just wanted to be red casual this is What we got so I'm going to take this Content here highlight it and I'm going To copy it because this is the script That I want red use using this AI voice Over generator now this is called play HT and I want you to listen to a few of These voices I'm not going to play them All there's a ton of them and you can Come here to their website to get a free Demo and test it all out yourself but You can see here on their page that you Can get MP3 and wave formats there's 132

Different languages it's available for Commercial use there are a total of 832 different voices and this is based Upon different settings that you can set The voices for and then there's also Custom voice cloning if you have the Subscription plan for that option and so You can play some of these and listen to Them like Davis here this is one of my Favorites and it's actually not even Under the ultra realistic voices but I Still really like this one and I'll let You listen to it Merging Neuroscience psychology and Mindfulness with practical takeaways for Being more focused in our work and wider Lives I think that sounds great but if We jump over here to ultra realistic Voices you can listen to the newer Voices that they have a remarkable man In possession of Limitless curiosity and Intellect Elon our attention has never Been as overwhelmed or in demand as it Is today this book reveals where we can And cannot trust our intuitions and how We can tap okay I'm not going to play Through all these but you can come here You get the idea you can play through Them and there's a lot of other features With this tool it's just not pasting in A script and converting it to a voice But if we scroll on down through here You can see that there's AI voices in Every language and accent in the world

So regardless of the language you speak If you're trying to convert it or to Speak it in a different language you can Use this tool to do that now before I Log into my account I want to go over The pricing options with you guys as Well because I want you to understand How this works so first of all they do Have monthly and yearly options they Have personal professional and premium Now if you're using a tool like Pick 3 To create your videos you can get a free Trial to that they're going to or the links under the Video for it you really don't need this Personal plan because a lot of the ones That they have here in a personal plan You can also find within Pick 3 itself And just use that instead of paying an Extra subscription for it but if you Want the more realistic voices so like This one here if you pay yearly it's Thirty dollars a month if you pay Monthly it's 39 a month and you get 50 000 words a month if you were to create A thousand word script to use for a Video which would be a pretty decent Sized video you would be able to create 50 of those a month for yourself for Your clients or whatever you get access To the realistic voices and if you want To tell the difference between all these You can click on these links for Standard voices realistic and ultra

Realistic and listen to the voices on Those pages so you know which one of These plans you want but this one here Is the one that I subscribe to I Actually got this one on the yearly plan Because right now they have 50 off if You do annually so this is what I Subscribe to because you get unlimited Voice generation you can create as much Of these voiceovers as you want using Any one of these voiceovers so I can Create as many videos as I want for Myself and I can also offer this service As a gig on third-party sites or if I Have an agency website where I can Convert scripts into realistic AI Voiceovers for customers and clients and Charge a fee for that you also get Access to the ultra realistic voices and A pronunciation library and they do have Live chat support for this option and Then down here is a full feature Breakdown if if you want to learn more About each one of these but let me go Ahead and jump into my dashboard here And you can see we have a few options we Can create audio from text or an article URL and it will convert it into an MP3 Or WAV file you can add audio to your WordPress site using a Plugin or by Using a JavaScript code now that's just Not the only thing though on the left Hand side you can see over here where You can manage your projects your voices

If you're on the subscription I'm on you Have the option to do your own voice Cloning team access and then under Accessibility are different Integrations Including audio widgets you can use for Audio players audio buttons podcast Hosting and then you can view your Analytics on that so this is a fully Loaded AI voice generator tool now what I'm going to do is make sure I have this Text copied and then I'm going to come Back over here click on create audio From text And I can choose here now which option I Want since I'm on the Premium plan I can Do the standard and realistic or the Ultra realistic I want to show you both Of these so under standard and realistic Voices if we click on it it's going to Open up this page where we can paste in Our script now that we have that we can Click on any one of these to edit it uh Change it we can add more whatever you Want to do to your script here but I Want to choose the character to read it So I want to come over here under voice And the two that I like best are Arya And Davis so I'm going to go and pick Davis and down here at the bottom I'm Going to click on confirm and now we're Going to preview it losing weight can be A challenging and time-consuming process But it is also incredibly rewarding Okay so that sounds good now what really

Makes this tool Stand Out is your option To also change voice style so we could Do something like angry And listen to it losing weight can be a Challenging and time-consuming process But it is also incredibly rewarding you Could do something like sad Losing weight can be a challenging and Time-consuming process but it is also Incredible terrified Losing weight can be a challenging and Time-consuming process but it is also Incredibly rewarding and then the one That really blew my mind is Whispering Listen to this It can be a challenging and Time-consuming process but it is also That's almost scary it's almost like Someone's actually whispering in your Ear so that is really impressive now When you're done with this you can also Come over here and see that your article Is 376 Words which is about 2 minutes And 47 seconds so it gives you an idea Of how long it's going to be and then Once you have all that done you're going To choose whether you want MP3 or wave Format and convert it to speech And then when that's done you're going To be able to download it now let's say We want to do the ultra realistic voices Because that one works a little bit Different we'll come back over here to Create audio

Ultra realistic voices So this one looks a little bit different We don't have all those options to Change the Styles but that's okay so for This one we're just going to paste in Our script And now we can generate previews for Each one of these and so right now it's Set up for Larry on each one of these to Read it we can change each one of these Sentences or paragraphs to be a Different speaker and then we can Generate the previews so we can listen To them and when we're done we can Export the project now you can also add More to this script anywhere you want to So we could click here hit enter and It's going to bring about a new section Here where we can add more content you Can see this one's done if you want to Listen to it we can click on play losing Weight can be a challenging and time Consuming process but it is also Incredibly rewarding if you're looking To shed some pounds in 2023 here are the Top 10 ways to do it okay so that sounds Good let's say we want someone different So we can click on this name and it Gives us the option to search by name we Can choose male or female or even look At additional filters that we can sort By Now for the second sentence here I went In and I chose two different female

Characters generated previews for them And what you can do is after you Generate previews you can actually Select the one that you like the best to Use so if you want to listen to a Preview of one of them eat a healthy and Balanced diet this may seem like a No-brainer but it's important to focus On nourishing your body with and then Once we generate previews for the rest Of these we can come up here and Export The project either as separate Paragraphs or as a single audio file and Then you can take that audio file and You can take it and go to Victory and Create a video from it let me give you An example of that so I'm going to let You preview two videos that I made here And what I'll do is I'll actually put The links for both of these videos below This video in the description box so you Can go there and watch them yourself and Listen to them to see what you think but Here's two different ones I'll play a Few seconds of each and this is using The voiceovers from from play HT The old mansion on the hill had always Been a source of Fascination for the Young couple it was rumored to be Haunted but they didn't believe in Ghosts they had always been drawn to the Mansion's Grandeur in history and when They found out it was being sold they Jumped at the chance to buy it and

Restore it to its former glory as they Began the renovations strange things Started happening they would hear Footsteps in the hallway when no one was There and objects would mysteriously Move from one place to another at first They Shrugged it off as their Imagination or the house settling but The occurrences became more frequent and Intense one night the wife woke up to Find a ghostly figure standing at the End of their bed she screamed and woke Her husband but when he turned on the Light the figure was gone all right I'll Go ahead and pause it here but this one I used several different voices just so You can get a better idea of what they Sound like and then another one that I Created here this one is for weight loss So let's listen to it and this I believe I just used one female character Are you looking to lose weight and Improve your overall health and fitness While dieting cardio are important Factors in any weight loss Journey Don't Forget about the benefits of strength Training strength training not only Helps you build muscle but it can also Boost your metabolism and help you burn More calories in fact muscle tissue Burns more calories at rest than fat Tissue so the more muscle you have the More calories you'll burn even when You're not working out this means that

By adding strength training to your Routine so these videos when you combine AI tools together like chat AI to create A script and then pick 3 to create the Video for you and then play HT for a High quality AI voice over it turns out To be a great quality video now I've Already made several videos on my YouTube channel in the past couple weeks About using these tools and creating Videos so if you want more information You can go back and watch those videos To get a better idea otherwise I'll put The links below this video so you can Check out each one of these tools and Get free trials of Pick 3 and Play HT Now if you like these types of videos be Sure to subscribe to my channel if you Want more of these types of videos where I go in and show you step by step how to Do things and reviews of certain Products leave a comment below and let Me know that's it for this video I'll See you on the next one

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