How to Use LUTs | Affinity Photo for Beginners #shorts

Have you ever heard of color lookup Tables you probably have but better know Them as Luts they apply an instant color Grade to any image and are super easy to Use in Affinity photo First all we have to do is download and Export any Lodge horror Lut pack that Includes a DOT Cube format create a Lut Adjustment layer load the lust you want And you have a color grade the best part You can adjust this like any other layer So use the Luts as they are mask them or Combine them with other Luts and layers For Endless Possibilities And creating let's are just as easy if You have an adjustment layer combination That you just use all the time you can Turn them into your own custom lens Using edit export Lut Load them up just like normal and that's Your Lut You can learn even more Affinity photo Tips and tricks over and bottle touch Plus like and follow for more

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