How to Utilize KPIs to Achieve Your Agency’s Goals

Let's talk about kpis conceptually then It's really about measuring something And what can be measured can be improved And so there's a couple of you know it's Either leading indicator or a lagging Indicator of the event that you want to Happen engineer that by saying okay if I Want to get this many clients well then I have to have this many strategy Sessions to get this many strategy Sessions I have to do this many calls Break down what is it what's the outcome That you want from her that she needs to Do on a daily basis to make sure that we Hit these kind of milestones and then You can use that framework to build kpis Around anything maybe it's webinar you Know maybe it's webinar invite whatever It is that you're trying to improve Those are the things that you want to Measure and so you work backwards build The build the leading indicators of if I Do this many X then I'm fairly certain That this will happen and then measure That thing and make sure she's doing That thing

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