Huge Form Styling Update Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I apologize Today I have a cold so if I do a bad Drama videos you know why anyways so if You roll over to this is a awesome Update to form so obviously you probably Know we have a form Builder I sure hope So it's under sites and then forms and Then Builder and you can come in here You create an awesome form unlike the One I'm creating right now but one of The complaints we've long had is that It's missing a lot of formatting options Well guess what today is your day if You've been waiting there are a ton of New formatting options that are out There so if you had under Styles you can Already start to see some of this stuff You can sort of uh uh you can go in and You can actually uh adjust a ton of Stuff but let's just jump over these Screenshots and look at the release Notes so we can go through the specifics But anyways up up you can see on you Have text formatting subtext formatting You have the ability to actually style The message that you get on submit Whereas you didn't get to do that before You have label uh formatting placeholder Formatting Um field Styles padding Shadow uh Shadow Options as well Um and you can sort of start to see some Of the some like this is like a really

Basic example of some of that impact if We jump into release notes you can see Right here Um form surveys what do we do we added Better grouping for the controls padding And Shadow controls border type Customization field styles thank you Message form submit button changes all Of that is now available and these are Just the screenshots that I already sent Uh I showed you uh now how will this Affect the customers the existing Customers will always uh we're Requesting a lot lots of customizations And you had to use custom CSS now you Don't have to do that for most of the uh The changes that you did in the past so Anyways Um super pumped I think the team did an Amazing job here Um and as always you have any questions Let us know otherwise I hope you're all Having an amazing Tuesday thanks

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