Huge LC Email Updates Live! Validation re billing, notification domains, list unsubscribe header,

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I am actually A little bit out of pocket today I am at Social media world so for those of you Who are here hello and for those of you Who saw yesterday it was awesome to meet You but for everybody else I am super Excited to jump into some updates here So we're going to cover two uh updates Today on specifically on email so first One is in front of me here these are Some just big Baseline enhancements so Uh allowing agencies to control the ad Email uh Services button at the Subaccount level so in the sub Account Details page we've provided an option to Enable or disable this button and this Allows you to control the non-sas and Non-rebilling accounts so heads up on That and you can actually see the Support article here and I'll post that Email re-verification so emails will Revalidate every 90 days when the data Validated previously it was 180 days With a mandatory option so now in the Sub Account Details page we've provided An option to disable or enable uh Revalidation here's what we're finding Reality is some addresses that were were Bad 90 days ago or now have now been Rectified and so we just want to make Sure that we're revalidating so that way If those people need to come back into The list they're emailable again we can

Do that but if you want to uh you can Obviously disable that if that's uh not Something you want to do there's the Article for that list unsubscribe Headers So based on the domain Reputation ESP will enable the Unsubscribe option in the email header Which will allow the recipient to Unsubscribe without marking the email as Spam so this is super super cool so let Me jump to this article real quick and Let's look at it together oh hold on I Lost internet two seconds All right we're back so I wanted to show This to you because I think this is Super cool so look at this when you get This email what you're going to do is You're going to have this unsubscribe Option right at the top Um and so this is really awesome you can See like why is this good right Um so this is actually an improvement to The email deliverability Um and so what's awesome is this it just Helps reduce complaints it's right at The top we've actually all probably seen This and maybe even used it but now we Have this in our email system as well so Anyways that's what that one is let's Jump back in and keep on trucking here Um add reply to address so in the sub Account email settings page an option Was provided to add their own reply Address all these emails will be sent

With that address so we pop this article Up let's take a look at this together And so when you come in here uh let's Walk this down oh sorry okay reply Address so reply in forward settings are Now there you can see right here you can Add the reply address and the reply Address will be added to all emails and The idea here is simple so that way when You uh when you actually email the Person that reply to is going to be the One that used specify right so then You've now got that accessibility in There so go take a look at that and so Those are really all three big updates I Know we're gonna go long here but um the Next one up which is amazing is uh LC Email validation so all the emails will Be validated before sending the email if It's not validated before and the option To manually validate it is now in the Contact detail page we've disabled the Option for all users who has who had it Enabled previously We have a list in this week we'll send An email to those users to re-enable it Because we didn't want to just drop it On you and surprise you so now this is The other piece that I think is the most Exciting rebilling is now available so You can actually charge for this now the Charge to the agency is .0025 we're just Running the validation engine on the Back end for mailgun and then we're

Allowing you to come in and actually up Charge your clients for this as well Obviously this is a support Auto call About it that's also going to be in There that'll drop also dedicated Domains for notification emails this Will help with deliverability so by Default all notification emails are Being sent from the agency's default Domain which is sharing all the Subaccount emails so the reputation Might get impacted so what we've done is We've also added a notification domain Option which will allow the user to have A separate sender so the emails will be More likely to inbox and and that kind Of thing so let's take a look at a Couple of those together so first up uh The ability to go in here and actually Decide what your notifications or which Domain your notifications will come from That is in here that is awesome and then Here is the uh LC email verification uh Upcharge which is again going to be your SAS configurator where you're specifying How much you want to up charge from Those validations that are being run so This is huge uh let's see here let's Look at the help article so here's the How to enable email and LC email Validation stuff so you can take a look At that and then finally let's look at The dedicated notifications just make Sure that's looking good so yeah now we

Have a great help article here so There's a lot of good announcements in Here one thing I would recommend uh Because obviously I like to get these Videos out I'm hitting four minutes and 30 seconds so I want to get the heck out Of here but if you look at the changelog At changelog oh We'll talk about that in a second you Can see all of this stuff in here so Anyways I'm super excited about all of These amazing updates on the LC email System huge props to the team I hope all Of you having an awesome Tuesday and I'll see you in just a second for Another video

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