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So Rob I'm sure you're gonna have a lot Of listeners and viewers that are Interested in this that think it's uh Affordable the website is but you guys have a Program going on you're looking for for Three slots [Music] Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I'm joined by Rob Turley he's the chief Revenue operations officer of chat Conversions also known as The Rev Ops Hitman Rob thanks so much for coming on The show that was an awesome Introduction I really appreciate it and Uh yeah it's a pleasure to be here and If anybody's curious uh I did not pick That name it was given to me by GTM Magazine and it just kind of stuck so Even started an independent agency with The name uh because it's nice and fun People go well what is that type of a Thing but really it's because I'm Ruthless when it comes to problem Solving and pinpointing things within Business that disable Unity uh and Ultimately my job is to unify sales Marketing customer success product Engineering in all divisions with the Company so they're no longer divided Um so how do you generate Revenue build

A data driven process that is Client-centric so everything is centered Around the customer which as marketers Everyone buddy watching this you know That is priority number one Yeah rev Ops is is definitely a new term That we're hearing more and more and Um it was interesting earlier this year When we were talking about uh hiring Some some different positions rev Ops Came up and I was like what are we going To call it rev Ops are we going to call This or that and I was like what is this Revops like how do you actually Define That I'd be curious to hear how you Actually Define rev Ops sure I actually Favor my definition over many others uh HubSpot was a good definition that they Came up with which is shocking because HubSpot wouldn't know what rev Ops was If it hit him in the face at a thousand Miles per hour because they don't Practice it Okay no no no naysay toward Help spot I love their technology I love Their platform so that's not like a you Know a punch to their face it's just uh It's just a truth I'm pretty like very Direct and that's probably why I got the Nickname but my definition of Revenue Operations rev Ops Is The desiloing of a business meaning Companies are divided into divisions so What revops is is that it is desiling

Those divisions having the entire team Across all of those divisions starting To work together using data and Communication so communication at the Meta and at the People level within Their operations to optimize them and Create a unified Force to generate and Drive Revenue protect yourself from Churn and ultimately create a Client-centric experience So instead of reducing cost through cost Production methods which usually results In the sacrifice to the customer service Level or a sacrifice and product quality Why not improve that experience and that Quality while reducing cost because when You optimize a process you're taking Away all of the inefficiencies and Instead of becoming more efficient You're becoming more effective and in Turn it becomes more efficient So it's that nice exponential effect of Really improving something so that it Becomes more cost effective and a better Outcome for the customer Interesting I like desiled that that Makes sense Um well today we're talking about chat And Um this is a I love this conversation Because we you know the high level chat Widget is just to Gateway into an SMS Conversation and when we pitch it we're Typically saying

You know Live Chat is typically not a Great experience because how many of you Have entered in a message and then you Get like we typically reply in six hours And you're like well obviously I'm not Going to sit on this website for six Hours not all two lives Right so that's how we you know we Position our chat widget is hey we can Decouple the user from the site but I Have always said there Typically there is no better experience Than when there actually is somebody There to instantly chat with you on the Site now that for most businesses is Sort of a pipe dream right like an owner Might think that his staff has the time To actually be available to live chat With people but you know if you're not Using a a support uh Network or company To do it in my opinion it's not really Feasible so you guys are doing just that Right you are making it affordable which Is our IP around it because if you try To Outsource it uh to India or something You'd be paying 1700 to 2 000 per agent And you need if you want 24 7 coverage Which is usually what's necessary three Agents per shift minimum three shifts Per day Uh and then seven shifts or seven Groupings of those three shifts per week And so for weekend staff as well that'll Cost you anywhere between 23 to 27 000 a

Month no matter what your website volume Is now how do we make it affordable to Small businesses well it's because you Could think of it as almost an agent Time share uh you know what a timeshare Is with like real estate it's like a Timeshare but for chat agents so we have All of our experts hundreds of them and Then we assign them to specific websites So if you have a small amount of traffic Let's say an agent's only getting three To five chats per day uh per customer That's not that much but a bunch could Come in at once that's why you need Multiple agents because if four coming At the same time you need three people To handle those four so what this does Is that since it's such low volume these Agents need to be busy all day during The shift so we split them amongst let's Say 10 maybe 15 different websites of Different companies that have low Traffic so then that cost gets split Amongst all those companies as a shared Cost we get great pricing because we Hire so many agents that the cost is Much lower for us because it's an Extremely high volume therefore we're Able to make it very a very small cost Two small businesses like our lowest Plan I think is 375 dollars a month for 24 7 coverage but which what you were Saying the struggle is that smaller Businesses it's either a pipe dream yes

Or uh the issue is that they try to Implement like something like a drift or An intercom or a HubSpot live chat Whatever it is that you use and they Dump it on their sales team once they do That their sales team is full function They're prospecting they're making phone Calls they're in meetings all day the Problem is and why a lot of people who Have used chat thinks it doesn't work is That they get a bunch of leads that come Out of their website they chat them and Then when they respond they never get a Response ever again and then the person Abandons the website why because the Gold zone for a chat response is they Will it's almost guaranteed that they Will ghost you every time unless you can Answer in under 45 seconds When you have someone like us we answer In an average of about 17 seconds better Than the gold Zone at most 38 seconds is How long it takes really interesting Statistic Yeah it's uh and it makes total sense Right like if you've ever gone to a site And took taken the time to enter your Name maybe your phone number or your Email and your message you know that you Are when when you get a thing back that Says we typically reply in two hours You're immediately out Because if it's asking for your name Your phone number your email you're

Filling out a lead capture form and then When it's not in real time chat they Literally just gave you their Information and then they're gonna be Like oh well now I'm gonna get a Bunch of marketing emails and be annoyed I don't even know who these people are Don't ask for something until you've Given something that's the number one Rule of selling you must give before you Get so with our chat agents the way we Do it is that they type in their Question they can ask us whatever we Answer it we provide value first then we Ask for their contact information in Case we get disconnected can I get your Name your phone number your email Address and the business that you're With oh yeah for sure then they're happy To give it to you you give then you get You have the conversation we're able to Qualify or disqualify them or handle if It's like a support request we can Create a ticket on behalf of their Support team so they can handle that and It's instantaneous so to uh D um De-escalate the situation but we mainly Focus on selling once we capture that Information we take the transcript and We send that out to the person who's Leveraging our Um our service then the sales people on Their team can now reach out to them to Their the proper information or we can

Even share a meeting link we even offer A supplement to our service where we can Set meetings on the sales team's behalf Directly on calendars on behalf of the Client uh so that it could be full cycle Like that and then boom qualified Meetings or qualified leads sitting in The Inbox and you know exactly what they Talked about what questions they had What they're looking for and if they're Qualified right in front of you so the Sales person doesn't have to restart the Conversation they have full context at The start Got it got it cool so let's come back to The second I want to double back to that Stat 45 seconds is sort of the the drop Off the cliff when it comes to response Time for a live chat what is the stat on The flip side if you are able to engage In less than 45 seconds what does that Do for a website's conversion rate okay So I've got some Forester stats like you Know that I've memorized I could bring To the table here is that um they are 3.5 times more likely to buy If they have if they have a positive Chat experience which which uh 97.6 of People do okay so that's our setup on That but uh yeah 3.5 times more likely To buy if it's an e-commerce site they Will spend approximately 60 more per Transaction on average Wow yes and they are three times more

Likely to convert so if they convert They're 3.5 times more likely to buy if They're a qualified lead right so if That Stacks that statistic so it's Really really cool and then another stat Is 47.6 percent of people believe that Having a live chat on a site for a Buyer's Journey experience so buyers out There B2B and b2c believe so about 50 of Them believe that it is the most Important aspect on a site for during Their buyers experience to feel Comfortable with the company that They're talking to so they could speak To a real human being up front and That's why chat Bots do not fulfill this Because all it does is send them links To a knowledge base and ends up pissing People off Chatbots are the worst right because It's funny even after having hit Hundreds or whatever thousands of Websites in my life where I get the we Typically reply in six hours thing I'm Still excited when I see the widget Because the hope is still there that There could be a live person on the Other end but Worse than the six hours thing because It's just like no human Human please right it's like you know When everybody always talks about they Get pissed off when they call uh let's Say like a company's phone number and

Then it just takes you to the robot and It keeps asking you questions and it's Putting you through a freaking Loop that Think about how much that pisses you off People think it's acceptable I have no Idea why to put an AI most of them Aren't even AI it's just literally Patterns that they just build into it uh But um to put an AI or a chat bot on Their site it's the same exact thing Except in chat forms it pisses people Off just as much and nobody wants to Engage with that especially in the B2B Space For sure so let me um let me go back to My previous uh thought which was the the Sort of Arbitrage that you guys have Built out makes total sense you've got Folks Manning chats across companies to Share the cost of the folks that are Doing it do you try to group them as far As like industry like oh you know these Folks work on medically related Businesses and these are like these People specialize in real estate or Whatever or does it not matter is it Just like hey there's a standard way to Do this across any business and there's Any there is a standard process for how You have conversations with chat the the Professionalism how you speak to them How you handle things how much how many Words you put in each message all that Stuff is standardized but when it comes

To the content and the criteria we pull Together an entire FAQ and info outline Document of all the things about the Company for like about who they are what They stand for Mission Vision purpose Right the value that they provide uh the Mission statement or I guess the impact Statement and then from there all the Questions and answers that could be Asked we put that into a system So then yes we can pretty much search a Keyword and then it will bring up any Type of topics that we need and we can Uh leverage that accordingly but then it Also does become organic too to have the Conversational elements so you're not Stuck with anything and then also the Ability to set up a call ask them why They need help and really have a human Conversation with someone so it doesn't Matter what industry you're in we custom Build that out Um to exactly what your needs are and we Study your business Um so we're not limited to any of that Very cool so let me ask you Um and we mentioned beforehand before we Hit record that these agents now that You're working with folks high-level Agencies are taking that information and Pumping it into high level Um so the the agency or the user can go From there let me ask you Um

What was I just going to ask you oh okay So the I'm an agency I'm hearing this this Sounds for the first time actually Affordable right 375 a month well my Customers could afford that and some Margin for me I could even mark this up To let's say 500 a month and and sell That that seems like a very reasonable Number to me yes And the average customer for us is Usually spends I think it's 625 dollars A month if they've got decent web Traffic we do it based on volume the Number of chat sessions too a month Equals the cost if you're a very small Business you're going to pay 375. uh if You are a larger small business I like You know well that still doesn't even Matter it's about let's say if you get 10 000 website visitors you're going to Be spending probably about 500 Um 550 a month if you have like twenty Thousand six hundred twenty five dollars A month is what you'd be spending Somewhere within that region so debates It's based on the traffic that's very Reasonable pricing so so what are my Options as an agency am I just sort of So telling the the concept and then Introducing them to you or am I able to Actually sell it as my own package with My own margin on top we offer both based On what would fit your model best

Because if you want our brand to be Involved that's a channel partnership But then you're stuck to the pricing That we have because they can see our Logo therefore they can take a look on Our website see our pricing and be like Whoa whoa whoa I'm overpaying for this We can't do that so you have to match The pricing we have we guarantee a 20 Margin LTV lifetime value If you want to do a white label Partnership then we don't exist our logo Is not tied to in any way you can resell It we still guarantee a 20 margin on the Regular pricing but then you can mark it Up to whatever you'd like above and Beyond that Very cool so you do offer a white Labeled offering which is music to high Levelers ears as we you know everything We do is is white label Um so that's fantastic now how long have You guys been doing this Um it's been uh just over two years Very cool so you guys have had this up You know I asked these types of questions because I've seen many many agencies try to Attempt this and fail and typically it's A very costly failure to try to spin up A quote-unquote call center or whatever Chat message center whatever you want to Call it Um so two years is a pretty good track

Record how many businesses you were Gonna fail it would have been after the First year Sure yeah that's usually the lifespan It's like it's 12 to 18 months if you Can make it over that hump you're pretty Much good And and how many businesses have you Guys supported at this point Um couple hundred I couldn't give you The exact number because I don't have it On hand but a couple hundred um largest Client uh we've worked with is UPS Uh Smalls client we've worked with is Just uh you know solopreneur uh Consultant right sales consultant so we Work from any size company from Enterprise all the way down to Solopreneur uh but uh I guess our bread And butter is you know small and Mid-market companies because most Enterprise level they have their own Call centers already Sure yeah and I mean honestly it's a Small to medium Market that needs it the Most right right because they can't Afford to hire an entire team of chat Agents because it's just way too Expensive it's not viable yeah of course Now who is this not a good fit for you Know before a bunch of people flood your Website because they saw the interview Is there a scenario where it's like no That's not going to be a good fit

Yes there are some scenarios if you get Like no web traffic if you have less Than 500 website visitors a month I Highly uh recommend not working with us Because you're not going to get the Return on investment unless if you have That small traffic but you have a very High ticket item we have one company They get I think 400 visitors a month But uh every time they make a Transaction it's minimum thirty thousand Dollars they only get one chat every Three months that converts but they're Paying us 375 a month that Roi is Ridiculous that one sale pays for our Service for the next seven years That's great well now can we ask what is The what is the service or is that uh oh It's a telecom Depot company where they Uh provide Telecom to uh Enterprise Level companies uh all of the hardware Uh that they would need to buy if they Were to replace their entire system Gotcha that's cool very cool are there Any other crazy stats you wanted to drop I mean before we talk about where people Can go you guys haven't oh yeah for sure I'd like to share something that this Will be educational to people but not Let's say sure chat helps with this There's other Solutions built around Solving for this as all these marketers Will now of course but um it's how to Calculate your opportunity cost or loss

Via website traffic abandonment rate so Let me pull this up real quick so this Sounds like a tool that I would use in My sales process Yes sales and marketing process because When the traffic flows in and you're Doing SEO whatever it may be you want Higher chances of each of the people who Land you also want to maximize your ad Spend and stretch that as far as Possible so let's say if you have like An ad experience it takes them to a web Page have a live shot on there so There's a real human being for them to Ask questions when they're locked into a Click funnel page and let's say that Click funnel page doesn't resonate with Them just right they're not going to buy Or they're not going to convert so it's Usually the difference between someone Staying on a site and abandoning a site Is one to two burning questions left Unanswered If it's left unanswered they go to a Competitor they buy from them because They answer it up front on their home Page let's say or 68 of the time they Wind up in indecision how do we get them To not wind up an indecision About 47 of of um decision makers do Want a sales person list buyers Experience nowadays because they've been Spammed with so much crap because of how Much noise there is in the marketplace

This delivers that but still has the Live buyer engagement quality which is I Call it a live buyer engagement strategy You get them literally while they're hot To trot in the middle of their their Real-time buyers Journey which is a Powerful element so I'm going to share My screen with you real quick And then take you through something here Let me uh So this is this is really how it Functions right you're putting all this Money into like say Google ads Facebook You're doing LinkedIn Outreach SEO Blocks content influencer celebrities You name it uh this is uh the stat for B2c by the way for B2B it's worse it's Less than one percent Um will convert then our job is to Capture between that 97 to 99 plus Percent And then convert them into sales leads That's just a really basic way of Looking at uh how a chat affects a Company but now if we're looking at This oh let me pull this on over And pull this in What this is doing right here let me Share my screen This is from a master class right it's It's not a sales deck Um so how to calculate your opportunity Cost or loss rate you have your average Per sale dollar value

Times the number of monthly website Visitors times a 99 abandonment rate if You know your abandonment rate plug that Actual number in this is just the market Stat for B2B yeah and then that equals Your total monthly opportunity costs Your loss or at risk dollars right so if We move forward let's say you have a an Average sale value of 500 pretty low Right Um then you have a thousand website Visitors that is uh that is a low amount Of traffic that is not a lot that's like The average small business uh that well Or micro size business has about that Much traffic unless with the exception To e-commerce Um then we have a 99 abandonment rate From there this means that the total Revenue at risk potential Revenue at Risk is 495 000 that is massive for a Company selling something like this but We have to keep in perspective and HubSpot did this work for us under state Of the industry report organic traffic And SEO leads of a 14.6 conversion rate Meaning The people who come to your site only They're only 14.6 percent are qualified To buy and that's fine that's great but We only capture one percent so we take That 14.6 percent this 495 000 multiply It by the the number of people who are Qualified this is your actual monthly

Opportunity cost or loss rate in this Case so it's safe to assume about 72 270 Is being left on the table now if we go Back to these numbers here I can almost Guarantee with that little traffic and With that average per sale dollar value The the sales team that's doing outbound Is not bringing in even half of this Amount of money that's missing That's a huge amount to leave on the Table and this is how you feed the sales Team for the leads sure we cannot Reacquire all of that 72 000 but even if We improve that 99 to a 98 you're Doubling your Revenue through your Website If we can improve that 99 abandonment Rate to uh 97 you're tripling the Revenue that you're bringing into your Website it's massive even at small Percentages so that's exactly right Right so if it converts to uh two to Three x more revenue from inbound sales In that case Yeah I mean and to be honest I would say A business doing uh that amount of Traffic with that average uh transaction Amount Probably doesn't even have a sales team Right there's probably the owner is the Sales person or or maybe the front desk Is responsible for selling people or Something like that so right right even More valuables is like the VP of sales

Or something and they do all the selling Right yeah yeah meaning there's even a Higher percentage of money being left on The table yeah When we work with them they have an Outbound or an outsourced outbound sales Team fractional sales team doing just Basic Outreach email sequences LinkedIn Outreach and then maybe cold calls to Help bring in leads that way but then in That term since people don't really want To talk to sales people that Outreach They're going to check out your website And do their own research not talk to The sales person so there's a lot of Traffic that comes to your site through That outbound who are interested in what You have to offer but then they don't Convert through your site because your Site cannot effectively convert that Specific type of person how do we Recapture that loss so try to protect Yourself from that seventy two thousand Dollars a loss Yeah and I mean another interesting Thought that just popped my mind is Oftentimes uh a website is not that Great right and so I might be a Qualified Prospect who hits your site But can't find what I'm looking for and So I leave thinking you can't fulfill The service I need or that you don't Have the product I want Etc whereas if I Can just quickly chat with someone and

Be like do you guys offer this or do you Have this and someone assures me that You do well then you just overcame the Deficit of a poor website which I would Argue most websites are not that great Even today exactly and with e-commerce Too on the flip side for uh business to Consumer Um tons of people leave their cart full And then abandon the site they end up Not buying it's like ah never mind I Don't really know if I want it or not When there's a human being there Forester did research on this too it's Just about three you're they're three Times more likely to check out or to be Up sold Oh you're buying these goggles in this Bathing suit well this snorkel goes with It how come you didn't get that they Just have a couple questions about the Products or they can upsell them oh you Don't want that these goggles you want These goggles that are 20 more but it's Worth it because of X Y and Z you know That's funny I have I am that person I Have a funny example of exactly this When I Um my head for some reason with Sunglasses The arm the arms are always too short so The hook like oh my God same right at The top of my ear so I have learned over Over the years that there's a number

That sometimes is on the arm that tells You how long the arm is and I need like A 160. most sunglasses are 145s or 150. I have that same problem none of the Websites that sell sunglasses tell you That number so I always see sunglasses I Like I want maybe I even add them to Cart but if I can't get that answer I Don't buy them and I remember one site Had a live chat I chatted in they were Like hold on let me check and like the Person actually like opened up a box and Was like able to verify that they are Actually 160 in length and so I bought Them and so there's a real world example That's the difference right there hey Man if you know any sunglass companies Uh like give us an intro because that's A beautiful thing I struggle with that Every day and I never even thought about That You know it's just funny that reminded Me of it so Rob I'm sure you're gonna Have a lot of listeners and viewers that Are interested in this that think it's Uh affordable the website is but you guys have a Program going on you're looking for for Three slots to fill is that still yes We're looking for three to five uh Depending on you know there there's some Pending right uh but three to five slots Right now for white label or Channel Partners specifically we prefer white

Label because it's more of a seamless Process you work with the client Entirely like you always do you take Care of everything and then we do all The work on the back end and interface With you uh that way it's like closed Circuit right the client doesn't feel Like they have to pay two people now oh We get it high levelers are all about White labels so exactly so we have that And we're looking for three at least Three power Partners uh when it comes to Working with uh marketing agencies or Lead gen agencies uh or even demand Generation agencies to get the right People in place so that we can create a Powerhouse of channels sales and we can Just bring in Revenue share that revenue And really Drive something uh with with A joint offering you know okay great and So if I'm listening and I think that's Me should I just go to the home page is There a certain URL I should hit how Should I apply to be one of those three Oh for sure so you can either Um say that you'd like to become a Partner in the chat or you can go to our Landing page uh saying that you're Interested in a demo or uh you can Simply email me that's fine Rob at chat So our website is My my email is Rob at check uh you can hit me up

There you can hit me up on LinkedIn Um or you can go through any conversion Panel uh or method on our website you Can even call the 1-800 number we don't Care how you get here we just want to Partner with you so Excellent awesome Rob well thank you so Much for coming on again I think the Live chat when it is truly live chat and There is somebody there is probably the Most effective way to convert a prospect Or a lead into a customer and this Pricing is honestly the most affordable I've ever seen so yeah we are the most Affordable out there uh actually though And uh the best I've ever seen so like a Little story it's a company that was a Small it's a uh no an Amazon what is it They do uh Amazon store setup and Marketing right uh they do that for Clients they use us as a provider and Then they also sell under their client Base but what what it was is that on Their website it's just a specific thing That they would only get about 475 hits I told them not to use it because I Thought it was too little of traffic but People go there for a very specific Reason people don't just wind up on that Website by accident right so they have Very high value traffic they were Converting one to two new clients every Single month through their website Through the organic traffic of people

Filling out a form after they embedded Us they pay us 375 a month That turned into no sorry they pay us 525 a month that turned into instead of An average of one or two it's gone up to 26 to 36. Uh I'm in through the website they talk To the chat because they have questions Because they're trying to start an Amazon store they're not sure what to do We answer those questions we get them Connected set up that call and then boom So it's been a game changer I think They're getting a 56x uh Roi monthly Incredible awesome Well Rob thanks so much for coming on I'm sure you're gonna have a bunch of Folks reach out uh wanting to be Involved again the website is and as always thanks For watching guys we'll see you on the Next one [Music]

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