Internationalization Choose language at the user level!

Hey everybody Sean coming at you from High level happy Thursdays so a last but Certainly not least check this out so uh For those of you didn't know this we are Internationalizing the entire app this Quarter that's right so um the entire Thing from end to end including the Mobile app is going to be Internationalized and today we are Launching the ability to change the Platform language at a user level so What's kind of cool right is you could Imagine a world where maybe like the the Baseline like account is going to be in Spanish but you have maybe somebody on The team who doesn't speak Spanish or Maybe Spanish is like a second language And they would be more uncomfortable With Portuguese for example well now That's going to be possible so here's What's gonna happen at a user level you Can go in and you can actually there it Is you can actually choose the platform Language and the idea here is is they Explore the application everything as it Internationalizes will match up with the Language that they chose right makes Sense it's pretty simple but also very Profound and awesome Um so you can see right here uh now Users and said their preference as I Just showed you use a lot of level Settings will supersede the subaccount Level per uh language which I sort of

Described initially and if the user is Connected to multiple accounts the Platform language will be set for all The accounts based on their preferences So by default these will be under the Platform language Um if that's not set so again going back To let's say like the Spanish example of Everybody on the team speaks Spanish um And very comfortable with that language Then they won't have to customize this At all it's just optional but also Freaking amazing so anyways on that note I hope all of you are having an amazing Thursday and I will see you tomorrow for Some even cooler well or as cool I'm Sorry in addition more cool updates all Right bye everybody

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