Invoicing Updates User permissions + rich text formatting for notes

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so this is a Really awesome Um update here so this is a screenshot Of the permissions for it from the users Uh section so you know we've all set up Users so we know how that works but Um this idea was brought to us by Customers recently when we launched some Of the payment stuff and refunding and This and that and I think uh the Prashant here specifically and team did A great job they realized that there Were some situations where for example Maybe you wanted to allow people to take Payments but not refund payments for Example or uh be able to uh you know uh Invoice people but not take payments or This or that anyways or not cancel Subscriptions etc etc so they added These permissions uh today um in order For you to do that so now you can go to Any user and you can sort of update These payment permissions uh and I think They did a fantastic job there it's Pretty self-explanatory look on the Right hand side of the screen if you're Missing the explanation of how that all Works and what it does but now you know So that's that so boom and next item on The invoicing front here businesses can Now customize the terms and notes at the Bottom of an invoice using a rich text Editor so this is the idea that okay I'm

Going into the invoicing section oh oh Quick quick note hold on did you know we Do invoicing we have a full invoicing Product in the app if you didn't well Guess what now you do and that's pretty Exciting we're also bringing estimates And proposals this quarter uh to um in Addition to that plus QuickBooks Online Integration so that's pretty phenomenal Anyhow keep on trucking here you hit the Settings we all right and then you roll On over and look at this down here in Under the invoice title and terms we now Have a rich text editor why is this Important many people are asking for Different formatting they're asking for HTML they're asking for custom code and Now you've got it it's now available to You so um that is amazing and as you can See right here this is kind of how it Would look we would like to express her Sincere gratitude opportunity to serve You yada yada and look down there best Regards John Doe's like nicely formatted Little uh italic formatting so now you Can make it look really good right um so On the right hand side here uh let's see If I miss anything links text warming Bullet list we haven't figured all that Out solve the major pain point of not Being able to insert line breaks in Terms of notes as well which was a big Issue Um so two really good awesome

Enhancements on the invoice so that's Out and I will see in the next video Thanks

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