Jenn & Kelsey’s Clear Path to $100k MRR | Seven Figure Agency

I am Jen outram this is Kelsey altram we Run Lyft Auto Repair marketing and we Are a niche to auto repair shops in Terms of our Niche agency we were Honestly at zero we didn't have a niche Agency it was a general marketing agency Um doing a little over 10K a month and Then now in current time we just closed February about around 110k and mrr for Albert before joining the seven figure Agency we were struggling with getting New clients we didn't know who to go After because we were after in a certain Niche at all so when we joined seven Figure agency it was nice to have a path A clear path of having a niche and then Going after those clients in that Niche And joining a seven figure agency helps That and helped us gain new clients and Be able to scale well in terms of life Now and obviously with more financial Means it's allowed more time flexibility And be able to go on a lot more Vacations with our children and we're Actually moving closer to our extended Family as well so yeah having all these Additional means is makes things a lot Easier for us wow there's been so many Things that we've implemented it's join Some bigger industry uh We've Implemented webinars monthly webinars Have implemented a podcast we've Implemented the dream100 Madrid we've Just done so many things like everything

That Josh Nelson teaches us we've Implemented so everything's been helpful And everything's just helped us grow Significantly I would say to them and Stop thinking and just do it just take Action and take the leap of faith and Start to join the agency because it Definitely changed the whole trajectory Of what we thought our marketing Business could be

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