LC Email Updates + Deliverability Report!

So I want to talk to you about lead Connector email so a couple things so if You don't know what lead character email Is it's literally just us doing email Instead of you having to do SMTP or mail Gun and manage all that stuff for Yourself all of that so um it just makes Things simpler it makes things easier um Quick note it's built on top of metal Gun but it's us handling all of the Deliverability it's uh us handling all The billing it's us handling all of the Uh compliance it's us handling all of That stuff so anyways um there's an Awesome article in The Help section that Goes like way more in depth on this um It's really really cool and I definitely Recommend that you check it out but on That note a couple quick updates so we Were having some SSL issues for the Custom domains Um so uh that's been fixed but uh let's Wind that back real quick what is the Custom domain this is the ability so That like when I'm sending out it's Actually coming the from address has Always been configurable so that's so Okay so much to unpack so okay when Sending an email Believe It or Not There Is there are two sort of you can think Of them almost like it's two from Addresses so there's the from address And then there's like the there's like The reply to or the on uh yeah the reply

To address or the on behalf of address And so uh in the in the past you can set The from address on LC email you can set The from address but you couldn't set The reply to custom domains fix this it Just basically matches the allows you to Match if you want to and or change if You want to what the from address is but Also what the reply to address Um domain is so anyways that's a lot of Detail I apologize but just like to be Thorough so that's out there that's in There um so definitely check it out and So anyways Um uh let's see there was a couple other Things here on the release just two Seconds oh yeah okay so just in general Here um just try and make this easier For everybody like remove the dmarc Requirement which is uh which was really Cool and then um we also oh the other Cool thing is we have um like spam Policies in place to uh make sure that Like if your Um clients are sending out through this You know a lot of you should be Concerned that like maybe they go and Buy 100 thousand random lists and They're spamming and expanding out we Have policies two things one we have Ramps in place so that like let's say Somebody comes in signs off the internet Signs up off the internet on your SAS And then all of a sudden they're a bad

Actor and they're trying to spam some People well great news is we have ramps That won't allow them to send I think It's like 100 emails and then 200 it's All in the Docks but we have a ramp Period to help protect against that and On top of that if the bounce rates start Um and the spam rates and the complaint Rates start jacking up will Automatically disable their ability to Send email and I think it's for 24 hours Or alert you so you can take action that Kind of thing so we're putting a lot of Protective measures in place so anyways That's another big benefit of the LC Email and then the other thing I wanted To show is deliverability so you know I Talk and say oh we handle overability Blah blah blah well here is living proof Of this so uh the graph up top is cool Um so definitely check it out and pause The video and all that or mute me or Whatever but um look down here um at the Bottom here this is actually the Delivery rate And I think we're at 97.8 or something I Don't know exactly what that this like Data point down here is but it's really Good but you can see it's been good this Whole time so this is something to sort Of keep in mind now um some of you will Look at this and say yeah but I'm not Getting 97.8 delivery you know delivery Deliverability while hey I don't know if

You know that for sure but anyways That's one thing but a couple things so One if you want to improve this for Yourself even on LC email you got to do A couple things that are really Important so one is obviously add your Custom domain now there's a side note There some people are like I added my Custom domain and it's not helping well You can't add a domain that's already Been burnt so this is the other thing We're finding like some people have used This domain someplace else and just and Had the hundred thousand spam situation Or whatever if you've burnt your domain It's not that it's you know never able To come back or whatever but it's harder And it's gonna take some time so you Can't like add a burnt domain and expect Like magic to happen so please don't Um and in fact there's a tool that you Can use uh to kind of look at this uh Two seconds okay here we go so check This out so it's And so you can come in here and I like I Haven't even actually done this but you Can just sort of see that it what it'll Start to do is it'll start to give you More information obviously it's Google So it's probably gonna be Gmail very Specific but I think it's a very good Place to start so just in terms of like Hey I want to understand my domain Health better I want to understand burnt

Versus not burnt you know some of that Stuff check this out it's a great tool Obviously it's free um that kind of Thing so anyways really awesome results Um on deliverability for um the whoop Right there for LC email so if you Haven't checked it out please do um It'll definitely do a couple things for You that I think are amazing you know First of all you won't have to have the Hassle of dealing with email anymore and Of course on SAS mode you can uh you can Actually charge for it uh to your Clients and all that and it'll handle All the rebuilding and everything and The markup which is amazing because we Really want you to make more money off Of this deal Um so yeah all good things so anyways um Kind of a long video but I like to kind Of go deep and explain the why as much As the what so anyways I hope all of you Are having an awesome Friday and are Gonna have a rocking weekend and we will Talk soon thanks thanks

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