LC Email Updates Email verification for multiple addresses, DND updates, & MX record checking!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so this is a Really quick one this is for LC email if You're on LC email this is for you Um if you don't know what LC email is Check it out in the help docs basically You don't email a gun anymore because we Have email out of the box anyhow so real Quick email verification update to Support verification of additional Emails in a contact so this is uh the Idea that you can have multiple emails Now for contact it's actually a Labs Feature so if you want to turn it on It's under settings Labs under the sub Account Once you add those emails though you Know you still want to verify them right So if you send an email there you don't Want it to bounce right so now we have That for for the additional emails so Done removal of each emails from mail Gun suppression lists complaints and Bounces when the DND status is updated In ghl so the idea here is before excuse Me when you marked a person is DND it Would put them on a suppression list and Wouldn't remove them now if you un if You mark them not DND it will pull them Out suppressionless done Um MX record check in the DNS okay Domains DNS while adding a new dedicated Domain so to improve deliverability for Your email you should be adding a

Dedicated domain it's already in there You can already do it but today we're Just updating it such that if uh we'll Look to see whether the domain already Has an MX record and based on that Suggest if the user to either add a Different domain or to do something else So as you can see right here domain Already pointed to email server you Already have an MX record for MX records blah blah Blah blah so it's basically either go Into your DNS and ax the current record And update it to our record or do Something else like choose a different Subdomain or choose a different whatever So anyways just really cool enhancements Great job to that team and I'll see in The next video thanks

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