LC Email Updates Increased sending limits!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level wanted to come Out with a big update today on LC email So first of all for those of you who Don't know emailing is sort of built in Now to high level and you don't so you Don't have to have your own like External mail gun or send credit or Whatever it's all in there we just call It LC email Um and so uh we're just always making Improvements to it and today's one of Those days so as you can see You can see standard sending limits Dedicated to them and uh there's a help Article here let me scroll up see what It's called oh yeah it's and just search Go to search what is LC Email but what you can see here is down Here if you look at extended sending Limit Um if you have a dedicated domain what You can do is you can actually increase Your uh sending up to 150 000 emails uh Which is pretty awesome if you're using A share domain then it's still it's Limited it actually went up to 15 000 Emails and so you can kind of see that Right here in the uh release notes and The reason they are obviously is when You have your own dedicated domains You're sending on your own uh your own Reputation Um so that's you know so we sort of give

You that ability to sort of increase That limit Um because we obviously assume that you Know what you're doing and if you don't While you're burning your domain and not The share domains but anyways Um definitely take a look at that Article covers a lot more than just that But for those of you on the LC email or Thinking about it I think that's a Really great addition a couple other Things here you can see that uh our uh We've we've changed some of the ramp up Stuff Um Global unsubscribe so this is a Really important um enabled in the Setting for always users before the Release date and when migrating to LC uh All the sub accounts as well get updated This is the ability essentially just Putting in that Universal unsubscribe Which is like a very healthy thing to do Because you don't want to like send People emails and give no one oh no wait I'm subscribed you can you can I believe Disable this though if you want to if You know what you're doing so um sort of Proceed at your own risk there but I do Want to mention it Um all the agencies have account Notifications emails will be sent Through the agency's default domain and Search and loaders are implemented on The LC email

Um and selection mode all which is just A kind of cool enhancement just to make Things a little easier and as always I'm always doing off the bug fixes so um Those of you want to know what the bug Fixes go ahead and pause the video and You can take a look at that otherwise I Hope all of you have an amazing Tuesday I hope you love this as much as I do and We'll talk soon thanks

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