LC Email Updates Verification rebilling on Agency Unlimited, dedicated DKIM, and other small item

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so we've got Some LC email updates here uh real quick So on the enhancement front uh we Provided a dkim record for all Individual dedicated domains previously Uh we provided dkim for the root domain Which was shared across all the Subdomains uh so this will sort of stop From a ticket for perspective and just Make dkim records easier if you don't Know what that is just Google dkim Record and all will be revealed uh just A bunch of internal updates as well just Making uh just making the system better On the LC email front Um so just do an awesome job there Continue to work on increasing Deliverability uh by adding additional Subdomains and and uh divisions within The deliverability Matrix so the idea Here is that essentially on LC email What we do is we watch at a sub account Level the behavior and so think about it Like really easy bucket so we sort of Like set people in the middle bucket and As they send email and we watch the Reputation so like how many bounces are They getting how many spam reports are They getting how many bad addresses are They getting we'll move them around so Basically if they do really well we'll Move them up uh in terms of uh the uh Or the domain pools and eventually in

The IP pools and if they do bad we move Them down so that's something there now On the domain front the one thing I Would always remind everyone is please Please please add custom domains Whenever possible it helps them stand on Their own for their own reputation Um it is always a better thing there's a Great help article on how to do this so Just look LC email custom domain and Should be good to go that's that and Then another quick uh note here In addition above LC email releases We've also enabled email verification Rebuilding on the 297 plan so this is The idea that if you're on the 297 plan Today you're using LC email and you want To rebuild at cost so essentially the Idea here is that you're rebuilding um Essentially just cost you're not making Any money which is what the SAS plan is All about so I highly recommend you use It but if you don't you're just passing Along the cost this is uh this cannot be Done for LC email uh email verification So this is where we're going out and Verifying that that email is correct or Exists is probably the better way to put It so that way we're not sending a bunch Of emails out to people who uh aren't Really there old addresses that kind of Thing because bounces hurt our Reputation and uh they're not good and Get us shut down that kind of thing so

If you're not using email verification Look at email verification again help Docs um LC email verification it's very Simple it's just a check box to turn it On and it really just keeps people from Getting uh hammered on the spam side it Does cost um I don't know some Fractional cents per verification and Now with this you can rebuild your Clients at cost on the 297 plan for Those charges so anyways on that note I Hope all of you are having an awesome Monday and I will see you tomorrow folks First amazing additional updates thanks

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