LC Phone Migrations Back Online + International Number Support Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so spending a Lot of time to release that today but Don't worry there's a good reason for That so first things first I'm gonna let You know the LC phone system is uh the Ability to to move accounts is live Again very exciting news Um so let's sort of start from the top Here so what is the LLC phone system While there's a great help article on That so please look At it please read it I will not be able To give you all the details Um but the idea is really simple we take Over all the management of your phone Numbers Um so you no longer have to have a Twilio account we handle all of it for You in the background it basically makes Twilio vanish we also have something Called LTE email does the same thing so You don't have to manage your own email Um also a great help article on that but What are we talking about today so a Couple of things one I mentioned that The transition uh the ability to if you Have an existing account on twilio to be Able to move that that is live again um But also regulatory bundles so what is a Regulatory bundle that sounds like a Weird term it is a weird term but here's How it works if you're outside the United States

Um in general as a rule most countries Require that you submit to them what is Called a regulatory bundle and in most Cases it is proof that you're a citizen Or a business and then you have some Legal uh right to operate in that Country therefore you can buy phone Numbers in that country so really easy Example let's say I want to go in and Buy a phone number in Australia the Australian government is going to say Listen I want to see like a phone like Like a utility bill or or maybe a copy Of a passport or wherever each country Has different requirements and so we've Built a really cool system that lets you Create these regulatory bundles in the LC phone system and makes it sort of Super easy to do so let's take a look at Some screenshots here and just kind of Walk this down so Um so this is the idea that look I've Submitted a regulatory bundle Um you could see like statuses and all This stuff and then you can see here oh Australia great example here Um this regulatory bundle details and This is how this kind of works so we're Walking it through a wizard style we're Asking you know like Hey listen the the Country this country in question wants Uh the following information in order to Grant you the ability to then buy phone Numbers in that country now this is

Generally not uh I've run into this at All in fact the United States the United States will let you buy phone numbers Even if you live in other countries but This is more of a outside the US kind of Thing uh but you can kind of see how This works and for any of you who are There operating who are natively living In and operating in obviously outside The US there are many people Um it is a big world out there or those Of you who are picking up customers in Other countries this is really important To you um and so this is something we Needed to get live Um obviously we've got all kinds of Great stuff uh like the support docs Here and I will get all of that out uh Let me let's just do let's not pause Let's just roll real quick I already Talked about this ah here we go so LC Phone number migration so this is back To this idea that look I have an Existing twilio account I want to Migrate those numbers that is now all uh Live so now you can also see that we've Uh phone number buying we've added Austria Spain Norway and Finland uh uh To the number buying drop down so those Countries can also be bought for and Then also what's coming next very cool Shake and stir and verified caller ID Are going live next week so um we'll Have more news on that really briefly

Though shaken store is this uh idea Where it's it's on the phone calling Side it basically makes it you know if You've ever gotten a call from a phone Number and then you know you pick it up And it's like a Spam or scam call and Then you call back and you like get Somebody totally different because the Number has been spoofed is what it's Called it's like sort of like it's not Really that person called you shaking Sir is a a security system that is was Designed to sort of make it so that that Call coming in is verified is coming From the number that they say in it so Anyways but what's great about that and Why it's that that's important is the Carriers are starting to pay attention To that in order to you know the whole Like spam likely thing that you guys all See and guys will see now that is um Sort of gets helps get around all of That and makes it so it doesn't say spam Likely so anyways all that to say um Huge huge huge results and updates here On the LC phone system I hope all of you Are having an awesome Tuesday um I would Get the help doc post along with this Video and we'll talk soon thanks

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