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What's a digital marketing agency owners On this video I want to share some Strategies you can put in place to help Your clients convert more of the leads That you generate for them so if you're If you're struggling where the clients Are getting leads but they say you know These leads don't convert these leads Are no good you're going to want to Watch this video [Music] So here's the deal as digital marketing Agencies are our main function is to do What it's to generate leads and sales For our clients and so some of us Consider ourselves SEO experts others Consider ourselves medium buyers really Good with Facebook ads or with Google Ads others maybe like we're really good With funnels but at the end of the day What you're paid for as an agency isn't The tech it isn't like getting the Website ranked they're running better Google ads it's generating leads and Sales for your clients that actually Converted to revenue right and so I Really want you to think about your Responsibilities the agency owner isn't Just to do the thing it isn't even just To generate leads it's to make them more Money and if you can shift your agency To the place where you're in the Business of taking a dollar and Generating six seven or even ten dollars

In return you become indispensable you Become the agency that they're never Going to call they're never going to Quit and they're going to say good Things about you it's gonna be wonderful And so how do we do that how do we shift From just being a lead generation Service provider or just an SEO company To somebody that actually generates book Jobs that generates new patients that Generates new sales Here's what I found right and this is Our evolution of plumbing and HVAC SEO We started as as an SEO company and then We added Google ads and then we added Retargeting and email marketing and Marketing Automation and we started Adding all of these things and trying to Generate more leads for our clients well What we realized is you usually leads Isn't the main problem right there's Always ways to get more leads for the Clients whether it's SEO or Google ads Or plugging them into Thumbtack or Helping them with their branding there's Usually opportunity to generate leads But where they don't get a return on Investment where they're saying you know What I'm spending money but I'm not Converting I'm not actually seeing more Revenue typically it's because they're Failing to convert and I don't want to Hear this in the comments let me know in The comments yes if you wind up in

Situations where you know you you Generate plenty of leads for the clients But they're telling you they you know They're bad leads they didn't convert Yes let's hear the yeses in the comments I know this was our experience and our Agency and so Really have to decide whether you're Just going to say hey look and I did my Part and it is what it is or whether You're going to see that problem and and Really elevate your game and figure out How to solve that for them here's what We find like as we look at our clients We've got several hundred clients in the Plumbing and HVAC space generating Hundreds and hundreds of leads every Single month on a client by client basis Literally tens of thousands of leads per Month when it comes to the web forms on The websites for our clients Like 90 percent of their web forms fail To convert because The league goes to the lady in the Office or the the dispatcher in the Office and she's going to get back to That lead whenever she gets a chance and That usually is never right and so There's very little follow-up on the Leads that come through like let's say Web forms on the site or even like Facebook lead ads and things like that If you do that type of thing the other Thing we found was that like 50 or 60 of

The inbound leads that we generate don't Convert like the person called in they Were interested in the service and Either they didn't answer unfortunately Which is really unfortunate or they Answered and they were you know they Just didn't give them the answer that They needed they said okay we'll we'll Get back with you if you study your Clients leads and I suggest you do this Like submit a form on their site and see What happens see how long it takes to Get a call back see how long it takes to Get any kind of communication from the Client that will indicate a lot about Whether those leads are going to win or Not and then you know calling to the Office and play customer see if they Answer the phone see if they've got a Professional answer answer on the other Side and as we studied this we Identified that really the big Opportunity and the big challenge that Most of our clients were dealing with And we're we're not dealing with one-man Operators like even in a more Sophisticated business our clients Usually do a million to ten million Dollars per year they've got you know Five to six Trucking trucks in the field They run sophisticated operations they Just don't necessarily have their um Their conversion the sales team that Answers the phone focused on converting

Leads into sales that's not their their Main focus what we've found is that Leads that don't get followed up within 15 minutes or less go cold and there's Lots of great studies there's a recent Study by Harvard that proved this out Um it's something it's more like two Minutes or less is your window of time To follow up on a lead and so if you're Sending leads to your clients and They're not following up quickly 15 Minutes or less you're gonna have a Problem like they're gonna start to Complain they're going to start to say Hey man these leads work we're not able To convert them they weren't really that Interested the other thing that we found Is that the average customer that Doesn't say yes on the initial call the Average customer that doesn't get you Know get communicated with needs to be Followed up with at least five to seven Times Before they before they convert in our World that's booking an appointment in Your world that might be coming in for a Sales strategy session who knows think About what it is in your particular Niche and the other really important Trend is that your customers today your Customers customers prefer to engage via Text message versus the phone and so if You're trying to drive all of your Conversion for your clients through the

Phone call you're going to be leaving Money on the table for your client base And really the solve for this and what We've found is leveraging automation you Can solve a lot of these problems for Your clients and exactly the way I Presented that to you is exactly the way You would want to present it to your Client you'd want to show them look Leads are coming in but you're not Following up with them quickly enough do You have someone that's going to follow Up in five minutes or less on the phone Do you have somebody that's going to Send emails and communicate at least Five to seven times and when they say no They don't and they recognize they're Spending a certain amount of money they Will absolutely recognize that marketing Automation could be the solution Solution and so I'm a big fan of go high Level you've heard me talk about it I've Actually got another video you can check Out that talks all about why high level For digital marketing agencies but the Number one reason we wanted to roll out High level for our client base was to Implement Automation and the number one Automation that I'm going to suggest you Plug in and that we plugged in for all Of our clients is what we call Smart Forms and really all it is is leveraging Automation on the back end of forms that Are submitted on your client website

Making sure that every time a form gets Submitted there's an immediate call and We can use automation through that I'll Explain it here in a second the other Thing is we want to make sure that Within minutes of the form being Submitted a text message goes to the Customer say hey you just submitted a Form on our site how can we help right And then we also want to make sure that There's some automation that continues To touch those prospects until they say Yes let's book it until they ask a Question or until they say no I've Already I've already resolved solved This issue what we found was in putting This in place for our clients we were Able to help them convert significantly More of the leads we generated into Sales and by doing that we became much Valuable much more valuable as a service Provider to our clients they were Willing to stay with us longer they were Willing to pay more they they saw Perceived value in our services that They didn't before and so this is a big Opportunity for you if you're not Already doing this and you really you Can take this to the nth degree I'll Load this visual somewhere where you Guys can check it out but it will also Help me kind of explain the current flow Right somebody comes to the website they Either get to a landing page or they get

To the website itself and then they Either call in they start a chat or they Fill in a form what you want to do is Have the Automation in place where Through your smart form it automatically Calls the office and they can press one To be connected to the lead this is all Built into high level and then if they Don't answer it sends it text message Hey we saw that you were reaching out to Us how can we help and what we're trying To do is start conversations and the Critical lesson that we learn in this Process is you don't want to automate The whole thing you need to get your Client on your side to understand when Somebody replies to that text message or When somebody answers that phone the the Office needs to know that they've got to Take that ball and run with they need to Continue the conversation in the system Or they need to have that conversation On the phone or you need to roll out a Concierge type service where you do that For them like where you literally have People that are carrying those Conversations forward having those calls And booking the appointments in the Sales and there's a whole other Opportunity layer that you can go Through down that track but at a minimum What all you guys should be doing as Agency owners is turning the web forms On your website that is typically where

Leads go to die putting some automation Behind it so that there's follow through And follow up so that you're clients can Generate more leads and more sales And so again I really believe high Levels the best platform to do this Because as you generate opt-ins as you Generate sales as you have more and more Clients you can create a great snapshot You're paying one master account fee to Use high level and then you can put as Many sub-accounts as you need for each Additional client that you get I would Highly recommend you check it out by Going to sevenfigure industry.com high Level also if you want in the link say High level in comments I'll point you to A video that I explain exactly what we Do with high level to generate quick Wins for our clients how we use it in Our agency so hopefully this has been Helpful I didn't want this to be just a Presentation on High level I wanted to Give you some good insights on what you Can do to generate better conversion for The leads you generate for your clients And by so doing you're going to generate Better retention better results more Referrals and more stickiness in your Niche so let me know in the comments What your thoughts are can you implement Conversion automation for your clients If you got value from this video hit the Like button be sure that you hit the

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