LeadConnector App Update!

Hey happy Sunday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I wanted to Throw this out here and this is a huge Props to the team the mobile team Specifically so there was a release that Happened I think it was on Friday where We had a color scheme can't come out on Mobile that was uh let's just say not The color scheme we were hoping for so The mobile team did an awesome job and Jumped on it and actually got this Pushed out there's also actually a Couple small bugs on the calendar side Which were also fixed this design is Making its way right now through the app Library so if you don't if you don't see It the reason why is because Apple takes Forever to approve anything but just a Quick preview here here's like a video On the color scheme for this is the lead Connector app I believe specifically This is the color scheme for the uh Light mode uh that you can see kind of Going on here and then over here is dark Mode and either way I'm sure someone Will dislike this color scheme but we I'm sure everyone will always all agree It's way better than it was uh in that Yellow uh that yellow palette we had Earlier so anyways just wanted to show How quickly the team moves um when we Know we need to move quickly and I just I wanted to say thank you very much to The whole mobile team for making this

Happen and they worked their weekend uh To do this and bring this back out as Fast as possible so anyways I hope all Of you are having an awesome uh end of Your weekend and we will see you all Tomorrow thanks

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