Learn ChatGPT-3 | Will ChatGPT-4 Be 500X Larger?

Hey and welcome to vid Society so in This video I'm going to talk to you a Little bit about using chat GPT now if You've watched some of my previous Videos on my channel you can see how I've been using it to create videos with Ai ai voices have been writing stories Creating copyright and even recently I've used it to create the entire cell Script for my upcoming product launch For a YouTube course that I'm going to Be launching now let's talk a little bit About this tool its future and how you Can learn to use this better in fact There's a new course that came out here Just the other day it's only 17 and it Goes really in depth about teaching you How to use this in different prompts you Can use to do all kinds of stuff we're Going to look at that in just a minute But I'll put the link below this video If you want to go check it out but you Can see here on this article it says Microsoft is reportedly plans to invest 10 billion in creator of Buzzy AI tool Chat GPT guys this is massive not just For chat GPT and the funding but also For Microsoft now if we look down here For minute you can see right now that The value of chat GPT is around 29 Billion with this investment and this is Microsoft's going to get about 75 Percent share until it makes back its Money but here's the key one that I

Think Microsoft's really going after it Says a bet on chat GPT could help Microsoft boost its efforts in web Search a market dominated by Google and I believe this is one of the biggest Reasons why Microsoft is investing in This because it could give them a huge Advantage over Google by integrating This type of technology in their web Search now if we jump over to this Article here you're going to see that They're already working on a chat gpt4 Which is going to be coming out sometime This year I've heard rumors of February And March I've also heard the second Quarter or even the fourth quarter of This year so when it comes out for sure Nobody really knows but it says here in An August 2021 interview with wired Andrew Feldman the founder and CEO of Cerebrus a company that partners with Openai to train the GPT model mention That the new model the gpt4 will be About a hundred trillion parameters it Says it might seem like gpt4 will be a Hundred times more powerful than gpt3 Now a lot of the rumors going around is That the new gpt4 is going to be focused On coding but that is not a definite yet Another article I found here says gpt4 Will have a hundred trillion parameters About 500 times the size of gpt3 so Where this is going to go or end up I'm Not sure but this AI technology is

Definitely not going away and if you Don't already understand this or use Chat GPT and want to learn how to do it There is a course you can check out here Called chat GPT Empire I'll put the link Below this video if you want to check it Out but it goes into detail it's only 17 And it goes through an introduction and How to how to create novels how to use It to create articles and product Reviews recipes kitchen articles social Media content poetry workbooks quiz Books non-fiction books translation Plagiarism uh copywriter which I think This is absolutely amazing and you can Learn all that here now this guy he does Have quite an accent and what he did he Actually redid the whole course and he Also did it using AI voice which sounds Really good so if you have a hard time Understanding him and his accent you can Always come down here and listen to it Down here but honestly guys this is a Technology that you want to learn this Is a technology that you want to get Involved with because it's changing a Lot of things and it's changing a lot of Things fast and not only that but if you Have any type of an online business you Can use this tool to grow your business You can use this tool to save hundreds Thousands of dollars because you're Going to be able to do so many things Yourself now that normally you would be

Outsourcing and I know this is a huge Bummer for people out there who does Article writing and book writing and Copywriting unfortunately this is just The way the technology works and if you Don't follow along with it you're just Going to be left behind it so once again I'll put that link below this video if You want to come here and check out this Course yourself I cannot wait for the Release of chat gpt4 but I want to make Sure that I have a very good Understanding of chat gpt3 first so I Can get the full benefit from it and Then just dive right into the new Version to learn its capabilities and What it is able to do so that's it for This video If you guys enjoy these types Of videos where I talk about artificial Intelligence making money online how you Can put all this stuff together to Create a business be sure to check out Some of the other videos on my channel Subscribe to my channel and I will see You on the next video

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